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The B.N.T.G. (the "Backrooms National Trade Group") is a faction formed by a previous team of the M.E.G. that became independent. The faction has since made a large base in Level 1, called "Trader's Keep", which includes most facilities that one would need to survive. The most important part of the base is called "Trader's Vault", a heavily guarded location where all of their equipment, tools, weapons, and food is stored for further use for the people of the Backrooms. Everything is stored in multiple vaults found in a portion of Level 1 that resembles a long hallway of storage units.

B.N.T.G. Teams

Trader's Keep (Level 1)

  • The B.N.T.G. Security Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Aid Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Food Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Weapons Department
  • The B.N.T.G. Citizens

B.N.T.G. Outposts