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Zeechy Zeechy 2 days ago

backrooms god

so there was me in my house yesterday i heard about the backrooms it freaks me out at first but after a few days i got into backrooms stuff after a year i knew a ton about the backrooms i also created a few levels then 2 years later i was a backrooms god {end of story}

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Kermitrobot Kermitrobot 3 days ago

Check Out My Levels!

All Three Of Them:

Level +G

Level +F

Level 777777777777

(The Last One Is The Newest One

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Keeping images loaded

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CorruptedData42 CorruptedData42 10 days ago

EX Images needed

I know people are probably busy but I need images for the EX backrooms Levels so people actually know what they look like, I would do it but my skill with creating images is legit dogwater so if anyone could provide images for the EX backrooms levels that would be greatly appreciated. Plz and thank you, and have a great day.

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13232ljkop 13232ljkop 10 days ago

Level 666 old

Let's bring back the old Level 666, shall we?

  • 1 Description
    • 1.1 "Threatening stage’
  • 2 WI-FI
  • 3 Do's and Don'ts
    • 3.1 Do's
    • 3.2 Don'ts
  • 4 Survival Difficulty Chart
    • 4.1 First 5 Miles:
    • 4.2 5 - 10 Miles In:
    • 4.3 10 - 20 Miles In
    • 4.4 20 - 40 Miles In
    • 4.5 40 - 80 Miles In
    • 4.6 80 - 120 miles in
    • 4.7 120 - 160 miles in
    • 4.8 160-200 miles in
    • 4.9 200-240 MILES IN
    • 4.10 240-280 MILES IN
    • 4.11 280-300 miles in
    • 4.12 300-340 MILES IN
    • 4.13 340-380 MILES IN
    • 4.14 380-420 MILES IN
    • 4.15 420-460 MILES IN
    • 4.16 460-500 MILES IN
    • 4.17 500-600 MILES IN
    • 4.18 600-665 MILES IN
    • 4.19 666-699 MILES IN
    • 4.20 699-700 MILES IN
    • 4.21 700-800 miles in
    • 4.22 800-900 miles in
    • 4.23 [[1]] miles in
    • 4.24 1000-1100 miles in
    • 4.25 1100-1200 miles in
    • 4.26 1200-1300 miles in
    • 4.27 1300-1400 miles in
    • 4.28 1400-1500 miles in
    • 4.29 1500-1600 miles in
    • 4.30 1600-1700 miles in
    • 4.…

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BestNoobReborn BestNoobReborn 11 days ago

Level 1000.1

Level 1000.1 is a seemingly infinite plane of 25,050,025 square meters in area that appears to be a bunch of fridges, beds, and doors facing each other in a pattern of diagonal lines. This level acts as a reward for "completing" (that is entering and exiting every integer level that can be entered and exited in) a cluster. Once you "complete" a cluster, instead of your destination, you'll fade into the "center" of Level 1000.1 instead. This level is named the "Almond Lobby" due to how easy it is to find Almond Water here. This almond water and all other food/drink items here for some reason never seems to spoil.

The place you fade into is called the center, and is glowing white. There seem to be vertical and horizontal lines that constantly…

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GaisterWoodGuy GaisterWoodGuy 15 days ago

Level Spectator

  • 1 Survival Difficulty:Class 3
  • 2 Description
  • 3 Entities
  • 4 Colonies And Outposts
  • 5 Entrances And Exits



Minimal Entity Count

Level Spectator is a place where there's a dark room that you spawn into.There's a 0.003% chance there won't be an entity there,but if there is,you get captured and end up in the rest of Level Spectator.There's a door leading to a sewer-like hallway (where entities will follow you and attack you).There is a safe spot and one locked door.You are only a head and can't see the rest of your body.

Level Spectator only had a single entity exclusive to the level which are animated partygoers.


Entrances - Smacking your head onto the ceiling of Level Fun,standing up on the ceiling,falling over a millisecond later and landing …

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Level 146: Computer Room

*Sorry if this is bad, this is my first page.

Survival Difficulty: Class 1

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Low Entity Count

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Structures
    • 2.1 The Desk
    • 2.2 The Keyboard
    • 2.3 The Bed
  • 3 Colonies and Outposts
  • 4 Entrances and Exits
    • 4.1 Entrances
    • 4.2 Exits

Level 146 is a average bedroom that is scaled up to a width on each cardinal direction of around 1.3 kilometers. Near the front wall, there is a computer system that is on a giant structure, known as The Desk. At the back, there is a giant mattress known as The Bed. These 2 structures are the main hubs for the 2 colonies in this level.

The desk is a scaled up wooden table has carvings that look like the inside of a tree. You would need to climb these to get to the top. At the top there is a double monitor set, that emit the …

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Backrooms Campaign Continued

Encounter table of things that can happen inside of Divot Town:

1-10: Literally nothing

10-12: Roll on the Wild Magic table for a random point in town

12-13 The town is attacked by a purple wyrm

14: A spellcaster is sent to Sanctuary for a short time

15-17: Loud roaring is heard

17-20: A stampede of large animals goes near the town

If the players ask around, they can find a few pieces of information:

  1. Anyone who dies in this place is ressurected as if through the Reincarnation spell 333 days later in the fields.
  2. Since nobody can die or leave, a large number of people are trapped here.
  3. The main objective is finding a way to either permanently die or escape for those who live in this level
  4. Time is strange, and moving through areas also moves you through …

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Level 62 Backrooms D&D Campaign

  • 1 Summary Of Campaign
  • 2 Session 1: Deathfields
  • 3 Divot Town
    • 3.1 Buildings
    • 3.2 Town Stats

For a group I'll be DMing tommorrow (I'd better write fast) . Starting at Level 1. Party has to get out of Level 62. I'll have 2 possible endings to the campaign, one that takes the group to the Backrooms which they need to then escape, or one where they are all erased from existence.

The party wakes up in the Deathfields, where they immediately are thrown into the chaos. Describe the area as

"You all seem to have woken up on a massive field of human and animal bodies. How you got here is fuzzy to you, you only remember the people around you and a sense of nostalgia. The only things you have are your clothes and the gp clinking in their pockets. Immediately, you…

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Uncorrupted Level 62

Level 62 is the 63rd level of the Backrooms.

  • 1 A History of Level 62
    • 1.1 The Beginning
    • 1.2 The Great Migration
  • 2 The First Golden Age
  • 3 The Rise of Science
  • 4 The Dark Age
  • 5 The Second Golden Age

Humans have been entering Level 62 for the entire history of the Backrooms. However, there were not enough humans to form a detailed history at first, until around 160,000 years ago. Much of this time has little information, as nearly 62% of the recorded history of the level only had around 10,000 humans to experience it, many of whom managed to leave the level in secret. Due to this, there are thousands of years with only a few logs as evidence that they ever passed.

When Level 62 was gaining prevalence, confusion and violence took over. The Deathfields became ho…

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AlsoForkiet AlsoForkiet 19 days ago



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SkyCityXD3 SkyCityXD3 24 days ago

Non-Canon Joke Entry 1

Meta Note from the real author of this page: This entire page is satire and it exaggerates how most entity pages are written in this database. Installment #1 of the Non-Canon Joke Entries Series.

The long-lost brother of the Impersonator. Not amogus related.


Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Another Skin Stealer entry or some shapeshifter of sorts. I'd like your help with dealing with this—we already have the Impersonator entry; the M.E.G. has already protected that page from vandalism.

I hope you can delete this page, because frankly, I don’t ever want to see it again. This is an abomination to read.

And was the "Not amogus related" note seriously necessary?

Number: Idk man, does this number even m…

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BillScratch BillScratch 25 days ago


This wiki's pretty cool, if people were absolutely nicer, it'd better way better. Egglord1 is there to administrate and support y'all, cuz admins have to be nice, 'else the wiki would just be hot garbage.

Btw I'm lacking ideas for levels, but I don't write them nowadays, I just make animations.

Post what I should make for Episode 1 Season 2 of NICERIOBEDO and friends!

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Infinite Explorer Infinite Explorer 23 September

My level 7 description

Level 7 is the 8th level of the Backrooms.

  • 1 Survival Difficulty: Class 2
  • 2 Description
  • 3 Entities
  • 4 Colonies and Outposts
    • 4.1 The Prayers of the Water God (TPWG):
    • 4.2 Guide Outpost 05 (Former)
    • 4.3 Backroom Colonists
    • 4.4 Outpost 207
    • 4.5 The Floaters
  • 5 Entrances and Exits
    • 5.1 Entrances
    • 5.2 Exits



Minimal Entity Count

Level 7 is unique in that it is a vast expanse of water that appears to stretch on endlessly, making it a lifeless ocean. The water is distilled, rather than being saltwater or regular freshwater.Nobody thus far has fully explored Level 7, but what is currently known is that the first and potentially only "room" of Level 7 is not flooded and has the usual fluorescent lighting. The room has a thin layer of water on the bottom, and is strangely skew…

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Sylaslolllllll Sylaslolllllll 11 September

This wiki is a good one for starter writers -- here's why!

I'm by no means a beginner writer. I've been writing for a few years now, and it eventually becomes quite easy once I get an idea. But to most people, it's not like that. I see many people having great ideas but not knowing how to put them into words.

This wiki, it's different. I've seen hundreds of good ideas here, each of them put into words very well and described perfectly.

It's because this wiki, it's very free. This isn't a strict wiki that requires perfect grammar, no mistakes in writing, and people to like your page. It's a place with all types of writers alike, able to put their ideas into words, and putting them into words WELL. People here have gotten GREAT at writing because of the levels that they've written and the edits they'v…

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GreenSky214 GreenSky214 26 August

Get to know people on this wiki BLOG POST

  • 1 You can put your name in any slot if you fit the criteria
    • 1.1 Male
    • 1.2 Favorite Animal
    • 1.3 Favorite Youtuber
    • 1.4 Reddit Account
    • 1.5 Roblox Account
    • 1.6 Who can code (question by Alex codex)I
    • 1.7 Second Favorite Level?
    • 1.8 Who likes Gen Z Humor around here? [Submitted by LeAlgae]
    • 1.9 If you could slap someone so hard in the face that it would bleed, who would it be? [Submitted by AidenGreeny]
    • 1.10 What is your favorite item? [Submitted by AlbertTheScout]
    • 1.11 Favroite page in my wiki
    • 1.12 If You Want To Spy On Someone Who Would It Be? [Submitted By RobloxFanMan]
    • 1.13 Would you punch a kid for a million dollars?
  • 2 bftuthomas: if he loves fortnite, YES!!!
    • 2.1 What Idea Of A Backrooms Page Do You Have?

MetaGang, Ortherner, Egglord1, Icosi, Fjv137accountlol, Space-Lover999, D…

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Egglord1 Egglord1 23 August

This wiki has really improved my writing

Trying a blog for once. I've been on this wiki for 2 months, on the dot, and in that time my writing has really improved. So for that, I say thank you! Writing and editing all the time seriously improves grammar, vocabulary, and typing speed. My WPM has increased from 70 to about 85. I've been having a lot of fun on this wiki and I hope to continue!

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ARealweirdgirl2 ARealweirdgirl2 20 August




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Frikpro Frikpro 15 August


Why I am here....?

Two job huh?

Royal guard : M.E.G staff


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RetroCaterpillar RetroCaterpillar 4 August

Just a suggestion but

But maybe inappropriate wiki discussions should be kept to a minimum because its not appropriate (duh) and sometimes things can get heated on certain topics. Things like NSFW should be avoided as well as just such that can get messy like politics or idk laws? Anyways thanks for coming to my tedTalk bye then

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DoctorIGP DoctorIGP 26 July

Yellow Hell

I will post my story on this blog post until the story becomes long enough to warrant a page.

Yellow Hell

Scene 1 - Entering

He hated enclosed spaces with a passion.  Ever since he was young he had felt that there was something fundamentally wrong about small rooms.  What he hated most was when there were no windows.  When he had been young and forced to sit in the small classroom in his underfunded public school, he gained peace of mind by looking out the windows into the grassy field of daisies where the playset stood.  But where he was now, there were no windows.  His name was Reed Todd and he was attending his friend's child's birthday party.

"Close your eyes and make a wish!" his friend exlaimed to his child.  Reed forced his face into a …

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JuiceyOrangMang JuiceyOrangMang 22 July

coeck joeke

ahahahha tank man from fnf and newgounds aghajhfkafhakwjfhakfh im having a strok-

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Geodapro Geodapro 22 July

level -607 is pro

level -607 is a level i'm always working on, you may help with it, just don't change the Survival Difficulty . . .

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ARealweirdgirl2 ARealweirdgirl2 19 July

I hate this man.

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HeyYoItsSus HeyYoItsSus 13 July

Level Colony 2.0


dont worry their fine! Join us =)

this Level is Dangerous.. With a lot of Colony’s that are entities.

survival Difficulty: 4



medium entity count.

this only is a Dangerous place for Death but.

colonies and outposts: (Only one Human Outpost.)

LB Colony

has Around 1739 people.

can take down Any entity.

Knows how to revive Entity’s from a Machine.

this is the end. Don’t ask.


find Something that you kept before you got in the backrooms.

Taking down a Partygoer in the Manila room. ( you say how? it’s Hard for one.


ask the Colony for the real world or say. “Get me out of here!!”

they will kindly show you the exit.

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TornadoAltar1 TornadoAltar1 8 July


DA BACKROOM RAP is the national anthem of the Juliett Survivors. It’ll be released here. I have already consulted all 5 candidates and many important civilians, and they all say it garbage, so that a good sign.

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AnarchistZ AnarchistZ 1 July

New Backrooms outpost

I'm establishing a new Backrooms task force outpost dedicated solely to fighting the X-Cast. The task force will be known as the E Division.

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TornadoAltar1 TornadoAltar1 1 July

Help! How do i make a category









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TornadoAltar1 TornadoAltar1 27 June

YOU decide what level to make.




Nobody can hear you screaM

Massive underground facility

Completely devoid of sound.

But complete safety otherwise.

You’ll go crazy.

-A Nightmare to Remember

Morning of Titanic sinking, icebergs around and water freezing cold

Lifeboats on horizon but can’t be reached

Eventual death confirmed


Stone field

Literally just different temperatures in different areas

Or is it? Glitches?

-Chutes and Ladders

ladders and chutes on infinite catwalks

Moderate difficulty level

Dim lights (don’t fall, you’ll never stop falling)


You can finally rest

Infinite food and water

No entities and lots of other people

Easy entrance and exit- but why would you want to leave?

Stay here!


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PartymanStan PartymanStan 26 June

Partygoer blog

Today I chased some people and infected one of them=)

I also gave bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb9bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb a seizure and threw him into level 6 and he went insane lol

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Oromero9103 Oromero9103 26 June

Level 1274.5


  • 1 Survival Difficulty | HELL
  • 2 Description:
    • 2.1 Korn-Agents:
    • 2.2 A Derecho-Storm:
    • 2.3 The Forest:
      • 2.3.1 The Road:
    • 2.4 The Grasslands:
  • 3 Logs:

-Extremely Dangerous

-No Security

-Entities Everywhere

Information about Level 1274.5 or (The Korn Level), is extremely/somewhat limited, as it is one of the most dangerous Difficulty HELL levels in the Backrooms. This level is located between Level 1274 and Level 1275. The Denizens/Entities living here are nonexistent, not that there are any, but is crowded with nearly invisible or nonexistent entities, can be called ghost variations of their main Species,

For example, Partygoers that exist here, a.k.a, Korn-agents, are often the size of small whirlwinds, with small sticks as limbs, and a currently, unidentif…

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i will sex

i am going to sex

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Icosi Icosi 20 June


Somethings wrong

look in the comments

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Random boi wineer Random boi wineer 18 June

How TO n\oclip in the backrooms!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!


step too: bang ur head!!!!!!!1!!!!

step free: wake up ur in teh backroooms!!!1!!11

please note this is fake and this a joke

and i do not spell like this.

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The Backroom survivor blog

Day 18: Oh my gosh i found this laptop on evel in level 4 this place has wifi

Day 30: Im on level 6 its just dark i should've stayed in level 4

Day 31: I no clipped through the floor in level 6 im now in level 6.1

Day 38: Ok thats enough fun time to find an exit out of this place

Day 70: Fought through somehow made it to level 11

Day 100: I think im at a library theres a big sign that says the end there.I think i can finally go home

Day 100: shit shit shit theres an entity

Day 100: i found a computer i know i have this laptop with me but i found a file that says VastCity.png im gonna open it out of curiosity God this is the end of me

Day 101?: I teleported back to level 11 i guess im gonna stay here for a while

Day 105: there are lots of entities h…

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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 11 June

look at daves favorite bois and gals

Daves favorite bois and gals

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Snipeegrounds Snipeegrounds 4 June

a mother comforting her child

This image is based on an old moment when I was around 8 years old in Level 10, where I fell down and got a cut on my face. But thanks to my beautiful, loving m0+h3R, everything turned out ok. Also, at the time, I was just growing my randomly generated hair color, which is lavender, which also explains why the hair is so dark.

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JohnSlimeForm JohnSlimeForm 27 May

Level Sex

Level Sex is a level with sex there are sexy women that are traps (no not the man in disguise type) that ride you endlessly until you die so run away from them and it takes place in a GIANT strip club with 2 doors that lead to the same exact strip club forever

U can escape it and go to hub by 1% chance from going through door but be careful cus there is a 5% chance u go back to level 0

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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 26 May


this is gallery of jeff and stuff

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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 26 May

When it is a spookey month

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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 25 May

I have a ?

So I am new to the wiki, When did Partygoers become disliked and why are they represented by spongebob?

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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 24 May



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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 20 May

Please read.

someone please make the Dave plushy. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alex codex Alex codex 19 May

I went to the Dev room

I don’t know what to do help

oh wait what does this button do?



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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 16 May

Hey bbbbbbbbbbbb

Yoh made a category for dave. You are as awesome as Dave's scared chips.

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ColorPlayslol ColorPlayslol 27 May


where am I? All I can remember is tripping over a rock. Is this a dream or something? everywhere I look, its just a bunch of yellow rooms, or if you will. yellow rooms connected. seemingly stretching on forever, the fluorescent lights are really annoying and sometimes I hear noises, I hope I can get out of here soon, there seems to be an intricately designed wallpaper with a 1930's retirement home pattern, if this is all a dream. Damn its realistic, good job Brain!

In all seriousness, I don't think this is a dream. I think I've heard about this place before. its called "The Back-world", right? its something like to do with no-clipping out of existence, and.. wait... well f*ck

I think I just realized what just happened, if your reading this. …

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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 12 May

Best entitys

  1. Dave
  2. Ventilation Staff
  3. XI
  4. Hole Man
  5. ???
  6. Clumps

56 others.

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GMDYun3 GMDYun3 12 May

People I know on this wiki

Please dont criticize me if i spelled your name wrong.

  • Fire Axius
  • Snipee
  • Alex Codex
  • Movesign
  • Icosi
  • Mixyun
  • CrazyCreepyKiddo
  • Bronxx
  • DantheBean
  • thegoodpartygoer
  • Dave

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