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The Commercium Foundation is a Backrooms Organisation. It is a trading and exploration organisation and are currently hiring supply runners and clerks. The Organisation's HQ is Level 1390. The precursor to this organisation was a small business and factory, in Level 11.


The Commercium Foundation is a group of explorers and traders. This organisation has its own militia and is a pioneer in backrooms navigation, having made multiple portals around the backrooms, most being tolled, but they are safer than most portals. There are rumors that the Commercium Foundation own Level 3782. The crossed out information is false. There is no evidence of this.


The company's currency is the Commercidollar (Replacing the Backdollar as it was seen as unstable, as there are levels which literally generate them.)


The Commercium Foundation was founded someday in mid-2010 by a group of explorers and traders. Commercium was a small but heavily armed group until its recruitment campaign in 2013.

Level 1390 was gained in 2012 and developed extremely fast. Commercium, being a company based on trading, is extremely rich, developing various technology and tools to navigate and survive in the backrooms. The group expanded into other levels in 2013, setting up stores and colonies.

In July, 2021, a clash between Commercium and Kriegsassociation personnel in Level 1819 gained the Organisation's first real enemy.

Commercium Unique Products


  • HPC-SIR- High-Power Commercium Standard Infantry Rifle, automatic, burst, semi, chambered in 7.62×51m. A bit heavy, accurate, a bit expensive, basically an upgraded S.S.R. Main weapon of the Commmercium Militia.
  • S.S.R - Standard Survival Rifle, semi, semi-automatic, chambered in 5.56mm. Resembles the M16, but modified. Cheap, reliable, a common rifle in the Backrooms. Reserve weapon for the Commercium Militia.
  • CF-PDW - Commercium Foundation PDW, automatic, chambered in 5.7x28mm. Various conversions available, including 9x19mm Parabellum, .45 ACP, .40 S&W and even more. Fairly cheap, accurate, reliable, not accurate. Extremely fast fire-rate. Popular defense weapon for higher ups and Commercium colonies in risky levels.
  • CLR-DMR - Commercium Long Range DMR, semi-automatic, chambered in 7.62×51mm. Pretty bulky, extremely accurate, quite expensive. Variants include CLR-DMRB, a Bullpup Version, and the CLR-SR, a Bolt Action version with a stronger cartridge. Standard DMR of the Commercium Militia.
  • CLR-SR - Commercium Long Range Sniper Rifle, bolt-action, chambered in .300 Winchester. Pretty bulky, extremely accurate, EXPENSIVE. Variant of CLR-DMR.
  • H.E Silent Gun - High Entity Silent Gun, Minimal noise from firing, automatic, chambered in .45 ACP. Resembles UMP-45, with an integrated silencer. Medium price, extremely reliable.
  • B.S.D.S - Backrooms Self-Defence Shotgun, chambered in 12 Gauge, bolt action, extremely cheap, not very reliable.
  • S.D.R - Survival Dart Rifle, uses darts as ammo. Made out of wood, bolt-action.
  • MP Pipe Gun - Mass Produced Pipe Gun, Dirt Cheap, unreliable, but anything goes in the Backrooms. Chambered in .308 Winchester. Bolt-Action One Shot.
  • C.S.I.P - Commercium Standard Issue Pistol, chambered in .22 Long Rifle. Dirt cheap, okay reliability.
  • C.S.D.P - Commercium Self Defense Pistol, M1911 Clone, chambered in .45 ACP. Cheap, extremely reliable.
  • SI Gun Glove - Standard Issue Gun Glove, chambered in .44 Magnum. Medium price, reliable if you know how to use it.


  • MP Multi-Purpose Tool - Resembles Swiss Army knife.
  • E.L.B - Emergency Level Breaker, Sledgehammer made out of Grare.


  • .300 Winchester Commercium Special - Bullet made out of Grare, Gunpowder inside made from an explosive powder from Level 1883.
  • 7.62×51mm Commercium Special - Bullet made out of Grare, Gunpowder inside made from an explosive powder from Level 1883.
  • 5.56mm Commercium Special - Bullet made out of Grare, Gunpowder inside made from an explosive powder from Level 1883.


  • Commercium-brand Almond Soda
  • Commercium-brand MRE
  • Commercium-brand Protein Bars


  • Level 1883 Gunpowder




  • Kriegsassociation - Enemies, extremely bad relations.
  • Chinese Hòutuì Authority - Enemies
  • T̵h̶e̴ ̷C̷o̶r̶r̴u̴p̵t̸i̷o̸n̷ ̸F̸o̴u̶n̸d̸a̵t̵i̷o̶n̵ - Very Hostile relations

Commercium Foundation Outposts/Colonies


Owned Levels


Store Outposts/Trade Stations

Commercium is setting up a small stop in Level 0 and is currently considering opening portals to more safe levels.

Commercium Militia

HPC-SIR, Standard Rifle of the Commercium Militia

CLR-DMR, Standard Sniper Rifle of the Commercium Militia

S.S.R, Reserve Rifle of the Commercium Militia

Commercium Militia Land Forces

The Commercium Militia, also knowns as "The Corporatists" is the fighting force of the organisation. The Militia has 80,000 members and it is also a mercenary force, which can be hired at a cost. The Militia has the option to triple its size if at war or being attacked by a large scale entity presence. The Militia protects commercium-owned levels, such as Level 1390 and Level 1883 (of course abiding to Level 1883's law). They also protect commercium colonies and assets.

The Militia's Standard Issue Battle Rifle is the HPC-SIR.

Commercium Special Forces

The Commercium Special Forces, nicknamed "The Tax Collectors", is the elite branch of the Commercium Militia. This branch has 2000 members. This branch is extremely trained and professionals in firearms, hand-to-hand combat and backrooms knowledge, and are equipped with modified HPC-SIRs and CLR-DMRs. These soldiers are available as mercenaries, but only for allies.

Commercium Air Component

The Commercium Air Component is the Air Force is the Commercium Foundation's air force, controlled by the Commercium Militia, with a bit of autonomy. The Air Component currently defends Level 1390 with Commercium-built F-15 copies and defends Level 1883 with primitive biplanes from the 1910s.

Leadership Structure


The Leader, can override any decision made by councils and appointed heads.

Commercium Council

6 people, 3 Facelings and 3 Humans, appointed by the CEO. Most of them prefer keeping their identity secret, but two are known. greg, and "Bơ̵̡̧̨̡̢̡̛̘̙̯̳̳͓̱̮̺̮̬̬̹̯̦̙̯̦͖͔͎̤̥͈̘̺̻͍͉̞͑̒͂͊̍̌̌́͊̔̎̂̾̀̅̏̾̈̿͒̕͜͝ͅbby"

Council of Human/Entity Resources

15 people appointed by the CEO, receives orders from the Commercium Council. Manages hiring, firing, organisation and training employees.

Head of Reminding Chippery that he isn't a god

50 people. Chippery keeps gaining a god complex and messing stuff up since he is the CEO of the Commercium Foundation, a very important position of power in the backrooms.

Product Quality Assessment Council

20 people appointed by the Commercium Council. Looks at drafts of potential products and votes to either approve or deny. They also in charge of production and pricing.

Head of Exploration, Colonies and Tourism

1 person, Brath Kennedy, appointed by the Commercium Council. Head of building colonies, Tourism, Exploration. The Head of ECT approves building Portals, sending expeditions to levels, and developing colonies and the infrastructure of Level 1390.

Head of Militia

1 person, Mark Hoffmann, appointed by the CEO. Commands the Commercium Militia. Appointed by the Commercium Council and receives orders from the council. Works closely with Council of Human/Entity Resources for recruitment of Militia.

Acts and Protocols

Commercium Establishment Act

Commercium Protocol 01 was the formalization of the group, signed by the leaders of the group in mid-2010 (Exact date unknown.)

Commercium Establishment Protocol

Establishing a HQ, the candidates included Level 11, Level 1819 and Level 1390. 1390 was chosen and a HQ and portal towards level 11 was build. Signed in Late 2012.

Commercium Protocol 01

Expanding HQ, building portals towards Level 0, Level -0. Formalising Commercium ownership of Level 1390 and allowing employment of Facelings. Signed Mid 2013.

Commercium Colonization and Exploration Protocol 02

Starting colonization of foreign levels, Level 1883, Level 1819, Level 11, Level 382, Level 0, Level -0. Signed Mid-2013.

Commercium Faceling Rights Act

Prohibiting abuse, physical and verbal, towards facelings in Commercium territory. Signed Late 2013.

Commercium HQ Publicization Act

Opening Level 1390 to the public, setting up markets and the Bank of 1390. Signed Early-2014.

Commercium Level 3782 Liberation Act

Liberate the workers of Level 3782 using the Militia, and also rallying other factions for help in the liberation. Signed 28 July 2021. Preperations for liberation commencing.

Allegations of Rights Violations

Alleged Human Rights Violations

  • 7th January 2019 - Level 3782 discovered, huge scale slave factory including human survivors. (Level 3782 is allegedly property of Commercium.
  • 12th February 2021 - Militia killed 5 survivors for no reason.

Alleged Faceling Rights Violations

  • 7th January 2019 - Level 3782 discovered, huge scale slave factory including Facelings (Faceling Rights didn't apply before, but the factory operation is still ongoing.)
  • 4th July, 2020 - Facelings allegedly stuck onto fireworks during 4th of July celebrations in Level 1390.


Commercium - Kriegsassociate Level 1819 Skirmishes - July 2021


Side 1:

  • Commercium Foundation
  • The Gem Traders

Side 2:

  • Kriegsassociation


  • Commercium Victory
  • Kriegsassociate 1819 Colony destroyed


We are awaiting their attack