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Entities are the main inhabitants and life in the Backrooms aside from Wanderers. They may vary from docile to highly dangerous, and one should have a general knowledge of common entities to ensure their safety whilst wandering the Backrooms. Below, all currently known entities are listed.



This is a list of entities that are confirmed to inhabit the Backrooms.


  • Facelings are humanoid entities that appear as ordinary humans with smooth, featureless patches of skin where their face would be. They dress in mundane clothes and are generally friendly and harmless, wandering aimlessly around the various levels of the Backrooms. Both adult and child Facelings have been sighted, with children being more mischievous and prone to pranks and theft. They are often preyed upon by other, more hostile entities.


  • Hounds are naked humanoid entities with shaggy black hair on their heads and oversized mouths full of jagged teeth. They have long, bony limbs, sharp claws, and crawl around on all fours like a dog, hence their name. They are some of the most common hostile entities, found all throughout the Backrooms, but are less common on the deeper levels. They will hunt down and maul anyone on sight, but can be easily avoided if one is quick and clever
  • Hounds are not very smart, and can be easily given the slip, or even momentarily intimidated into backing down if one stares them straight in the eyes.


  • Smilers are extremely aggressive humanoids that tend to hide in shadows and darkened hallways, appearing as a pair of shining eyes above a mouth full of sharp, glistening white teeth. They are extremely aggressive and attracted to moving light sources, such as flashlights or phones, then attacking via blunt-force-trauma (Usually by kicking, or throwing harmful objects at the wanderer.) The best way to distract a Smiler in order to escape them is by throwing a light source, (Such as a glowstick or even a lit match) in one direction and running in the other. They have been confirmed to reside in dark areas on Levels 1, 2, and 34. It’s also known that Smilers lay eggs, which hatch into adult smilers after an incubation period of roughly 6 years. Upon finding a nest of Smiler eggs, do not under any circumstances touch, take, break or attempt to cook any of them.
  • Credit goes to u/GarbDemon.


  • Clumps are balls of arms in legs with many unique appearances. Most clumps are quite friendly, however, some have one very long hidden arm, which they can use to grab you from up to 8 feet away if you're not careful. Once one of these clumps has grabbed you, they'll reveal a set of sharp teeth and begin to pull you in to consume you. Once it consumes you, it is believed that your limbs and possibly fragments of your mind are absorbed into the Clump.
  • Clumps typically reside in Levels 2, and 4.7. One person claims to have seen eyes in the mass of appendages, though this is unconfirmed.


  • Dullers are quiet, docile creatures generally found in the lower levels of the backrooms. They appear as smooth, featureless humanoids with dark grey skin and knobbly limbs, walking with an unsteady, wobbling gait. They are mostly harmless, often running away from anything that approaches them. They have the ability to phase their arms through walls to grab others on the opposite side to pull them through and consume them. How this happens is unknown.


  • Deathmoths are giant human-sized moths that inhabit the Backrooms, appearing similar to the real life Death's Head Moth, but with a pale yellow-grey color similar to the walls and floors of the upper levels. While the male Deathmoths are mostly harmless and possibly even tamable, the female moths are several times larger and more aggressive, able to spew acid from their proboscis to incapacitate other creatures, before slurping up their liquefied bodies. Deathmoths are attracted to light, so if you hear the fluttering of wings nearby, make sure to turn off the light source.
  • Smaller Deathmoths inhabit levels 2, 5,and 5678 but the larger and more dangerous ones only appear in 5, where the largest hive containing the queen Deathboth can be found. They have completely taken over the level, and are the only things there besides the mysterious beast and The Chickens.

An image of a Skin-Stealer.


  • If you happen across a human who seems a bit "off" or with visible stitches on their body, chances are they are actually a Skin-Stealer. By themselves, Skin-Stealers are humanoid entities with waxy yellow skin covered in tiny squid-like suckers, a mouth full of scalpel-like teeth, and bulging white eyes sunk in dark sockets. If spotted in this "naked" form, they will immediately rush at whoever saw them, kill them, and tear their skin off with surgical precision, wearing it over their own body along with any clothes their provoker was wearing at the time. Skin-Stealers will walk about pretending to be human, mimicking any human speech they heard (Though not truly understanding any of it). When their cover is blown, or their skin-suit starts rotting and falling apart, they will attack the first human they see to get a new skin-suit. Why they do any of this is unknown, as they don't even seem to consume the flayed corpses they leave behind.


  • Windows are, true to their name, shaped like windows. Their appearance depends on where they are located, always matching with their surroundings, but in general they always appear to have a shadowy figure on the other side of the "glass", pointing and tapping at anyone nearby to try and entice them to come closer, whispering promises of escape from the Backrooms. But they are never to be trusted, for anyone who gets close enough to one of the Windows will be immediately pulled through and will be killed. Some windows lack this shadowy figure, others have what look like outdoor scenery, but in general, all windows found in the backrooms are to be avoided at all costs.

"The Disease"

Entity 19, named "The Disease" by an unknown explorer, is a virus that lurks in the Backrooms. The virus is most often found in moist, damp environments. This includes rotten wallpaper, moss, stagnant water, and decaying corpses. While there are several different strains, the main symptoms of the virus include:

  • Eye irritation/bleeding
  • Dehydration
  • Rashes/Bumps/hives
  • Stomach pain/ulcers
  • Sanity loss
  • Other Major Symptoms


  • Howlers are unseen creatures that let out a howl when someone enters the Backrooms. No one has ever seen a Howler, however, it is known that they are provoked by loud noises and howl loudly in response to them. Other entities tend to scatter when Howlers are heard, so their howling can often be a godsend. Some explorers theorize that Howlers are invisible, or can camouflage themselves like octopuses.


  • Aiukthaioggd'regs are a group of entities so far hunting on Level 2 and Level 4. They were discovered by u/ Lordmac29, a Lovecraft fan. There are two types of Aiukthaioggd'regs. The first type of them was encountered previously when u/ Lordmac29 entered Level 4. Their Appearance is unknown, but it is known to mimic the voice of a friend or loved one. The second variation is humanoid for the most part, however, they lack any facial features besides two pupils. Aiukthaioggd'regs make themselves known by humming classical music. If you hear any, run as fast as you can and for as long as you can, even when you no longer hear the humming. Keep running and sleep where ever you drop. If you are fortunate enough you will wake no longer in the backrooms, never return if you value your life. If they do manage to catch you, they will surround you and plunge you into insanity, or if you are lucky they will tear you apart in the blink of an eye.
  • Falling asleep after encountering an Aiukthaioggd'reg is currently the only known way to exit the Backrooms apart from running reallifesoha.exe at The End. Note that reallifesoha.exe only has a 5% chance of appearing in The End. However, do this at your own risk, because if they manage to catch you, you will either die or turn insane.


  • A Lighter has been described to be an extraordinarily bright non-living organism. any visual contact with a lighter for an extended period will result in having temporary blindness. Lighters are reported to have an average movement speed, similar to that of a human. Any attempts to approach a lighter will result in feeling searing heat, along with instant vaporization after physical contact. Due to lighter's lack of stamina, outrunning one is a viable option. The entity can cover approximately 75 meters (246 feet) before running out of stamina. They can be avoided easily. At least one explorer reported seeing "black spots" in his vision after staring at a Lighter. The man later returned to The Hub and got treatment afterward, there is no other information on it but later he got his life taken by a hound. On another occasion, a camera reportedly exploded after recording a video of it for twenty seconds.


  • Also known as Grabbers, Transporters are tall, dark, humanoid figures. They can appear anywhere past Level 2, and get more common as you go farther through the Backrooms. They appear when you reach a T-junction in the hallways. Two of the three ways will continue as normal, but entering the third way will reveal a Transporter at the end of the hallway. If you turn around, you will find the passage into the hallway is gone, replaced by a simple wall. The Transporter will walk towards you, gradually speeding up, until it finally reaches you. It will then grab onto your shoulders. It seems that what happens next is random: Either you die, or, according to the one surviving documentation of a Transporter, you're "thrown through a void, and land in Level 4." It is unknown if you could be transported anywhere else by these entities. And 1 person that has been transported by a tranporter claims that it took him to level 5678, there is no proof on this remark, so take that with a grain of salt.


  • Yosters are large, flabby, quadrupedal beasts that resemble a cross between a monitor lizard and a platypus. Their mood varies, and more hostile ones can deliver a nasty bite, though the younger Yosters are typically more docile. They are found throughout the first five levels, slurping up moisture from the carpeting or from puddles on the ground. Their meat is edible, though it always tastes badly burnt regardless of how you cook it.


  • "Jerry" is a small bird that looks like a parrot. It controls the mind of the person holding it, making it say things
  • "Jerry is everything, Jerry is what I live for."
  • like "Jerry is everything", "Jerry is what I live for", and "All Hail Jerry" Those controlled by Jerry go missing shortly afterward (they probably go to Jerry's Room, but that place is unconfirmed), with the parrot eventually reappearing on a seemingly random level to find a new host. If you see a bird that resembles Jerry, escape by any means possible. It is rumored that giving Jerry sunflower seeds or almond water will tame Jerry, allowing you to pick it up safely. this will only work with the person who fed Jerry, however, and anyone else who holds Jerry will be affected normally. This, however, is not confirmed, as it is also speculation.

Death Ostriches

  • Hostile entities that reside in levels that are inside or really dark, level 6, level 9 and level 5678 are a hotspot for them because of the light level. They attack using their beaks, but are known to use their legs which contain large talons for killing.


Juvenile Volatiles, chasing an unknown photographer.

Volatiles are entities inhabiting large levels, such as cities. They are extremely hostile and will attempt to infect any nearby human. They live in hives, usually located in dark places, like underground car parks, or subway systems. The Volatiles are eusocial, taking care of each other as a sort of extended family. Female Volatiles are less common, but do indeed exist, working in the hives as workers. Volatiles communicate by using clicking of their mandibles (formerly their jaw). If one survives the first 2 stages of infection, they will turn into a Night Hunter.

Symptoms of Volatile Infection

  • Lesions
  • Rashes
  • Fever
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting

Stage 2

  • Increased adrenaline in bloodstream
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations

Stage 3

  • Delirium
  • Photophobia
  • Paranoia


Puffballs are colorful, spherical creatures residing in Level 2007, Level 879, and Level 334. They have stubby hands lacking arms and fingers, along with feet (Called 'shoes', according to themselves), which are rounded, and darker than the rest of their body. They also have beady oval-shaped eyes, and a dot for a mouth. Their hands are flexible, which means that despite not having fingers, they can easily use guns and other objects. They resemble the titular character from the Kirby series, but with differences, including: The ability to speak English, albeit in short sentences, increased intelligence, hat-wearing, emitting music and possible hair growth, but only on the top of their head. The first puffball to have been interviewed ended in disaster. The puffball in the interview is designated "Puffball 1", and is not recommended to be approached unless one has befriended a puffball before. Puffball 1 is recognized by the scar over his right eye, his blue color, and his M1 combat helmet.

Notable Puffballs:

  • Itamashii

Itamashii is a dark blue puffball, with sorrowful-looking eyes (which are black, but also glow a bright cyan periodically). He speaks highly of a person named "the prophet". He also refuses to answer any questions about the aforementioned prophet. Additionally, only one song will emit from him.

  • "Malus"

He was once a normal puffball, but the energy of the █████████ ███████ cò̷͈̬͚̺̋̑͂̀͑͘͜r̷̯̭̯̲͌͂̃͗͊̄͐rupted him. The ████████ ███████ was rumored to be created using a fragment of ████████ ███'s soul, with the help of F█████ and A████.

Malus currently resides in Level 2█̴͓͓̦̖̗̮͍̙͕͋́̿̈́̑̈̽̋̅̀̀͝0̵̼͍̅̐̅̈́̓́̿̂͛ͅ█̶̢̡̡̢̥͓͎̺͈̣̠͕͚̗́̐͛͜.

The Cat

The Cat is a neutral entity seen travelling between levels. It possesses human-level sentience and will not attack you. It speaks in two languages, notably English and Aramaic. It has a slight chance of giving you rare items if you interact with it for long enough, however, you must always bring something to trade with. Temples are built to honor The Cat as seen in Level 5678 showing proof that The Cat is at least a few hundred years old and have a connection with Level 5678 but there is no proof of the connection as The Cat does not seem to care about Level 5678 at all.


Silbóns are pale, humanoid, and encumbered entities that are most common in dark levels. Silbóns are highly territorial and work with eachother in packs. They rarely leave their area unless disturbed or looking for food. If you see a Silbón, be careful not to annoy it. If it approaches you or becomes aggiatated (suggested by their movements), back away and remove yourself from the area.

These entities are incapable of speech or incapable of emitting any sound. Despite this, they are able to work together to reach their goals.

Key Runners

The name Key Runners are literally running keys, Key runners runs away from humans and if you catch one of them the Key Runner's leg will shrink down and disappear (it is unknown where it goes) then it will turn to one of the 5 different key. Key Runners can be everywhere but usually hiding behind hostile entities. Keys can be collected and if you collected all 5, in Level 0 you can no-clip on the ceiling with these keys transporting you to an equal chance to any level (except Level 9223372036854775807 or negative levels).

Confirmed Level-Exclusive Entities

These entities have stranger properties than others, as they are each exclusive to a certain level.


The Nighsentients inhabit Level 161 as employees of the funeral home. They are neutral, but if provoked they will kill whomever provoked them. They are hostile towards all harmful entities and constantly need to fight back Lighters. Nighsentients themselves are humanoid figures, some more distorted than others, with a texture of jagged rock and skin color incomprehensible to the human brain. They wear standard 1950's employee uniforms and occasionally black and white tuxedos. They are talkative but they only communicate through telepathy.

The Conductor

  • An entity that is just recently discovered, it is unique as it is the only entity type of its own and is very sentient and intelligent, most frequently appearing in The Metro.
  • "The Conductor" Appears as a male humanoid child approximately age about 10~12 years old. It wears a navy-blue conductor uniform, it is highly Intelligent and will often speak with people aboard the Train, it can also answer questions, however asking certain questions like "Who made the backrooms?" or "What are the backrooms" will not be answered, presumably to not reveal any of the inner workings of the Backrooms. Asking to leave the backrooms is replied with a phrase similar to "Sorry, but that's just not possible."
  • It is not advised to physically engage combat with "The Conductor" as it has unnatural strength and agility, as well as a silver blade that can slice through people like butter.
  • It is theorized that the conductor can control both the Metro Train and the Metro cameras, however, this has not yet been confirmed.
  • The conductor is said to have encounters with the "TOTALLY NORMAL STEAM TRAINS MADE BY THOMAS NAST" entities, all resulting in it having a near-death because he is most interested in Steam locomotives

The Eyes of the Dark

An entity that appears in the dark areas on zone 2 in Level 674, not much is known about its appearance, due to its nature. It has red glowing eyes, and hands that are around 4 meters long and around 7 meters wide. When the entity spots it's prey, it will grab it, and go away. it is unknown what happens to the prey.


  • These Indigo, blueish drone-like robots with a big laser blaster are very strict entities and are super hostile if you do not follow their rules.
  • They are only on Level -257. They bring in winter clothes when you enter Level -257. If you stare at a Blastbot for too long, you will turn into a clump.

Life of Planet 415

  • These entities are the inhabitants of Level 415, they range from bacteria to animals.
  • The most common are the Wodia and the Chika-Cocks (Peacock-like birds of level 415 named for their “Chika! Chika! Chika! Chika!” sound)


  • Auditorians are beings made out of sound, if you make any large amounts of sound, you may attract one, the closer it gets, the louder the ringing gets. if it gets too close, you start shaking and the air gets heavier.
  • one way you could die is your eardrums rupturing (not dying but eh)
  • another is immense physical trauma
  • the most common is asphyxiation.
  • they are common on Level 2000


  • These creatures are found on level 3 and appear humanoid at first, but they don't move. When prey comes near, they create a loud explosion to startle them and chase them on all fours with surprising speed. They hate almond water, or any kind of liquid for that matter, so use that to your advantage. If you manage to severely injure a Burster, their skin will dry up and they create a cocoon where they eventually heal. Make sure to destroy any Burster cocoons you see, it's the easiest way to kill them.


  • The only known entities in Level 40 are the Employees. The Employees are identical gray-skinned human-like entities. They all resemble a teenage boy with long dark-brown emo hair. They have no eyes or eyelids, but there is still a sunken-in indentation where their eyes would be; They also have no mouth/lips. The Employees all wear plain black-on-white name tags sporting various basic American boy names (Ex: Brad, Glenn, Charles, etc.) The Employees need to be called by the name on their name tags, you must remember this... for the Employees are not initially hostile, but they can be if provoked. These can appear on Level 40, or Level 375


  • Dancers are found in Level 735. They are benevolent beings and exist as reflections in the mirror at Level 735.
  • They are shadowy silhouettes of humanoids often in groups of 8 and 10. They make no noise apart from very very quiet 'taps' , most likely their footsteps as they dance.

    A Dancer, photographed in Level 735.

  • Joining them in dance earns their respect and appreciation. They will repay this by leading you through the mirror and into safer levels.
  • Some individuals have reported to have seen Dancers in the reflections of mirrors in other levels, though they may be confusing Dancers with another shadowy-looking entity.
  • Dancers have been seen to combat Partygoers who find their way into Level 735 - this is a very uncommon happening, however.

The Beast of Level 5

  • The Beast of Level 5 is something only mentioned by those who have lost all sanity while trapped on Level 5.
  • However, all describe it similarly, so the Beast could quite possibly be real. It appears to be hostile but is shown not to attack sight. Instead, it slowly toys with its victims until they go insane. It has been described as a tall and scaly creature wearing a suit and tie. It has a humanoid body with the head of a cephalopod (squid), with tentacles around its mouth.
  • Those who are reaching the end of their sanity claim it has camouflage abilities and that if you look closely and pay attention, you can see its glowing eyes watching you from the wallpaper pattern. Some people doubt it exists, calling it off as just being an illusion of this floor's cobwebs, flickering lights, and ornate wallpaper combined with the harsh effect on sanity.

The Thing On Level 7

  • The Thing On Level 7 has little information on specific detail thus far, having only been seen by a handful of travelers. It appears to be the only one of its kind left and is highly intelligent; although incapable of speech, it can write. It is omnivorous, brutal, and appears to care little for humans, as it has stated when asked. It is a black, snakelike figure that is said to be roughly 11 thousand meters long, with no features except for a large mouth that is only visible when it is open and is big enough to swallow a small hotel whole. This mouth takes up a third of its face, with sharp, 10 meter teeth inside.
  • It reportedly hunts down movement. It sees and circles its would-be victims like that of a shark. It has been known to expel large quantities of tar from its skin in some situations, the causes for which are unknown. Despite its appearance, the only traveler to come into physical contact with it has given it the ironically appealing nickname "Tiny", which it appears to despise. It is responsible for the death of u/sagekabuto and u/glassydude101. As of now, The Thing On Level 7 is the only known Thing on Level 7. It has insane regenerative abilities, making it nearly immortal.


  • A docile, almost helpful creature, residing in Level 1. She sports ragged, unkempt clothing, and has long black hair down to her waist. Any photos taken of her either disappear or fail to process. An explorer of the Backrooms may encounter her by accident, clipping through a false wall into her "bedroom." There, she will begin speaking to the explorer and help guide them to another false wall, leading to an exit. However, it has also been recorded by an anonymous source that she can also lead you to a Skin Stealer. (see next note)
  • One explorer decided to name her "Lucy" after she revealed that she couldn't remember her name. So far, no one knows her real name. Some theorize that she was an early explorer of the Backrooms until she got trapped in Level 1.5, judging by a note stating "I don't know how long I can go on. I think I found a way to go back to that old maze, but I don't think I'll be able to make it in one piece." At this time, no photos exist of her.
  • Edgy Kids.
  • On level Joke Annihilator.
  • Just ignore them, if they delete your post then remake it.

The Formless

The Formless are humanoid humans, who, hence their name, are formless. They appear to be melting, leaving trails of white with the consistency of paint. They are extremely hostile, and are able to exert 2200 pounds of force. They only appear in 1913, and it's sub-level, 1913.1. One can be turned into a Formless if absorbed by one, as they will split apart, possibly causing permanent damage to the body of the one who consumed the body. If they absorb a corpse, their bodies will likely grow extra limbs or heads.

Kim Jong-Un

Kim jong-Un is an entity that only resides in Level 1600, he acts like it's real life counterpart, being the supreme leader of North Korea, he is unaware of the existense of the backrooms and believes that he lives in the real North Korea, don't mess with him, messing with him will result in being executed in painful way.

The Hunters

The Hunters are a group of entities, that appear to speak a weird mix of German and Armenian, rendering communication with them impossible. They appear as normal humans, with their main distinguishing feature being their torn-off faces, as well as their sunken-in eyes. They carry weapons ranging from machetes to fire axes. They are exclusive to Level 933.

Entity 1143 “The Infected”

An Entity In a Abounded House

Habitat: Level 1008


These entities are one of the complex ones that the MEG studied, these entities are a species of humanoid zombies, covered with a thick dark purple liquid with a smile with exposed magenta teeth, their eyes are bioluminous and only the Silhouette of these and they are magenta, like their pupils, they also have a smaller variant, which has a mouth full of magenta fangs, and the eyes vary depending on the gender, if the male will have his eyes in the shape of X, but if it is female it will have its eyes in the shape of a Heart, these creatures can be female or male.


These creatures create burrows based on the destroyed buildings, these burrows are full of 1143 Female Entities, but there are also 1143 Male Entities, in the burrows mostly the Entities raise their children, the role that the Entities play varies according to their gender, the Females spend most of their time taking care of their young, generally they shelter them with their bodies and feed them with mother's milk, when the young are babies, when the young are children, they feed them with the game that the male brings, and usually the female teaches the young basic things, such as hunting, creating a refuge or guarding against danger, the male spends most of his time hunting unfortunate entities that accidentally arrive at the level, the male also takes care of create a haven for your family.

Their fertility rate of the entities is too high, so a litter of these entities, there are at least 3 individuals, when the entities have had offspring they are twice as hostile and will attack with hostility other entities that become quen, this It includes other entities of its kind.

Their behavior of these entities is basically very hostile, they kill anything they find, except their own species, they are very fast when it comes to chasing their prey, reaching an estimated speed of 175 meters per hour, they also like to do envoscades, putting together complex strategies to capture and kill their prey, and they usually have a 95% victory, but if for some reason the victim is saved, he is almost always seriously injured or on the verge of death, these critters need to feed constantly , which leads them to have to store food in case they fail to hunt anything, the pregnancy period of females lasts at least 9 months and they are mammals.

Their young take at least a year to meet a year, and their mating rituals are still unknown.


The creatures were discovered when an explorer heard a noise between the buildings, the explorer first believed that it was stuck with a Smiler or a Hound, but discovered that it was an Entity 1143, unfortunately the explorer could not survive the attack and ended up being dismembered by the entity and the case was archived.


To do:
  1. If you hear an entity 1143, leave the place as soon as possible.
  2. If you have a feeling that they are tending you a forest, return from the place where you came and move away from the area.
  3. Make as little noise as possible at level 1008 so they won't hear you.
What not to do:
  1. Zoom in if you see one.
  2. Fall into their trap.
  3. Try to fight one.
  4. Make a madrigger or her baby fall for it.


  • These beautiful creatures that reside in Level 1275 are like those typical dragons in movies which is scientifically impossible but thrive as normal animals would. The difference is that these Dragons are not hostile like a dragon would be, they are fond of humans and would love them if they are tamed which is easy. To tame these guys, give them the food they like; the overall color indicates what food they like.
  • Red dragons like raw meat, Orange dragons like oranges(the fruit), Yellow dragons like Bread, Green dragons like Dragon fruit, Blue Dragons like paint, Purple dragons like animal guts (if they ingest human guts the person who gave it to them will be most likely be killed by them. But... these creatures have a dark side if found in the Slayers Zone; Run because these creatures will kill you and show no mercy. Just a heads up, your Dragon(s) won't become one of these creatures if tamed in the Eden Zone but the Slayers Zone.

Blood-Lust Dragons

These tainted bloody creatures from hell are one of the five types of Super Dragons. This Dragon is disgustingly bloody and gruesome, kinda like if it was made from the flesh, blood, and bone from human bodies, o wait; it is. This is the Dragon that ONLY is found in the Slayers garden like its counterpart, the Dementedly-Corrupted Dragon. This creature is super rare but it can kill easily and quickly so you better have some type of dragon scale armor or something to fight it off, good luck.

Dementedly-Corrupted Dragons

These corroded rotting creatures from hell are one of the five types of Super Dragons. This Dragon is disgustingly vile and rotten, kinda like if it was made from the rotting meat, sins, and pain from human bodies, o wait; it is. This is the Dragon that ONLY is found in the Slayers garden like its counterpart, the Blood-Lust Dragon. This creature is super rare but it can kill easily and quickly so you better have some type of dragon scale armor or something to fight it off, good luck.

Demonic and Angelic Dragons

These special Dragons are only found if you beat The Perils of THE ENTRANCE TO THE END and you win a very special Dragon that is chosen by you. Both of the Dragons have the same stats and only the difference is the color scheme, but the Dragons have both 3 different attacks that do more damage than Dragons found at the Eden garden zone and have more defense as compared to the normal Dragons found at the Slayers garden. And even though they have their name which is just for their color scheme they will behave the same and normal like other dragons if tamed. The 3 special attacks are Piercing light/Destructive Dark shards, slashing lights/ killer darkness, and shield of light/barrier of darkness.

Confirmed (Continued)

Mold Victims

Molds are former humans who have interacted with the Mold and lost some of their "human characteristics" those who interact with the Mold will go through a 4 Stage Process before complete transformation.


A photo of a male cynodont guarding his burrow

This animal looks like a cross between a lizard and a dog, and is an ancestor of mammals which include dogs. As a prehistoric animal it can be found on the ancient Level Primal, and strangely it was a real thing back in the Permian and Triassic periods. If an intruder comes by, it will bark at it for the sake of it’s treasures and young. Many transitional features between reptiles and mammals include a semi-sprawling posture, hair and specialised teeth, notably it’s horrifying fangs.

Komodo Dragon

A photo of a Komodo dragon

Komodo dragons are the largest real-life lizards, though they can be found in the real world they are also exclusive to Level Primal, where the temperatures are perfect for reptiles like it. It can grow up to 3 meters in length and weigh up to 70 kilograms. It is a meat eater and will hunt down hellraptors, mammoth turtles, giant spiders, cavelings, carcasses, other entities and creatures and sometimes even you so be careful. They also have a venomous bite to kill their prey


A drawing of a Hellraptor, you can see it’s disgusting chicken crest and brown spiky feathers

A poor-quality photo of a pack hunting in a dark conifer forest in Level Primal, a few moments before the cameraman’s gory death

These dromaeosaurid (raptor) theropod dinosaurs are quite large, measuring from 4-6 meters in length and like other prehistoric entities it is found in Level Primal and Level 5678. They will hunt in packs of about 3-6 individuals. They have a chicken-like head, and although they are distant ancestors of them they evolved those convergently. The crest of what a chicken would have is used for slicing their unfortunate prey like an axe. The feathers are also quite spiky, adding some defence against attackers and victims. The teeth are also very chainsaw-like, perfect for bleeding prey to death. They can also attack humans.

Giant Spider

A giant spider crawling on a log

These odd arachnids have a huge legspan and length of 2.5 meters, thanks to the high amounts of oxygen in their home Level Primal and Level 5678 since the Carboniferous period. It will eat any small animal that passes by, like birds, lizards, pterosaurs and sometimes cavelings and humans. It too like the komodo dragon has venom.


A drawing of a Terrordactyl, looks hideous ain’t it?

This pterosaur from Level Primal looks cute, but not cuddly at all. When standing upright it reaches about 2.5 meters tall and is a nocturnal hunter, using it’s huge eyes for night-vision. It will swoop in from the dark night sky to catch unfortunate little prey and sometimes even you! It has a thick coat of fur-like pcynofibers, like many other pterosaurs have, particularly for warmth during the night.

Mammoth Turtle

A giant turtle native to Level Primal and Level 5678 that can reach up to 8 meters long. It is sexually dimorphic, with the males having extravagant horns and spikes and females having none. It’s shell is more armoured than any other turtle, an advantage against predators like hellraptors, murder rexes and more. As an omnivore, it will mostly eat plants but will sometimes eat small animals and entities.

Unconfirmed Entities

These entities are rumored to exist in the backrooms, but without enough information from reliable resources to prove their existence.

Counter Entities

Counter Entities are an entity that specializes in killing hostile and neutral entities, their bodies are humanoid and are composed of metallic substances, concrete, and human tissue, there is a lot more to these entities so its recommended you read the actual page about them.

Parasitic Wasps

These wasps are very large and dangerous, and can be found in some levels in the backrooms, such as level 998's deadzone area.

These wasps will inject a bunch of tiny eggs into a host (roughly 20,000), and a bunch of tiny wasps will grow inside of the host human. They will then burrow out of the human's skin and escape. Most of them survive and escape too, so the deadzone is full of these wasps, as many people have gone and died from them there. They can still be found in other areas.

Mind Controllers:

Mind Controllers are an entity that resides on many levels. (Mainly the later ones.)

Mind Controllers are invisible entities that control your mind and make you have dangerous audio, visual, and optical hallucinations. These entities tap into your mind and become your greatest fear. The more insane you get, the more power the Mind Controllers have on you. This means that you could think that a wall is in front, of you or there is a floor below you. Even when there isn't any. They are most common in Level 225. They will also often try to scare or startle wanderers, and then devour them. Mind Controllers are the real-life version of scopophobia. (The fear of either an unknown threat or being stared at.)

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Keep your sanity intact and ignore their belittling.
  • Slowly Walk Away.
  • Attempt to fight or run away from Mind Controllers. Slowly walk away and try not to pay any mind to them. (Even then, it might not work)

You are Sane. Your sanity is intact. If your sanity is intact, the only types of hallucinations Mind Controllers will give you is audio and visual and may give you tactile

You're not Sane anymore, but still not insane. At this point, Mind Controllers will give you every type of hallucination. (Audio, Visual, Tactile, Gustatory, Olfactory, and Optical.) They can also inflict little amounts of pain.

You're Insane: At this point, they can control you and try to make you commit suicide. You can still see the hallucinations even when you close your eyes. The audio hallucinations can also be very loud, hurting or sometimes rupturing your eardrum, making you go deaf. Even if you are deaf, you can still hear the hallucinations.

You're Very Insane: If you are at this point, Mind Controllers have FULL control of your body, they can make the pain signals so painful that they can make you pass out. They could start making your body eat brain tissue, and damage many parts of your body. They could also make your bones and internal organs dissolve, rendering you immobile, but you can still feel everything. They can also turn visible and kill you. It is unknown what Mind Controllers true form is, however, some survivors say that Mind Controllers seem to have the ability to change their size and thickness of their limbs on command. Mind Controller has seven limbs that walk strangely and unnatural ways. Their joints can be bent in many ways, and they seem to be able to create new joints if needed. Their body is very bone-like, and old sagging skin. Their head is the size of an average human. Their eyes are pitch black and reflective.

What Might Happen When You Get Trapped by a Mind Controller:

A backrooms explorer has caught by Mind Controllers in Level 225. These were his final words before the Mind Controllers killed him: It was cold… I felt alone, trapped like there was no way out. And this noise… It's still stuck in my head… I want it out. I want it out! I WANT IT OUT OF MY HEAD! GET IT OUT! It's just like I'm going insane, it's like wind but, as if so many instruments are breaking at once. I hear people screaming and I can see dead children on the floor. SOMEONE IS CONTROLLING ME!!! HELP ME!! I CAN FEEL IT TRAPPING ME INSIDE MY OWN BODY! HELP M- Then, we heard screaming and a loud click sound and then liquid gushing out of something. What happened is Mind Controllers took his bones and made a cocoon out of them, trapping him in his own body. The click sound was him splitting his stomach open and blood and internal organs gushing out. He was later found blinking and moving his eyes, meaning he was still alive and could feel every bit of pain.

Death Rats

Death Rats are the only entities that can be found in all levels of the Backrooms. With each population being

Artist’s restoration of a close up of a Death rat after a screaming event. credit goes to u/Remington99$

unique depending on the level it's on. (ex there is a species of death rat that is hairless to better cope with the hot temperature of Level 2) It's like they have inhabited the Backrooms for millions of years starting as normal rats and slowly changing to better suit their climate. Most Death Rats are harmless and can be a food source if your willing to eat one. Somehow. However, some species are very dangerous and will even set traps for you. They are smarter than you think.

Real picture, it is unconfirmed whether it is an actual death rat or not

Credit goes to u/Remington99$


  • These creatures are zombie-like humans that went insane in the backrooms.

The Fencer

  • It is currently unknown what level lives on, but it is likely to be Level 2 or 3. This thing is said to locate its victims by sound or scent, as it rarely ever uses its eyes. It has a shaped body, long and white and thin, with arms that drag on the ground behind it, and short, almost stubby legs. Its head is covered with a black mask without eyeholes.
  • It always carries a fencing sword with it. While interaction is not encouraged, as some can be very hostile, occasionally, you may come across a docile one who may give you his fencing sword for use. It can especially be used on Level -4, as this is the only weapon the animals are known to be vulnerable to.

Camo Crawlers

  • "Camo Crawlers". These creatures are strange humanoid Monstrosities, with four arms with a grayish-brown color when in a normal state. These creatures have huge pure white eyes, which they cannot see with them, they use their hearing Senses to hunt and attack wanderers. and they can change their material and color to match their surroundings, and they can stay perfectly still.
  • They seem usually hunt in packs, These creatures are also very intelligent. and will help each other out if one of them is in danger themselves. To survive these creatures, you must make as little noise as possible, throwing objects near them, will distract them for a bit. These creatures are rare and are hard to find. they were originally found in "Level 61", but after their discovery, they have started to appear in other Levels.


  • Little is known about Travelers as they have never been seen before. Some don't believe they even really exist. What little information is known is at best guesswork and speculation. It's believed that they may be capable of traveling between levels, along with moving through the floor and ceiling like ghosts.
  • They are thought to be capable of shutting down the human brain upon coming in contact with it. It is not known whether they are docile or aggressive, and the only proof we have of their existence are a few scratch-less bodies found on levels 2, 3.

Tentacle Pupper

  • Tentacle Puppers are known to mostly inhabit Level 0 (though do inhabit Level 1, 2, and above ), these creatures are very friendly and some of them will try and bring you to something such as Almond Water or Tentacle Pupper nests, showing that they trust you. Tentacle Pupper nests are large webs of random colors of cloth, within these nests are eggs, other puppers, and metal scraps.
  • Tentacle Puppers are about 2-3 feet in length, and 1-2 feet in height. They have the head of a dog, a clump of tentacles for their body, and the gaster and stinger of an ant.


  • These entities bear a resemblance to the Fresno Nightcrawlers, a not-so-well-known cryptid. However, these entities have arms, and at the end of those arms, they have sharp spikes, or "claws". Despite having no optical nerves, they can still somehow "see" their prey, and will become hostile on sight. However, they are easily fooled, and if they lose sight of you for long enough, they will go back into a docile state. The first person to encounter these entities was u/NotTelling2019, who first sighted one, and later made a narrow escape from another. These entities are known to reside in either Level -1 or Level 1.
  • Currently, Almond Water is the only known weakness of Presledovateli, as it causes them to harm upon contact. This is what allowed u/NotTelling2019 to escape one that was chasing him.
  • Their name is Russian for pursuers.


  • This entity resembles a male security guard with a security camera in place of his head. It appears to be passive and will even give directions if asked. If you fall asleep in his general area he will pick you up and carry you to the nearest safe place, even if that means going to another level. If you fall asleep far away from a safe place he will take you to The Hub, The Metro, or Level 0.
  • Reports state that he has been seen talking with Lucy, skin-stealers and even face-lings and to other creatures, however, this is not confirmed.
  • He will periodically appear at any level including Negative Levels and The Hive. (Oh my god I didn't know I had a backrooms entity named after me!)


These entities resemble a dog of an unknown breed of origin, presumably a mixed breed. They act friendly enough to lure their victims but once a victim does manage to give eye contact at their faces, their appearance becomes more sinister and demonic. Once they are in this phase, they will manage to chase down and brutally devour the subject (who gave eye contact at their face) until they are nothing but a pool of blood.

  • These entities usually reside in Level -1 or Level 2.
  • Their appearance is similar to that of the Creepy-pasta called Smile Dog.


  • These entities appear like human limbs (legs or arms) walking/crawling around. They are normally found on Levels 0, 1, or 2.
  • They are normally harmless, just wandering the hallways. An anonymous person in the Backrooms has reported seeing a Limb arm carrying a baseball bat.


  • Stalkers are entities that can turn themselves into a companion for your trip in the backrooms. They are mostly documented to be in Level 2 but can be found in Level 3. They are a master at disguising themselves as survivors or family members and loved ones whilst mimicking their voices around you to trick you. It is very hard to tell a Stalker apart from a survivor or a loved one, but it can be done.
  • The Stalker's true form is a tall, pale-skinned creature with large red eyes. It has no mouth but instead a snout similar to an anteater. They need a disintegrated type of human meat to live known as black sludge, and the emotion of betrayal makes the sludge for them.
  • You can defeat these creatures, but it is suggested to just run away until you've lost the creature, however, they can run for miles due to the black sludge in their stomachs constantly fueling them.

Children of the Broken

  • As of the surfacing of u/Chaosraider98's 4th log on his exploration of Level 1.5, a new entity has been named/documented. This entity has not been seen but appears to stalk individuals who reach into the darkness, although there is little evidence to support the exact nature of this creature. This entity is described as having a cold, hard husk for skin, and somehow always be behind individuals, no matter which way they turn.
  • This creature may be the result of the whispering phenomenon described by u/Chaosraider98 in Level 1.5, as he noted that the whispering became dreadfully quiet when the creature came into close contact with him when usually the whispering is loud and indicates the sensation of distance between him and whatever the source of the whispering is. Whisperings include various references to some sort of female entity, known only as Mother for the moment, and reference is made to the entities that inhabit Level 1.5 being her "children".

The only known picture of a Six Arms.

Six Arms

  • This is a tall black humanoid creature that walks slowly around the Backrooms. Unfortunately, as of right now, there isn't much information about this Entity, however, it is known it appears in Level 1, and more rarely in Level 0 and 2.

The Virus

  • The Virus is a deadly disease. It can be similar to The Disease, or different. Usually, you can find The Virus in hospitals or somewhere in the higher levels. These levels include 77 - 86. Sometimes, but rarely, you may find one blocking your path in Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level -2, or Level 3.

Note that these symptoms can be in order. How many symptoms do you get? It matters how much of a dose you get and what type of person The Virus thinks of you as.


Scratchers are hostile entities that inhabit Levels 1 and 2. It can extend its claws up to 1 foot, can run up to 40 miles per hour, is attracted to sound, and has poor vision. It is believed it was discovered by the Republic of Level 153.



Mannequins are recurring hostile entities found throughout the Backrooms. They are humanoid mannequins with wide, gaping mouths that seemed to be made out of a porcelain-like material. They usually walk around slowly and won't attack anyone in their surroundings even if seen. But if they get touched (by a Wanderer, by another mannequin, by a trap, or by a random object) or heard a loud noise nearby, the light in the room they operate will flicker and all Mannequins in the same room will run around at medium speed and will chase everyone nearby upon seeing them. The Mannequins are not always aware of their victims' position and will return to their room upon losing sight of them. The room will also stop to flicker and all Mannequins return to normal. Sometimes, certain types of Mannequins would be equipped with various weapons and can pick up and throw objects around the environment at a Wanderer.


They have been found in Level 53 so far, look almost identical to a null, except it is more friendly. It has been able to communicate very effectively, although rarely doing so. Although intelligent enough to communicate, its memory gets jogged very easily. As the name implies, it will follow you around. Only one person has encountered this entity so far.

  • Charlie, in a broken washing machine on Level 412. Taken by u/Goblynnn


  • Orange Tabby cat
  • Nonhostile and Friendly
  • Trader in Level 412
  • Comforting, fatherly presence
  • Sympathetic to travelers

    Jeff in Level 9.


One of these entities disguising itself as UP 4014, a familiar engine to all. Photographer here presumed dead.

Yes, this is the actual name of these entities. One way-too-enthusiastic explorer names them this. (Could they have been a foamer?) These are also nicknamed "A Foamer and Railfan's nightmare." These entities resemble American steam engines that worked in the early 1900s. They are said to be found in all of the metro levels. They are not common but can appear when least expected. Most of these entities resemble class steam engines such as Southern Pacific GS-4s, NYC Mohawks, NYC Hudsons, Union Pacific Big Boys, Challengers, and the entire FEF class. They can disguise themselves as normal locomotives that work. If you see these in the metro levels, DO NOT GO TOWARDS THEM OR GET YOUR CAMERA TO FILM THEM!! INSTEAD, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN, OTHERWISE, TAKE A METRO TO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! Once their victim gets close enough, the locomotive will shape-shift into a beast. In their true form, they have centipede legs from the boilers, grow claws near the smokebox, and their smokebox handles open up into a mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth, seeming to resemble Thomas Nast's political cartoon portraying a steam locomotive as a monster. They will then tear their victim apart, and eat them. The most disturbing part is the fact that these entities suck the blood out of their victims, and store it in their boilers as if it was water. Yes, these entities act as normal locomotives, even in their monster form. It is said that visible and legit steam comes out from its parts. If it runs out of blood, the monster wouldn't be able to move, and therefore, would die. This may be the explanation why there are pale bodies on some tracks of the metro levels, but it still is a ponder to others. The monsters share accurate whistles with their real-life counterparts as well. These monsters are separated into classes, the tank engines are the least violent, and the UP Big boys and Challengers are considered to be the most violent, as they have the biggest boilers, and therefore, require the most blood.

A Hard to Kill Merchant

A Grey skinned Hairless man who travels aimlessly through the levels to trade.

Easy to find because he likes to wear very bright, almost glowing Mercenary like clothing and glasses/goggles with the same color lenses. Not hostile and rather chill but well experienced with most weapons and incredibly skilled in a fight. Usually has a Random assortment of items but usually has something of value in his unrealistically deep bag. Though very adept in combat, if killed, his wares vanish and his body glows red and disintegrates, He will come back soon after. Perfectly safe to approach and easy to hold a nice chat with or enjoy a meal with.[1]

Unconfirmed Level Exclusive Entities

These are entities that have stranger properties than others that are unconfirmed. They stay on a level exclusive to them.

The Ie

A recently discovered entity limited to be found in Level 334, but could be found in undiscovered levels. An Ie is an eye ball attached to a vain hanging from the ceiling, which can move around at speeds up to 10mph, not confirmed. This Entity is the most dangerous entity found in Level 334, an Ie can travel faster then someone could run in mushy flesh, so your only hope is to not encounter one. These eyes can do two dangerous things. One being that it can cause mental illness such as extreme depression and suicidal thoughts. the second thing being that it may go into your mouth, and it kills you by going into your lungs or doing something else, very unknown. All attempts to destroy an Ie or its string or vain has failed and has ended in death.

Drug Dealer

This entity was found after a sighting inside Level 2133, it is believed that this entity resupplies the pharmacy inside Level 2133, Drug Dealer is pending whether he is docile or hostile and is currently being researched.


They burrow into the ground of Level 998 in the 3rd area and wait for people to step on them. They then burrow into people's feet and infect them, creating many eggs and eventually killing them. The newly born worms will them dig out of their body to go into the ground to burrow there. These are relatively common but do stick out.


An entity very similar to the Skin-Stealers but exhibit abnormal behaviors compared to them. They are only found in level 2345.

The Arachnid of Level 0.5

  • This beast was named “the arachnid” due to its long spider-like appendages. It is known to kill those that look into the blue fog. The limbs measure around 55ft, but this is a complete inference since looking at its base would mean looking into the blue fog and certain death. Bloodstains have been found smeared across long areas of the carpet. This alludes us to how The Arachnid kills. The arachnid appears mostly light blue and black with dried blood along with its limbs. The Arachnid is the only known thing to have moved or altered Level 0.5's structure.


Skele bird go brrr.png

This is found in Level 123451, and is said to rip off the unsuspecting victim's head violenty, however, travelers have come back from the backrooms with neutralized Skel-obirds, most likely injecting something. A photo is rare, but there is one.

The High Queen

  • The High Queen is a unique creature to the sub-level known as The Hive. It appears to be a neutral creature, only attacking when provoked, and appearing as a large bee, resembling 'Megachile pluto', but over 50 times larger. It feeds off a diet of Almond Water and Mould and cares for the eggs growing in The Hive. It is unknown if the High Queen exists, as The Hive is unconfirmed.

The Abyssal Paladins

  • The Abyssal Paladins are the guardians of The Abyss and will convulse and die upon catching up to the unlucky traveler, who will become possessed and lose all memory if snapped out. Putting almond water on your chest will make a cross on your chest and repel the spirit of the paladin, which will help a Newly released victim regain their memory faster.

Zipper Snake

  • The Zipper or Zipper Snake (the name given by u/gagartas) is a snake-like creature that lives in the light and treats the source as its territory and is currently observed on level 2, but it is hypothesized to have the ability to be on any level as long as there is a light source. When any creature goes near its territory, it will launch out of it and chase its target. It is seemingly infinite and can only be stopped by whatever can be used effectively as a wall. Upon catching its prey, a large tongue grabs the unfortunate being and pulls it down its body/mouth shredding it to pieces on the way to the light. Once its meal reaches the light, it disappears and glows brighter. After the hunt, the zipper proceeds to hunt again. It has eyes lining the top side of the Zipper Snake and has concealed extendable limbs. It is unknown how these limbs are generated. It makes a clicking noise when out of the light and is incredibly aggressive attacking anyone with a light source if they do not give it. Noting this behavior, will leave you alone for a while if you are peaceful and offer it some light. (u/X-Drakken and u/gagartas worked together in its discovery, logging, and naming it.)


Flesh tubes mostly found in floor 334. If you are to enter one of these tubes, you'll be warped to Level 334. If they are found in Level 334, they will move you around the place, a great escape from danger such as Skin Stealers or Ies. These tubes are made up of human flesh found in the mouth, throat, gut, and stomach.

The Nurse

  • The Nurse is a nurse-like entity. It appears to be obese, wearing a nurse outfit and a paper bag with a first aid symbol (drawn with human blood) on her head. No one knows what she looks like under the bag. Her arms appear to be burned, her feet are amputated, and is attached to an old-timey self-balancing scooter. She holds a giant-looking syringe that appears to be cleaned and dull, full of human blood. She resides on level 14. She will encounter any visitor who enters the level. If they make noises, she will chase them and proceed to stab & drain their blood entirely using her syringe, making them pale and weak, leading to death. She was based around an actual nurse from WWII named "Mary Rokhcit". According to her, she appears to be completely insane and has lost her mind. She would ask the doctors if they could give the certain patient she has chosen for a blood examination test, once they prepared the test she would drain the entirety of their blood from them making them pale and die of blood loss. She couldn't control herself leading up to her acts, so the founder of the hospital refused to fire her since she never did anything wrong. However, the doctors who worked with Mary ended up quitting their jobs after the patients died, leading her to commit a certain act where she drained almost all of their blood and bury them in the courtyard of the hospital. She lived all alone in the hospital for the rest of her life, still draining the patient's blood. In 1944 an atomic bomb destroyed both the entire town & hospital, killing her. In 2007, the hospital disappeared into thin air, making its way to the backrooms. Nobody knows what happened to the hospital. Some say the entire site was demolished for a new building to be constructed, while others say the building was consumed by a mysterious force.
  • The image of the nurse is from the video game Dark Deception.

The Bugs

  • These entities appear to look like giant insects made out of motherboards and are hostile on sight. There are three reported kinds, a centipede, a crab, and the most dangerous, a scorpion. The scorpion is the most dangerous because if it stings you, once you escape it, the backrooms will start to glitch out around you and you disappear. It is not known where people go when they disappear or if they can be brought back.
  • These entities only appear in The Static.


  • A strange humanoid entity found only on Level 17.
  • Each Imprint, visually, is a replica of someone who has previously been to Level 17, right down to the clothing they wore while on the level.
  • Their behavior matches this, moving in the same pattern that the person they resemble traveled through the level. While they pose no true threat, staring at one of them is known to cause high levels of anxiety and distress. and staring directly into an Imprint's eyes appears to cause any who do to enter a comatose state for an unknown reason.
  • Upon reaching the point in which the person they copy either exited the level or perished, they will remain motionless for several minutes, before vanishing, eventually "re-spawning" 24-72 hours later. There have currently been 67 unique Imprints found and documented throughout the level. There are likely far more that have still yet to be discovered.

Tralfamadorians (AKA: 4th Dimensional Shape-Shifting Aliens)

  • The existence of the "Tralfamadorians", is very elusive, there is no conclusive evidence surrounding the existence of these entities. They have only been seen in Level 5.
  • "Tralfamadorians', are described as green, shaped like upright toilet plungers, with a green "hand-like" appendage on the top, in which there is a single, constantly opened eye. People who are trapped in Level 5, and are from the 1950s and '60s. have likened them to the "Tralfamadorians" described in the Novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut. Hence the name.
  • "Tralfamadorians" are typically neutral and are described to be able to communicate telepathically, they seem to be able to "read thoughts" (as described by [REDACTED]), upon communication with a "Tralfamadorian" a person would get the sensation that "something is inside their skull". Apart from this ability, a Tralfamadorian can also shape-shift into essentially anything, and is described to be able to "weave the fabric of space-time by its sheer will". The vigor of this sudden distortion of space-time is likened to "inhaling 20 kilograms of morphic acid and methamphetamine at the same time". They are also telekinetic and constantly appear and reappear within some of the hallways of Level 5.
  • All of the seemingly supernatural abilities of the Tralfamadorians can be explained scientifically if the being itself were to be 4-Dimensional. This explains the odd appearance of the entity since only an infinitesimal piece of the entity can be projected into 3-Dimensions at any one time, this can also explain how it can communicate telepathically, since its "mouth" is just in a higher dimension, which allows it to speak to a person without crossing into the third dimension, thereby creating the "illusion" of telepathy. Its ability to distort space and time can be explained by its manipulation of the 3rd Dimension, from a higher dimension. Its ability to shape-shift is just a by-product of projecting various parts of the Tralfamadorian's 4th Dimensional body into 3 Dimensions, just like how humans can make 2-Dimensional "shadow puppets" because humans are 3-Dimensional.
  • It is rumored that the "Backrooms" are Tourist destinations for "Tralfamadorians", thus, the Backrooms' true form is in the 4th Dimension, this explains the disorientation of space-time within the Backrooms and its seemingly anomalous properties.
  • Due to the seemingly 4th Dimensional Nature of the Tralfamorians, they are worshiped as one of the "Great Old Ones", by the Lovecraftian Cultists within the Backrooms.


  • Lurkers are worm-like entities, and range from 6 feet tall and 8 feet long, to 20 feet tall and 40 feet long. They have so far only been found on Level 64, and are the only creatures found there. If you see one, quietly sneak away. If it sees you, run away as fast as you can, your life depends on it. They have so far killed only one person of the two who have found and explored "Level 64". The image below shows a Lurker, as you can faintly see its face in the doorway in the image below.

The Tendriled

The Tendriled are entities reported to exist in Level 947, who all have varying forms, with the combined feature of trypophobial holes located in various parts of the body, commonly at the shoulders. These holes are used to communicate with Wanderers and each other. They speak about a dead god, who writhes in it's defeat. Mother wants more. They are neutral until provoked, and possess anomolous strength, killing Wanderers accidentaly. These entities' existence are debated, as only 47% of those who have entered Level 947 have reported seeing them. This is due to the halucinogenic nature of the level, with many aspects of it causing visions about the aspects of consumption and destruction. Because of this disparity, few have postulated that the Tendriled are a form of the Insanities. These entities also have the power to teleport you to specific rooms under the correct conditons. Their true name is The Connected. Formed and shaped from people into hollow husks by The Core, within Level 647, Mother.


  • Ninety-Fours are creatures that can be found in Levels 2, 1, and 0, but mostly on level 2. They are presumably quite rare, as they have not been found much. Ninety-Fours come in packs of at least 3 but will leave its pack and travel with a person once domesticated.
  • Their most defining quality is the sound they make, that is, a distorted piano song. When encountered, each will play a melody. The melodies together will make a song.
  • The music they create is most likely to attract people.
  • They seem to possess the ability to read minds to some degree, as motifs from people's memories are often found in their songs. When a motif is heard, the person also starts walking towards them, whether it's by choice or not is unconfirmed.
  • Ninety-Fours are completely friendly to humans. They can be domesticated by placing a hand on each side, and then that Ninety-Four will alert its pack to let them know the human is trustworthy.
  • If a Ninety-Four is attacked, the Ninety-Four will fight back. It does this by sending the enemy to either a random floor or floor 280. Whether it's a random floor or floor 280 is unconfirmed, since there has only been one recorded occurrence of this happening.
  • The appearance of a Ninety-Four is simply a large black box with no seams. It hovers in the air and has an eye on the top of it. The sound likely emits from the eye.
  • Ninety-Fours get their name from the fact that every song they produce that has been recorded is at exactly 94 bpm.
  • An anonymous user on 4chan posted this audio file with the comment "On level 2 in backrooms. the black boxes are playing this music. it sounds familiar. the boxes are kinda cute actually" The post was deleted later that day, but the file was archived by a Google Drive user.


The hart (heart) is a very passive entity but a very rare one, mostly found in level 334. But now since a lot of people stuck in the back rooms are traveling here, they are unknowing of the hart hiding with them, bringing them to other levels. The first sighting is when someone saw a hart at level 2 when she was walking around. The hart is an entity that resembles a human heart. This entity is very important to people who are on a lack of sanity or almond water. This entity has the abilities to cure depression and give hope of escaping the backrooms. This creature also produces a large amount of almond water when near someone, making it very useful. It is also good to propel skin stealers, but is very weak against Ies. Currently, only a few are contained or seen. So this is a passive entity that is very rare and is found on a very deadly level.

“The Phone”

The phone is found on random levels, it can only appear after being in the back rooms for at least a day. The phone is extremely dangerous, if opened, the screen will flash, brighter than the sun itself, burning whoever opened it. There is a small chance that an entity called “Me” will appear to be using the phone, it will look like a 12-year-old child, he will ask you to play a game with him. If you say no, he will summon a skin-stealer, if you say yes, he will transport you to an unknown room and have you play for eternity, he will supply you with the essential needs so you don’t “leave.” Attempting to leave will result in death. The game you play will be called “make or break!” It's a rhythm game.

If you somehow win the game he asks to play, he will say “You’re worthy.” And will transport you to an exit. This is highly unlikely, as he rigged the game to make only his win unless you cheat, and if you're discovered he will teleport you to “Nowhere space.” Nowhere space is a pink room. That’s it.



Habitat: Level 9.


The Clawlings are rare entities, that inhabit level 9. They are hostile and are as intelligent as humans so avoid them at all costs. They only seem to appear wandering the roads and looking for wanderers, as they are deaf and only can see. Sometimes they can be seen hiding on rooftops, waiting to strike.


Clawlings are very hostile and when they see you, they can outrun you because they usually run on all fours. And when you get caught by them they will use their large claw to kill you. But it is possible to avoid them as when you are close to it by 1 km you could hear their distorted growls.


The Clawlings are dark brown 2-meter tall humanoid creatures. They have short arms, and one large claw at the end of them, that they use for killing their prey. They have dark eyes but no mouth, so it is unknown how they consume their food. Their body is slim so if using firearms they are going to be dead in about two shots.


Clawlings were discovered just recently, by an anonymous person. He found something in the distance running towards him, so he hid in one of the yards and took a photo, eventually to be found by it. The person who discovered is likely dead.

Do's And Don'ts:


▪︎ When hearing growls in level 9 turn back ASAP and run away.

▪︎ When you have no choice, and one is chasing you use your firearms, as melee weapons won't do any damage.


▪︎ Go towards the growls.

▪︎ Try to fight it with melee weapons.


  • A Phobian Is A Entity That changes its form based on your fears.
  • For example, You are afraid of spiders, Phobian will change into a huge spider.
  • It appears in Level 0.1.

Creatures of Food

  • Creatures of Food are creatures that take the appearance of giant foods with feet.
  • They are exclusive to Level 6.2 and will only appear if you have eaten something in Level 6.1.
  • They are indestructible as they are spirits. To get them away you have to shine a coin at them.
  • They harm you by charging at you, but it is very rare they harm you unless you try to eat them.


  • Antikytheras take the form of silhouettes of humanoid creatures with sharp claws.
  • These are exclusive to Level 3495 and form wherever Antikythera Fumes are.
  • These entities are thought to be the spirits of those who have died while exploring the Antikythera's home level.

Stone Statues

Stone Statues are common enemies that inhabit Level 324, meditating around the Shaolin temple. You can destroy them by getting a heavy object and hitting them. They will respawn at the same place they were meditating in the day after they are destroyed. If they are destroyed at night, they will respawn at day.


Stone Statues meditate around inside the Shaolin temple inside Level 324. If you make noise around them, they will open their eyes and get up slowly, then walk to you slowly. Once they get to you they will raise their arms slowly then slash at you. If you escape them, they will go back to their meditating spot and if you let them see you or make noise around them again while they are going back, they will turn around and start to follow you again.


They are statues made out of stone, standing 7 feet tall. They are bald, naked, and have no distinct sex. They have six arms all carrying stone swords. They all move very slowly.

Picture of a cloud tree

Cloud Trees

The Cloud Trees are safe entities that can be found in The Promised Land, the leaves of those trees are made of some sort of clouds. The Cloud Trees are safe and cannot cause harm by themself. They are from 3 to 10 meters high with dark, sometimes gray wood. We do not know if this wood can be used for construction. Those trees somehow cannot die from old age.


Cloud Fruit

The fruits that products the Trees are all edible. The taste of those fruits is said to be very sweet, they are also fresh and juicy. It is of the same size as an apple, 1 Cloud Tree will produce from 10 to 20 fruits in one week. If the fruits are not collected after one week, they will evaporate. However, if they are collected they will not rot. They are also incredibly light for their size (30g) but it does not affect their great energy intake (200 calories per fruit).


Juice can be made out of those fruits, a bottle of 1l will weigh 100g for 1000 calories. It has the same taste as the fruit but it's liquid. The juice is white.

The Temple Guard

This information should be taken with a grain of salt, as Level 46.2 has not been fully confirmed to exist. Reportedly, this is an entity located in Level 46.2. The Temple Guard is a group of seemingly human entities at first glance, but they are extremely dangerous if you get too close. Once a Wanderer comes within 3 meters of a Temple Guard, the Temple Guard will suddenly shed its skin to reveal a creature not too dissimilar to a Hound, except with many more appendages from its chest and back. Temple Guards have been seen running at speeds of over 65kph, so an encounter with one is fatal. No known pictures of Temple Guards have been found, due to the Temple Guard's deadliness.

The Lookout

This is an entity native to Level 45.1. The Lookout is a similar entity to The Neighborhood Watch, being a large eye. However, unlike The Neighborhood Watch, it also has a set of large legs and claws it uses to crawl around, searching for victims. Once you pass within 10 kilometers of the entry point of Level 45.1, The Lookout will become active and begin actively seeking out your location. if you are found by one of The Lookouts, it will reveal a large set of claws to swiftly kill you.

The Hunter

The Hunter

The Hunter appears to be a large humanoid entity who is an aggressive, unrelenting taxidermist living in the wilderness of Level 311, the Hunter not only kills other entities and wildlife but also people unlucky enough to get caught in his traps or cross paths with him, just so he can add them to his crude trophy collection.

His most striking feature is the burlap sack used to mask his oversized head: the Hunter has only cut a single large eyehole open for him to see and keeps the mask tied around his neck with a rope to keep it from coming off. The Hunter's face is never seen and it is unknown why the Hunter wears this mask or why he only cut one eyehole open, though it could be possible that he used to be a wanderer who had completely lost all of his remaining sanity and transformed into a Faceling. The Hunter appears to wear a shabby dark green coat, a pair of leather gloves, boots, brown pants, and a brown Gatsby cap atop his head. Mysteriously, cotton stuffing seems to be leaking out of various rips on his coat, most notably on his right shoulder and around his waist. It is never explained why the Hunter is leaking cotton wool, but it may be linked to his fascination for taxidermy. He is always armed with a large, double-barrel shotgun and a lantern-style flashlight whenever he is out on a hunt.

The Teacher

this entity is a tall woman who is extremely malnourished and is exclusive to level 812. she will force you to answer math questions, which you must do within a 5-minute limit. when the 5 minutes is up, she will count to 10 slowly in a harsh and robotic voice, and then put you in detention.


Stairs is the most dangerous enemy on Level 1807. But, walking up the stairs is required to beat the Level. If you are too loud, Stairs will notice. Your best chance of survival is to run to the second floor of Level 1807. If you run to the first floor, you could take too long and Stairs will have the chance to open up fully and swallow you whole. What a terrible, terrible way to die. The only Explorer to survive Stairs (and not use the "run" solution) was Explorer #1183, who made it all the way to Level 7718, took the exit to Level 99581, and died because 99581 is the final Level, if you don't find 1807's code on Levels 77, 990, 1666, and 1804.

Zenith Entities

Remell, The All-Fiddler

  • Not much is known about this god-paralyzing Entity. What little information is available can only be taken with a grain of salt. Remell, the All-Fiddler, resides in Level 69 where he spends most of his timeless days gawking at the questionable stimulus and engaging in role-play more horrendous than his figure.

Tanner, The Coder

  • Only 4 people have seen this entity and lived to tell the tale. According to one report, Tanner is the CEO of a multiversal company called Uni-Multiversal Incorporated. He founded this company eons ago, to help out other universes/our universe with any reality breaches. He has claimed to have created The Backrooms simply because of his curiosity about how far the human mind can be pushed to it' limits. It is said that he has developed them solely by using machinery and computers that could ultimately alter the scale and fabric of physics and reality.
  • Some say that Tanner also added the entities, and gave them sentience, as well as the ability to only be perceived by a human mind that has mentally succumbed to the psychological dangers and tortures the backrooms emanates.
  • He only ever visits the backrooms himself to see if an entity is programmed and works the way it wants it to.
  • His two best workers are Edith and Neo and are often fondly mentioned by Tanner.
  • His ultimate goal of coding and creating the backrooms is to test his limits with his World-Altering-Code-System, also known as WACS.
  • According to Tanner, the entry points randomly spawn and de-spawn across the Earth, he messed up something in the code and now he no longer can control the sudden appearance and disappearance of them.
  • The only reason 4 people have lived after an encounter with Tanner, is because of the other insane human inhabitants seeing Tanner as food, and attempting to harm him.
  • Tanner can be generally and genuinely helpful to humans he encounters during test runs, he doesn't give exact directions to exits because he wants to have more players in the backrooms.
  • If by any chance Tanner considers you a special human being to him, he is rumored to give you a console key and directions to the nearest console panel.

Boss Entities

  • Each confirmed level (except for Level 6 is home to exactly one Boss Entity.
  • Boss Entities are typically extremely dangerous, and may or may not be incredibly hostile. Their defining characteristics are their uniqueness, occurring only once per level, as well as their resistance to all forms of attack.

    A photo of the inside of a Boss Entity. Photographer presumed dead.

Smiles and Rainbows

  • The type of Boss Entity known as a Smiles and Rainbows appears as enormous, omnivorous creatures that resemble the inside of a human’s mouth and esophagus.
  • The ”skin” of a Smiles and Rainbows is rough and scaly, despite having the appearance of smooth, soft flesh, while the ”teeth“ of a Smiles and Rainbows have the same texture and appearance as human teeth, except enlarged by several magnitudes.
  • The exact length of a Smiles and Rainbows is unknown, although it is presumed to be infinite, as the ”esophagus” of a Smiles and Rainbows stretches on and on, and all that traverse into a Smiles and Rainbows soon perish before they reach the end. The height of a Smiles and Rainbows is consistent, at 15 feet high.
  • A Smiles and Rainbows occasionally use their numerous sets of vocal cords to produce sounds similar to those of drums. These sounds can be used to locate Smiles and Rainbows to attempt to avoid or come into contact with one.
  • A Smiles and Rainbows consumes the walls of the Backrooms for nutrients as well as the entities and furniture within. and travels in a line, devouring all it comes into contact with, turning Smiles and Rainbows into deadly walls of destruction, consuming all it comes into contact with.
  • The gum flesh of a Smiles and Rainbows is edible, but the flesh of the esophagus is coated with acid that melts through the skin of those that try to harvest it, travel through it, or eat it.
  • ”It is glorious. We shall become one with our mother, and feed her, for we have fed from her.“

Pyramid Head

The Pyramid Head

The Red Pyramid Thing, better known as The Pyramid Head, is a recurring mysterious entity found in the Backrooms. It has been reported that there are only two Pyramid Heads in the Backrooms.

The Pyramid Head appears to be an overtly masculine humanoid who takes an appearance similar to the executioners of the town's cult, with a red rusted pyramid-shaped helmet over his head, donning a butcher's robe, leather boots, and white executioner's gloves. There is a mark on the back of his garment where the cloth is stitched together. The Pyramid Head wields the Great Knife, a gigantic sword/cleaver that he uses as a weapon.

The Pyramid Head is capable of stabbing his great knife into the ground and rushes forward a medium distance. From the ground where the great knife was stabbed and dragged through rises infernal wooden planks and barbed wire emanating red demonic energy. If anyone is hit by or touches the infernal contraption, they take damage but more importantly have an infernal poison effect on them which will slowly inflict damage to them over a while. Despite his hulking size, he is still able to chase down and rapidly attack any nearby explorers by swinging his sword towards them. He can easily catch up to his victims with a quick dash with his sword which inflicts great damage on the target. However, if the player is near them, they will stand in place and use their long-ranged stun attack by stabbing his sword to the ground and do a ground pound attack which traps nearby explorers inside a rusted metallic cage for a short period, allowing him and other entities of the Backrooms to attack them. The Pyramid Head will occasionally teleport towards the location of his victims to catch up with them quickly during a chase. Sometimes, the Pyramid Head will also unleash a glowing barbed projectile by stabbing his sword to the ground, which will automatically slow down anyone when hit.


The Pyramid Head is absolutely relentless and highly persistent, being one of the only entities that are fully capable of tracking down and following the exact location and footsteps of nearby explorers looking to kill, even if they manage to progress through the multiple areas of Backrooms from level to level.

The Party Rocker

As of the latest exploration, a new boss entity has been found at the center. He has been dubbed "The Party Rocker," and appears to be the leader of the Party Animals. He is extremely aggressive and will flex his dominance over anything he sees fit. He takes the appearance of a large muscular daemon lord, wearing a tattered obey hat, dirty sunglasses, and always has a joint of weed in his mouth. He carries a whip dubbed "The Party Starter," because whenever he wants to raid, he whips it in the air

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are recurring “mini-boss” entities that can be encountered on any level throughout the Backrooms. It is an infamous group consisting of seven incredibly deadly entities known for representing the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins. It is rumored that the Seven Deadly Sins all received their abilities from an infernal power, either having been given their powers by demons or are demons themselves.

Here are every single personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins:


Envy appears to be a floating snake-like humanoid entity with dark-green skin, a wide frowning mask covering his face, and elongated arms with sharp claws. Envy possesses the unique ability to copy the appearance, movement, and abilities of his enemies, giving him a much higher advantage during fights against him. When he reaches low health, he will immediately split into two smaller, faster-moving versions of himself that have less health. These smaller versions can split into two again.


Gluttony appears to be an incredibly obese, crawling abomination with rather pale, orangish skin, and his stomach is seemingly made out of corpses combined into one. He can paralyze foes with the venomous spray emitted from his extremely largemouth and uses his long tongue to steal precious items and other equipment from his victims. He can also shoot a laser-like barrage of acidic blood from his stomach and swallow victims whole, digest them within his body, and then regurgitate them as his brainwashed servants who then will fight alongside him.


Greed appears to be a tall, shadowy silhouette with glowing purple eyes, who is wearing a fez with a golden Eye of Horus symbol on it, glasses, a purple scarf around his neck, a formal attire consisting of a blue striped trench coat with a dark-blue tie with yellow currency symbols all over, a red and gray undershirt, along with long blue pants as well as black and white dress shoes. He is always seen holding a cane in his right hand. He can drug his victims with a substance that causes them to hallucinate fake versions of himself, shoot three projectiles from his cane that will automatically drain his victims’ remaining money from their inventory and transfer it to himself when hit, and will occasionally summon smaller, robotic versions of himself.


Lust appears to be a yellow humanoid with four legs, a split face, and has a feminine-looking appearance, who is infected with some contagious virus. She will chase her victims around the Backrooms at high speed, attempting to infect them with her deadly, flesh-eating virus. She also can release the virus in the form of a cloud of dark-gray gas surrounding her at will from her body. Any living thing that got caught by the virus is immediately infected. The virus rapidly multiplies within the victim's body, overrides their metabolic functions, and makes them rot from the inside.


Pride appears to be a glowing purple, cyclops-like humanoid with a grinning smile filled with a set of sharp teeth, and several CCTV cameras surrounding his shoulders. has exceptional vision and can immediately recognize and identify any target within her range of sight. He collects the heads of those he has defeated and uses them as ammunition for the railgun which is attached to his stomach. He can spawn and remotely detonate four bombs in random sections of the room. He fires a stream of non-homing projectiles, or three homing projectiles in quick succession, a slow grenade-like projectile, or devastating wave-like laser beams from himself. He also can teleport throughout the levels of the Backrooms.


Sloth appears to be a grey, sloth-like creature with pillows strapped on both sides of his head, sitting on a mechanical jetpack-like throne. He hurls projectiles consisting of bones, trash, and other garbage from his mouth, and summons other entities to fight for him.


Wrath appears to be a muscular red humanoid made out of human corpses fused together, wearing a burnt gray hoodie covered in flesh, organs, and other viscera, and limbs sticking out of his shoulders. He suffers from poor vision. However, this had led to him developing a supreme sense of hearing. Wrath lets out a yell and uses the vibrations of the sound waves produced to determine where things are around him. He attacks by throwing bombs at his foes. Also, he pulls out the dead bodies of those he has murdered throughout the Backrooms, and swings them or throws them as weapons. Wrath is extremely powerful and capable in combat.


One of the many drawings that the member tried to draw for this entity.. at least they tried..

This entity can be found on [2]Level C0RRUPT10N.. (pretty ironic they named this entity after the level..)


The C0RRUPT10N is was a blob of black goo that melts anything or anyone that comes in contact with it. It instantly shifts its form to grotesque and terrifying beings such as a distorted male figure whose flesh is slowly being melted off due to being constantly drenched with its own goo. Anyone that comes in contact with the goo and manages to survive from it, will experience a couple of things such as black veins being spread all across from the part that came in contact with the goo and to other places of the body. These veins are as painful as a needle being stabbed into you constantly. This phase will make your sanity dropped 5X faster than anything else that affects it. The second phase would be that the 'infected' would then start to feel slight lightheadedness and the need to rest more often. Resting would only speed up the process of the veins spreading which would lower your sanity as much as it normally does when you don't get enough sleep. The third phase would be that the veins then break open, covering the 'infected' with the same black goo that they survived from. Slowly breaking down the 'infected' until they are nothing but a puddle of black goo on the ground. After an hour has passed, the puddle then would animate and take the form of the 'infected' only that this version would be entirely made out of the black goo that killed them. These entities that posed as the 'infected' are very hostile and will try to 'infect' others if not taken care of. There is a way to treat the 'infection' before it hits the third phase but you may need to use up to 3 bottles of super almond water to propper eradicate it from the 'infected'. The reanimated 'infected' ones will all keep saying the phrases "Yo u a re a ll b li nde d wi th t h e si g ht o f t he m or ta ls" "H E wi ll h e lp y o u se e w it h HI S C U RE". If nobody is viewing the reanimated 'infected' one after being reanimated, they will cease to exist within the level they were in. nobody truly knows what this C0RRUPT10N entity truly looks like.. one of the members tried to draw it from memory. There is another entity within the same level with this one that goes by the name of "Chrome" which would give whoever stumbles upon his hiding place a custom mask. This mask however can protect whoever wears it from multiple entities on other levels. The C0RRUPT10N is seemingly terrified of it and will slowly sliver away from you. The mask only protects you when you are wearing it so keep it safe and dry due to it being only made of paper mache with pieces of material and fabric stuck on it. Chrome is a docile entity that is always willing to help anyone that finds him. Chrome can appear in multiple other levels such as level 1 and etc.


  • Try to find Chrome and ask for a mask.
  • Stock up on super almond water just in case
  • Avoid the black goo puddles at all costs.
  • Make Chrome your enemy (trust me.. You really don't want him to be your foe).
  • Come in contact with the black goo.


Do not trust anything that has been altered with.. (If words have spaces where there shouldn't be then don't trust them)

let them find you..


Tijaro is an entity who is viewed as a god by a colony in level 572, he has a hatred for partygoers and is pleased if one is brought to him or if one is murdered, he often rewards this behavior with gifts and abilities, from things such as Almond Water, Enhanced strength, and maybe even the ability to go to certain levels at will.


  • Give offerings and compliments.
  • Run away if he's in a rage state.


  • Don't hurt him, unless you're sure you can kill him. (in that case you should consider your IQ)

Attempt to get him to his rage state, because then he becomes almost unstoppable unless you can get to level 3 and/or kill him.

Bosses of Level 1806

All bosses on Level 1806 kill the player on touch. These bosses include: Smiling_Winner, Wraith, and A43. The only way to progress past their Sections is by defeating them, using either: a sword (Smiling_Winner and Wraith), or a gun (A43).

Murder Rex

A horrific depiction of a Murder Rex, with gore around it’s body

The recently discovered "Rex" specimen

This extremely-bloodthirsty theropod dinosaur can kill you easily on sight and can grow up to a huge 10 meters in length. It can be found rarely on Level Primal. Despite it’s name, it is not a type of Tyrannosaurus rex, as it has 3 fingers and a more narrow jaw. Though it’s quite large, it can run as fast as 35 miles per hour, making it a very dangerous danger, as these dinosaurs kill lots of people who encounter it every year. It is the top predator of Level Primal, after the even larger, more terrifying Water Monster of Level Primal, which is still yet to be named.

In July the 1st of 2021, Bigmikail2009 and his colony found a new fossil of a relatively complete male Murder Rex. They called it "Rexy". His size is currently estimated to be 10 meters or more and probably 25 years old when he died. He will be displayed at the Rex - Monster of the Past exhibition at The Backrooms Museum of Level 11.

The terrifying roar of the Murder Rex

The Water Monster of Level Primal

This massive pliosaur lurks in the lakes, swamps, rivers and other bodies of water of Level Primal. As it is still a mystery, it is yet to be named a proper name, just like the lighter thing on level 7. No one is sure about it’s gigantic proportions, as sightings are extremely rare, but the largest estimates are around 2 miles long, much larger than the tallest building yet, the still-under-development Jeddah Tower of Saudi Arabia, making it one of the largest entities in the backrooms. You can sometimes see it breaching over the water for air, which makes it look like an aquatic Godzilla. It will devour anything in it’s path, even objects that aren’t edible to other living things. It can also jump onto the coastline to grab another smaller entity for lunch, just like what an orca does to a seal.

Moth Man

A drawing of a survivor of the moth man (only 4 survive his wrath)

Although small and not real big

when it fights you will think its rig

dodge and miss and never lands

you will soon lose your hands

once you see him run, run , run

But will never escape his fun, fun, fun

friends and allies with all death moths

he will make you rot till time goes forth

he will feast on your dead body

that will make him quite rowdy

A recording of sound that might be from the water monster taken from a hydrophone

Joke Entities


Habitat: Level 1050, Level 1060.1

A sighting of the Stella entity

This is a golden doodle dog that can be found wandering around on those levels. Stella will attack any to attack her so keep caution if finding this entity. Otherwise, this is just another entity to make the backrooms a little more lore and such. This “dog” does not age and she needs food and water regularly to survive. (Although she does not need help with that)

Give the dog treats and there's a small chance you will be teleported back to the Frontrooms (or the real world).

Le dog

  • Le dog

    The dog is a female black and white Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix that is rarely, if ever seen in any civilized floor. It is a slightly hostile entity upon meeting it for the first time. After it gets used to you, (2 hours worth of time near it and not harming it.(1 hour if you play with it)) it will look at you and walk in a direction implying that you come with it. After walking for about 5 minutes, it will look back at you and walk to a fluffy pillow that she uses as a bed. It will proceed to sleep for 5 hours. If you guard it for the entire time it sleeps, it will wake up and keep on moving. After 5 minutes of walking, it will lead to a suburban area that has a bunch of people in houses in it. It will walk to a bright pink house and go inside. Highly recommended to follow it. Once inside, it resembles a normal house with food, almond water, and weapons. It will then consider you as it's owner. If somehow house is attacked, (highly unlikely) it summons about 100 dogs to attack the enemy. Dogs multiply depending how many enemies there are and how strong it is. Dogs are immune immortal to any attack. After enemy is gone, they all go back to respected houses. If you attack it, it will run away and leave you forever. After it runs away, entire suburb area disappears with it.

A Hatzegopteryx eating a Partygoer

Level REDACTED "Entities

The Tranquil Watcher

A photographer’s last moments

Shadows grow so long before my eyes

And they're moving across the page

Suddenly the day turns into night

Far away from the city

Don't hesitate

'Cause your love won't wait

Ooh baby I love your way

Want to tell you I love your way

Want to be with you night and day

Moon appears to shine and light the sky

With the help of some firefly

Wonder how they have the power to shine, shine, shine

I can see them under the pine

Don't hesitate

Cause your love won't wait

Ooh baby I love your way

Want to tell you I love your way

Want to be with you night and day

Well don't hesitate

Cause your love won't wait

I can see the sunset in your eyes

Brown and gray, blue besides

Clouds are stalking islands in the sun

I wish I could buy one

Out of season

Don't hesitate

Cause your love won't wait

Ooh baby I love your way

Want to tell you I love your way

Want to be with you night and dayShadows grow so long before my eyes

And they're moving across the page

Suddenly the day turns into night

Far away from the city

Don't hesitate

'Cause your love won't wait

Ooh baby I love your way

Want to tell you I love your way

Want to be with you night and day

Moon appears to shine and light the sky

With the help of some firefly

Wonder how they have the power to shine, shine, shine

I can see them under the pine

Don't hesitate

Cause your love won't wait

Ooh baby I love your way

Want to tell you I love your way

Want to be with you night and day

Well don't hesitate

Cause your love won't wait

I can see the sunset in your eyes

Brown and gray, blue besides

Clouds are stalking islands in the sun

I wish I could buy one

Out of season

Don't hesitate

Cause your love won't wait

Ooh baby I love your way

Want to tell you I love your way

Want to be with you night and day

The Shadow Walker

A yet to be confirmed beast of the backrooms. {artists rendition}

they can be found on any level lurking in the darkness, may originate from level 6 where they more commonly spawn/manifest , may originate unlucky explorers who failed to find a way out and who got consumed by the darkness the where trying to escape, they hate the light and try to avoid it, they have long claws made of an unknown material and feast on the flesh of travelers and other weak entities, really tall and when filmed or photographed can only have there teeth and eyes visible, their eyes and mouth glow white, they are unknown in gender and no one knows if they can speak, they mainly grunt and groan and let out an ear-piercing screech when they have spotted prey and will chase after then until prey has been torn apart and eaten or if the prey has escaped into another level or entered an illuminated area, they can move up to really high speeds with out rest, but if they get tired they only rest up to 30 minutes to an hour and have really good hearing, when trying to avoid them you want to be quite, even the slightest of noise will alert them and wake them up, it is unknow if they can reproduce dew to the lack of gender defining bits but smaller young ones have been seen, they age into adult hood in a matter of days {3 to be exact} and the young sleep for 1 to 2 hours, the young shadow walkers when found alone may imprint on a traveler and will protect them so they are very good bodyguards after they mature, the young are weak and are protected by their parent{s}, but if found alone can be helpless, but don't underestimate them, if one feels threatened it will cry and alert the rest of the pack, at that point your as good as dead unless you can stop it before the pack arrives in 1 minute after it begins crying, the elder shadow walkers are rare to find, manly because after awhile after the normal shadow walkers become elderly, they disintegrate into darkness and a new young one appears, if they do reproduce, ether normally or asexually, is speculated gestation takes up to 5 to 10 minutes but researchers are killed soon after spotting a pregnant one so this is again, just speculation

Busy Men

Unknown artist's rendition of a Busy Man.

The Busy Men are human-like entities who wander almost every level. They appear to be humans of varying skin color, long, giraffe-esque necks that can get as long as 6 feet. They have slender bodies, have white eyes with glasses, they wear business suits of varying color, along with a long red or blue necktie. They are friendly and can guide people around the Backrooms, but become verry aggresive if you take their glasses. According to urban legend, they were once humans.


Ravagers are small and black mechanical entities that grow on the walls on the backrooms. However some have been seen in City levels. Usually growing on dilapidated electronics or co-existing with The Infected (Entity 1143). They are surrounded by their hydraulic lines and hydraulic adapters that root them into the wall and cannot move.

Picture of the lower parts of one of the biggest lairs (Located on Level 5002). Showing one of the Ravager eyes along with an unknown set of wires. Image was captured by Drone MD-13 (Owl) before contact was suddenly lost. (Presumably by Autocannon fire)

One thing of importance is to not allow them to be in the vicinity of Flashlights, Smartphones, or Weapons as they possess an airborne electronic pathogen that defuses from their red LED eyes. Failing to avoid them while holding these items will turn the affected item into an active Ravager. The active Ravager will then attempt to kill the person who was wielding the item in question. However, In rare cases the active Ravager will disappear using an unknown type of light refracting device that renders them invisible for a few minutes. They are highly aggressive towards non-organic sentient beings (I.E Counter Entities) as they act on instinct to kill and control these types of creatures

In some of the bigger Ravager strongholds (I.E Ravager's Foothold. One of the biggest. Presumed to be infinite in size) they have high-powered weapons (Mainly Autocannons) that can tear apart anything that strolls into their lair with great efficiency. It is best advised to avoid these types of strongholds at all costs as nothing has ever returned from these types of strongholds alive.

Smaller strongholds possess great rewards as the active Ravagers usually gather supplies to build weapons but haven't had time to use the supplies to make them. Caution is advised in raiding these spots however as they are still probably lurking around the place or setting up for an ambush.

Incident 9/28/21

On Level ∝ during a sweep of the airport. A massive dark-skinned humanoid (Presumably 60 meters in height) with black tendrils was discovered off in the void. Looking at the people who were at the airport with it's many red eyes on it's body. Gazing back at it brought upon madness and everyone at the airport killed each other during the time it stood there. Hours later it walked back through the mist and vanished. Nobody knows what this creature was, But it could have something to do with the Ravagers.

Kermitrobot entities

Kermitrobot entities are entities made by Kermitrobot


Potatomen are creatures that look like potatos with stickman legs and stickman arms. Potatomen are unknown and they jump on people and then eat them. Potatomen only live in Level 7777777777.