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You can put your name in any slot if you fit the criteria.


Extrem9352 MetaGang, Ortherner, Egglord1, Icosi, Fjv137accountlol, Space-Lover999, Dumbo49, King Kackers, TheDeadly1, Yaboi227, Inception/ Diamond Strive , FreeBurgers100,Welpmaker6000,Michaeli11 Urcookies, NotAProGamerWasTaken, GlitchyCactus, Chrome123321, Memergod2002, Nixelk, alex codex, DarkMatterWorId, Orangeuwu <(femboy prob), Felipe46109, AlbertTheScout, SeriousNick, Comrade Poor, ToraXqueS, Infinite Explorer, wackyyyyyyy, Robloxtale_Nub, OGominho, Drminjak, Cgc201185, Just A Guy Here. , CroppedRubbish, CAMERATAKEN3, CaveExplorer3, PennyPiggy1,InfinityNess, LeAlgae, CrazyCreeperKiddo, SLOWPOKE107, amagicmagician GMDyun3, Fire Axus, BurgerQueenThe2nd, Backrooms Enthusiast, Kee Ellis, Cloud94748, MikeTurret, ILoveLevelFUN, PaulyHorror, TornadoAltar1, RobloxFanMan, PerJoTheOcCreator, Pepesa, Omart2009, CreepyCaleb, Callmeogandshutup, Imadgalaxyx, BrodyTheMarshmallowYt, SlopeTime, Peter Rudolf, MekhiX13, S.A.M, Draconia641New, alexintheveres3,ineedgmod4 (I didn't forget..) Colorplayslol EX-0980 manygribbleston Partygoers, geodapro, Chippery, TheSusmanYum Lol 76b21 , Toaster2 (j), Jiggyleaves930, NIEQ2019, vcvrpj,very creative naem, yesandyes1, Ohgerald, NotCodyGamer, BillScratch, MikviPL, Sylas the Writer, Potato Head69420, DaRealpotatolord, King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not), Hugothere3, CSX666, Jp0286, Haci9552,BrokenArrowRBLXXX, Nougsoc ,AlsoForkiet, Kermitrobot, CensorBar, SuSsy BakA, BuilderBoi2341


Backroomshuman, Snipee, Bronxxxx, Wooloothesquid, starlixee, Masha Griffin, areal [she has anger problems],Unknown Stars08933, Kidaloa, Minorae, UnknownWater, Weeferwafer, Rosellia Teh Hybrid

Prefer Not To Say, Transgender or Non-Binary

AidenGreeny (Prefer not to say), RANdom FOXES (Prefer not to say), CSX668 (Prefer not to say) Nixelk (Prefer not to say) idontcare568 (Perfer not to say) RealityRiftCreator (Prefer not to say), Blubyrd (Prefer not to say), some random guy that joined (Prefer not to say), Callmeogandshutup (Transgender) GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings (Prefer not to to say =)) Randomuser66 (asexual, i don't want to reproduce lol) a particular fox (prefer not to say), LolCatYoutube (Non-Binary), Raindowdoge959595 (prefer not to say), Specifix (prefer not to say tbh), Entity306 (Agender/NonBinary)

Favorite Color

CensorBar: Pink or Black

Extrem9352: Green or Bright Blue

MetaGang: Blue

NIEQ2019: White or green

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : Red =D

Ortherner: Rainbow

Icosi: Silver

Randomuser66: Black


King kacker: crimson red

Space-Lover999: Magenta

Egglord1: Magenta Blue

AidenGreeny: Green

Urcookies: Red

ToraXqueS:Vivid Colors

Gmdyun3: Neon Orange

Chrome123321: I would choose rainbow most of the time but my favourite colour is.... find out yourself :D

Inception/Diamond Strive: Green

Bronxxxx: Yellow

Wooloothesquid: Pink and Black

RANdom FOXES: Green

CSX666: Lime green

Snipee: Red

Michaeli11: Cyan (green-ish blue)

Magnetite_Beret: Black

alex codex:many

Memergod2002: Lime

DarkMatterWorId: Turqiouse (did i spell it wrong)? (—- spelled correctly,no worries

FreeBurgers100: Blue

wackyland: Blue

Orangeuwu: Orange, how could you guess?

Felipe46109: Negative Purple

starlixee: purple and pastel yellow

AlbertTheScout: Orange

SeriousNick: Orange

idontcare568: Purple

Robloxtale nub: Yellow

Comrade Poor: Olive

RealityRiftCreator : Deep Space Sparkle ( the green one , not the shitty crayola one )

OGominho: Violet


Drminjak: Dark green

Cgc201185: Lime

CroppedRubbish: Blue


Golden scoot1: Neon Black

InfinityNess: Purple

BETATESTER1000000 - Literally EVERY COLOR.


Masha Griffin - light green or maybe black i suppose.

SLOWPOKE107 I literally do not know

amagicmagician idk

Fire Axus: orange

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Deep/Galaxy Purple

Kee Ellis - Maroon

Blubyrd - Color.

ILoveLevelFUN - e

TornadoAltar1 - Neon Cyan (the color above me

RobloxFanMan - Red And Blue

PerJoTheOcCreator: Either Magenta of #AAFFAA

Arealweirdgirl - Hot pink

CreepyCaleb: Periwinkle

Omart2009 - Red

Callmeogandshutup - Light blue or Cyan

Imadgalaxyx - Green

BTMYT - Tangerine

Unknown Stars08933: It's either gold or a dark red

some random guy that joined: fence but electricity blue

SlopeTime - White

Draconia641New - Blue, red, black n white.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Red

mannygribblestron: blue

Partygoers - Purple

Geodapro - black, white, and yellow.

Just A Guy Here. - YELLOW, AND BLUE BOIS AND GALS!!!!!!!

TheSusmanYum: Yellow And White!!!!!!!

Minorae: yellow B)

a particular fox: purple

Cloud94748: Blue, or Silver. I don't fucking know.

Chippery: orange

bftuthomas: blood red

76b21: Grey

Toaster2: Blue

Jiggyleaves930: Red

yesandyes1: pink

Ohgerald: black and red

UnknownWater: red, green and yellow

JuiceyOrangMang : Burnt-Orange, Crimson

MikviPl: Dark green, Light blue

BillScratch: Blue for smartios

Sylaslolllll/Sylas, the Writer: Purple and gold. They art colours of grace, elegance, autocracy, and beauty. God bless them.

Potato Head69420: Orange

DaRealpotatolord: Red.

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not) Red, orange, and purple

Raindowdoge959595: Purple, Black, Cyan

Jp0286- Sky blue/ Cyan

Specifix: Sunset Orange / Yellow

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Dark Blue/Light Orange

Entity306- Neon Colors

AlsoForkiet: Red,Cyan (imposter color omg)

Kermitrobot: Lime (Very Light Green)

CSX668: e4000f, 4cbb17

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Mint and White, any pastel color

BuilderBoi2341: blue is cool

Able To Ride A Bike

CensorBar: self-taught, so hah

Extrem9352: Yeah, i learned that when i was 4

NIEQ2019: Yeah.. i guess?

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : Yes. I can do 1 wheel bike even im 8.

NotCodyGamer: i do simple stunts

PerJoTheOcCreator: Nope

Egglord1: Of course who can't ride a bike lmao

Cloud94748: Kind of.

Icosi: No

GMDYun3: when Dave hates chips

CAMERATAKEN3: Does a scooter count?

Robloxtale nub: :l

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Average I guess

Welpmaker6000:average biker

King kacker: nope!

Diamond Strive / Inception : Hell yeah

Space-Lover999: Needs assistance.

Cobalt.Ink: Average

thegoodpartygoer: average

AidenGreeny: Needs assistance

Chrome123321: I tried once..... and gained a couple of bruises after so to answer that.. no D:

Urcookies: nope.

ToraXqueS:Bruh(Too Lazy Played Too Much Video Games, Did Not Have Enough Time)

Bronxxxx: *fill this in*

Wooloothesquid: oof no

RANdom FOXES: fairly well

CSX668: n0

GlitchyCactus: Haha yes

Michaeli11: nope, oof.

Backroomshuman: VERY well.

Snipee: Yes

BillScratch: Lol I could barely get on a bike but I can ride it lol ez

alex codex:nah fam, I definitely could die if I use a bike

Memergod2002: Of course

WillyFNATI2020: There's a reason fathers exist.

DarkMatterWorId: Yes i can.

starlixee: uhm yes

FreeBurgers100: no

wakcylnad: yes im the greatest biker in the land

Orangeuwu: funny bike go swoosh ding ding sometimes crash

Felipe46109: yes, but actualy no

AlbertTheScout: No

SeriousNick: yea;

idontcare568: No

Comrade Poor: No,by all means.

RealityRiftCreator : depends

OGominho: eh, pretty average

Drminjak: Yes


CroppedRubbish: meh

InfinityNess: N O

LeAlgae - I have NO IDEA.

CrazyCreeperKiddo - YES I CAN, I ACTUALLY

yesandyes1 - yeah,

Ohgerald: kinda no but also yes

MikviPl: Yes

Sylaslolllllll: Yes, that's easy

Kermitrobot: Yes

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Yes lolololol


BillScratch: SHUT I WIN

Alexintheveres3: Why would you ask that!?

Masha Griffin: i can ride a bike, (due to being forced by my parents at a young age), scooter, and at the moment learning skateboarding.

SLOWPOKE107 Yes and why do so much people here not know how to ride a bike

amagicmagician yes

BurgerQueenThe2nd - I can, and I like to play Gas Gas Gas on my phone whilst I do :)

Fire Axus:

Kee Ellis: yes (that was a lie)

Blubyrd: yes. please learn it's literally so easy.

ILoveLevelFUN - no

TornadoAltar1 - nope :(

RobloxFanMan - Only With Stabilizers

n o - arealweirdgirl

CreepyCaleb: Yes.

Omart2009 - Yes

Callmeogandshutup - no 🤩💢

Imadgalaxyx - No

BTMYT - no

Unknown Stars:Yes

some random guy that joined: god dam non't

Draconia641New - God biker.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - No

EX-0980 - Nope.

mannygribbleston: yes

Partygoers - no

Geodapro - no

Just A Guy Here. - I Surprisingly can't : |

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: One of my hobbies, I've gotten pretty good at it

Minorae: i can, but if it wasn't for my friend i wouldn't know

A particular fox: yes, but I don't really need to.

Chippery: no lol

bftuthomas: starting to but no

TheusmanYum Lol: YES!!!

76b21: I used to but it was a while since so...

Toaster2: no

Jiggyleaves930: so much no.

vcvrpj: *Fall from the bike and dies*



13232ljkop: ok haha yes

Potato Head69420: yea i just dont ride it

DaRealpotatolord: I used to, that is until I smashed my leg into a metal pole.

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not) sadly not

Raindowdoge959595: Nope, I use to but I hit a tree

Jp0286- Well, who doesn’t (YES OF Course)

Specifix: Yea.

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-N O P E

Entity306- NOPE 👎

Nougsoc- Yes

AlsoForkiet: DNK (Do not know)

Kermitrobot: What?

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Yes,im faster than him

BuilderBoi2341: never have been

What Sports Do You Play

CensorBar: Swimming and Baseball, I'm also goalie for football i guess

BillScratch: i run, i liek basketball, i liek swim ok dats it now shut

NIEQ2019: soccer, basketball, well basketball in videogames bcuz im too short and other sports

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : Swimming, rickrolling (nani)

PerJoTheOcCreator: Swimming but not competitively

Cloud94748: No.

Icosi: Cross Country, Track, Soccer, Boxing, MMA, Roller Skating, Ice Skating, Roller Blading, and a few others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

Inception / Damond Strive : Cross Contry , E-sport , soccer , wii ,skiing , swimming

Welpmaker6000:running,biking,and chess.

SlopeTime - Any activity will cause my death.

GMDYun3: N/A

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Used to Do swimming and karate

King kacker: basketball, soccer, volleyball, Track,

Space-Lover999: Fitness.

Cobalt.Ink: Golf, Track.

AidenGreeny: MMA, is coding a sport?

13232ljkop: A little bit like it

Icosi: I know aidengreeny irl and *prefers not to say* does coding like once in every millennium

Urcookies: idk

Chrome123321: I rather not say what sports I like if thats fine /:

ToraXqueS:None, Besides Video Games I Guess.

Bronxxxx: running, fitness, mma

Wooloothesquid: none, unless video games counts

GlitchyCactus: n o

Michaeli11: none. aaaaa

Backroomshuman: Volleyball, biking and boxing (I know, I know.)

alex codex:𝖱 𝖤 𝖫 𝖠 𝖷 𝖨 𝖭 𝖦

Memergod2002: idk man, is sitting around knowing you're a failure a sport?

WillyFNATI2020: Totally not being a Partygoer (sus)


FreeBurgers100: Soccer

wack: soccah

Orangeuwu: i like swimming i guess

Felipe46109: Running

AlbertTheScout: Does excercising count?

idontcare568: DogeBall

Robloxtale nub: is school a sport cuz its hard

Comrade Poor: Swimming and Fencing

OGominho: Football (not american), basketball and handball. Swimming and running sometimes too

Drminjak: Basketball, volleyball

Cgc201185: Prefer not to say

CroppedRubbish: Used to do swimming. It was pretty fun.

InfinityNess: Also used to do swimming.

LeAlgae - Prefer not to say


Masha Griffin: swimming. don't know if skateboarding counts so uh-

SLOWPOKE107 Video games


Kee Ellis: basketball, video games.

Blubyrd: does sitting count?

ILoveLevelFUN - none

TornadoAltar1 - i play the bells if that counts, i used to play Soccer as well

RobloxFanMan - Dodgeball

Arealweirdgirl - kicking cows

Omart2009 - Back in 2019, I played Baseball.

Callmeogandshutup - Boxing, jogging, soccer, and running competition.

Imadgalaxyx - Does walking count as a sport?

BTMYT - none lol

UnknownStars: I'm a gamer

some random guy that joined: doing some ass stuff on my pc

Draconia641New: B i k e

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - No

ZipFromFlingSmash - ew sports

many gribbleston: swin, B I K E, scooter

Partygoers - no

Geodapro - n o

Just A Guy Here. - Soccer.

Minorae: i mean does biking count

A particular fox: whack-the-partygoer

Chippery: Nothing in particular

bftuthomas: N O

76b21: Sparring

Toaster2: j

Jiggyleaves930: no

yesandyes1: B I K E

Ohgerald: none

UnknownWater: Swimming

MikviPl:Taekwondo, volleyball

Sylaslolllllll: I like chess, swimming, martial arts, and professional w r i t i n g .

DaRealpotatolord: I occasionally play football and soccer. Usually I'm a runningback in football, and somewhere on the offense in soccer.

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not) archery, soccer, VIDEOGAMES

Raindowdoge959595, Track/Cross Country

- Jp0286: Karate (Used to play basketball when I was a kid)

Specifix: destroying electronics


Entity306- soccer

Nougsoc- Badminton

Kermitrobot - Football

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: None

BuilderBoi2341: Swimming, Karate and GAMING

Nitro Type Account

Icosi: 5k+ races

RobloxFanMan: RobloxFanManBackroom

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Banana Dragon (I LOVE DRAGONS)

BrokenArrowRBLXXX: SMO66 Is my user

OGominho: Still new

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: I have one not gonna share it here tho

Favorite Movie or/and TV series

CensorBar: I don't really have one but Sonic The Hedgehog I guess.


NIEQ2019:I dont have

NotCodyGamer: Jojo bizzare adventure

infinite explorer: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and TAWOG (The Amazing World Of Gumball)

bruh, i love my life: 2012(2009) and The Office.

A particular fox: shut up

bftuthomas: gru vs bobux man the movie Inception / Diamond Strive: Harry Potter and Brooklyn 99

76b21: Same

RobloxFanMan: Y o u t u b e

Jiggyleaves930: SPONGEBOB!

Cloud94748: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

vcvrpj: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Ohgerald: the anime that has a character named “Cell” in it (aka. Dragon Ball Z)

OGominho: Django Unchained


Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : Idk

Sylaslolllllll: The Promised Neverland, the Flash, Pokemon XY/XYZ

DaRealpotatolord: I do not watch television.

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Wish Dragon, Godzilla Vs Kong, Spongebob, Amazing World of Gumball.

Raindowdoge959595: The Circle, Interstellar/The Martian (Book), Total Drama Island

-Jp0286: None as of now

Specifix : ###### ###### ######## ####

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-The Flash Series,Green Arrow

Entity306- Kakegurui

Nougsoc- The Walking Dead

Kermitrobot - Squid Game

Favorite Games (Activities)

CensorBar: Roblox, I play roblox a LOT. Minecraft, some Pokemon Unite and Mario Kart.

BillScratch: I like roblox and battle cats lol

NIEQ2019: Minecraft, Mario bros, roblox, Genshin Impact, rocket league, tag and way too much others

PerJoTheOcCreator: People Playground

NotCodyGamer: Roblox, TF2(discountinued), minecraft

Icosi: Tag, infection, four square, and a few others

Robloxtale: ROBLOS

Egglord1: Smash, Minecraft, CSGO

GMDYun3: TBOI, FNF, Gears of War 3


Orangeuwu: Roblox (An Unoriginal Universe) and Mario Kart 64

AidenGreeny: Roblox


King kacker: Caputre the flag (football), tag, Roblox (MMG) Minecraft

SlopeTime - Roblox, Minecraft.

Wooloothesquid: Drawing, Video games and Anime

thegoodpartygoer: minecraft(risk of changing to gta 5 because of the "stinky steve" page)

CSX668: Minecraft, Roblox, Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 (USA), and 3

starlixee: =)

Space-Lover999: ROBLOX, Minecraft, Universe Sandbox ².

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Roblox,Minecraft,AMOGUS,Terraria

Snipee: Roblox, Splatoon, FNF, and Enter the Backrooms.

Chrome123321: DDLC, MInecraft, Roblox, The Sim 4, Friday Night Funkin,FNAF and Danganronpa. trust me.. I had way more to put down but I dont want to overwhelm the readers that read this..

Inception / Diamond Strive: Roblox, Minecraft, Wii Sports , Backrooms , Mario

Michaeli11: FNF, Roblox, Minecraft

Backroomshuman: Minecraft

alex codex:uh I like mario

Memergod2002: Minecraft and MAKIN' MEMES

WillyFNATI2020: Roblox, FNF, memes, FNaTI games that include me in it, Partygoers =)

DarkMatterWorId: Building the Backrooms in Blockate, Roblox, going outside for a walk. School (idk if it counts lol), Riding with a Bike.

Felipe46109: Minecraft, Roblox, Portal, Super Liminal, Mario and Sonic

AlbertTheScout: Roblox, Rhythm Heaven series, Henry Stickmin series (rest in peace :c )


Nixelk: Roblox

Idontcare568: Same as Nixlk

Comrade Poor: Roblox,, Zooba, Among us, PAC-MAN 99, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, Happy Printer, Bridge Race,,,,, WorldBox, Join & Clash, Pixel Swordfish, Pile it 3D, and of course Minecraft. (Try liking as much games as me, I dare you.)

OGominho: NBA 2K, Minecraft, Doom 1993, Undertale, Pokémon Emerald and The Sims 4.

Drminjak: Basketball

Cgc201185: Roblox, Danganronpa, Pokemon, Minecraft, Among us, Solar Smash, Team fortress 2, Portal 2, Gta v, Gta iv, Gta san andreas, People playground, Mortal kombat 11, Geometry dash, way too many others. (Challenge accepted, Comrade Poor.)

(Do you even play danganronpa and Pokémon sonny) yes, are you really trying to gatekeep video games? that's just sad

CroppedRubbish: Roblox, The Stanley Parable, Minecraft, any clicker/idle game, and just recently tried Stepmania (I suck at it)

InfinityNess: Roblox, Minecraft, GMod, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, The Perfect Tower 2, Slime Rancher, Etc.

LeAlgae - boblox, CraftMine, amogus, Polygoneer [Anybody play it?], any game that involves procedural generation

Masha Griffin: does youtube count as a game

SLOWPOKE107 Roblox

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Chess, Swimming, Soccer, and sometimes Basketball

Fire Axus: youtubemiecraftbackroomsexploration

Kee Ellis: bf4, mental torture, fnf.

Blubyrd: music composition, vector art

ILoveLevelFUN - Roblox, Minecraft, FNF, GMod, People Playground, and Gorilla Tag

TornadoAltar1 - i can never stay interested in a single video game for over 2 months. Favorite outside type game is Infection

RobloxFanMan - Pokemon GO, Roblox, FNF

Arealweirdgirl - FNF, Roblox,VR

Omart2009 - Main Favorites: Minecraft, FNF Secondary Favorites: Roblox, Among Us

Callmeogandshutup - roblos and geomtry daseh

Imadgalaxyx - Minecraft, Undertale, Universe Sandbox, Pocket Legends, Many other mobile games.


- DragonVale, Minecraft, ROBLOX (Bee Swarm Simulator)

Unknown Stars:Any rp game,Minecraft,Ark:Survival evolved

some random guy that joined: b o b l o x and incremental game ting

Draconia641New - boblox and mi ncreawft

Alexontheveres3: changed, minecraft, roblox And lots more.

Cloud94748: Days Gone, Dying Light, SOMA, Layers of Fear, Minecraft, Don't Starve, Terraria, Just Cause 3, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Portal 2, The Evil Within 2, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Kirby Planet Robobot, The Forest, Dying Light, Just Cause 4, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Partygoers - People Playground, GMOD, Roblox, Minecraft

TheSusmanYum: Minecraft, Undertale, Deltarune, Gmod, ROBLOX.

Geodapro - roblox

Just A Guy Here. - Mindustry, and Minecraft.

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: Dark Souls 1-3 (Haven't gotten Demon Souls yet because I'm on a budget and also it isnt on sale rn), Terraria, Noita, Hollow Knight, Minecraft, Roblox (Specifically on Roblox, Rogue Lineage, Isle, and Vesteria for the most part but I also have unmoderated taser access on Innovation Inc Spaceship so its fun to troll some kids there sometimes)

A particular fox: seeing how many entities I can kill before I get tired/bored. record: 124768736576475684376 entities.

Chippery: TF2, Stellaris, HOI4, EU4, People Playground, Roblox, Terraria, Minecraft, Cities Skylines, Ravenfield, Prison Architect

bftuthomas: boblox

76b21: Terraria

Toaster2: People Playground

Jiggyleaves930: Roblox, Minecraft

Ohgerald: if you hate roblos (and geometry dash) and you think their garbich and chialdish, then get off my 🅱️age, cus all you gonna see here is roblos (and geometry dash), GOoDBYe!!

UnknownWater: Geometry dash, Arknights, Roblox, Minecraft

JuiceyOrangMang : Roblos, This backrooms wiki, and any Madnes Combat seris game

MikviPl:Roblox, osu, minecraft

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : JSAB, Undertale, roblox. animal crossing, and monika game (lol)

13232ljkop - I play this wiki and Scratch, and also FNF

Sylaslolllllll: Roblox, Destiny 1, Destiny 2 (formerly)

DaRealpotatolord: Terraria.

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Minecraft, Terraria, ARK Survival evolved, Anthem, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus.

Raindowdoge959595: Roblox, Minecraft, All Borderlands game, All fallout Games, Cod: ghosts, TF2, Elite: Dangerous (most fav), Ratchet and Clank (i had a Ps2 and played this game so much when i was younger), Plague Inc.

Jp0286: Minecraft, Roblox, Prison architect, The sims 4, Subnautica.

Specifix: Minecraft, Roblox, People Playground,, Universe Sandbox, and SCP: Secret Laboratory.

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Scp:SL,Roblox,Minecraft,Super Mario Maker 2,Undertale/Fangames/AU's

Nougsoc- Minecraft, Half life, Garry's mod, Far cry 5, MW:2019, Titanfall 2

Kermitrobot - Minecraft, Roblox, Battlecats, Undertale And Deltarune

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Roblox,Minecraft. ON XBOX

BuilderBoi2341: Roblox (mostly obbying), TF2, SCP Secret Lab, and Shellshock Live (that's a lot)

Favorite Song

CensorBar: My fav song for a an actual popular songwriter is Save your Tears (AG Remix) and my favorite game music is either Accelerant or Expurgation or maybe Bushwhack.

BillScratch: way back home ig

Haci9552: The Caretaker- Everywhere at the end of time: F1 Drifting Time Misplaced

NIEQ2019: SOOOO - Happppy song, it's a banger man

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: I can't decide so I'll just put pieces/songs that I really like here: Paganini's 5th and 24th caprice, basically the entire Minecraft soundtrack (Including Death but not 11 or 13) Mahler's Symphonies 5 and 3, Dvorak's New World Symphony, basically everything composed by Tchaikovsky, (All from Dark Souls) DS3 Menu Theme, Vordt of the Boreal Valley (“12th World Champion” “International Grandmaster” “Merited Master of Sport of the USSR” “ANATOLY KARPOV!!!”), Iudex Gundyr, Gwyn, Artorias's theme, the Abyss Watcher's theme) The entire Hollow Knight soundtrack, The entire Terraria and Terraria Calamity soundtrack (Including most cut music from 1.2 onwards)

PerJoTheOcCreator: Fallen Down (Toby Fox)

NotCodyGamer: can i put your balls in your jaws

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 :all undertale songs (by toby fox an btw i made the au “NeoTale” kidding my freind made it and i helped :I)

Yayiexist1845: bruh sound effect #2

Egglord1: T Connection - I Like Funkin With You (genuinely good, old ass song that's funky as hell)

CAMERATAKEN3: fart reverb sound effect

Robloxtale nub Roses Fnf Utau version

GMDYun3: Badlands

Orangeuwu: Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon

King kacer: Mr Brightside, Creative Exercise Mario Paint Music 10 hour, diego brando AU BGM eyes of heaven OST

Cobalt.Ink: Super Mario World ending theme

madsushimi: roar of the jungle dragon

Welpmaker6000: Hatsune Miku-Dissapearence (not sure what icosi will think about this)

Icosi: Either or (Not a rickroll I swear) (AidenGreeny: It isn't)

AidenGreeny: Kirbys Return To Dreamland - Vs. Magolor/Under My Control | Link:

ToraXqueS:Plan B Stay Too Long Pendulum Remix

Bronxxxx: You Broke Me First by Tate McRae

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Arabic Nokia Ringtone

Wooloothesquid: Bomb Rush Blush- Splatoon OST

CSX666, bill wurtz - history of japan, bill wurtz - history of the entire world, i guess, Lukas Graham - 7 Years, Jame Benedict - Bruh Sound Effect #2, Undertale OST, Stop The Cap, Heavy is Dead

Space-Lover999: Places - BFB OST

Chrome123321: I just listen to whatever song that comes on the radio during long journeys in the car.. but I would say my favourite song is High Hopes

Snipee: Might Quit, Goodbye to a World, Ruler of Everything

Backroomshuman: The Bidding, Burning pile, sugar crash, etc

alex codex:idk I think “it’s just a burning memory”

Memergod2002: Trypophobia, Lost Sky Fearless, Ruler of Everything and Everywhere at the- what was I doing again?

Cloud94748: Never Met, ALONE, Cigarette Machine, I have too many to list.

Infinite Explorer: fart with extra reverb

Inception / Diamond Strive; Wilbur Soot's your new boyfriend, My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade

subpar maro: AMOGUS sound effect

WillyFNATI2020: Everywhere at The End of Time P1, FNaTI 2020 custom night music, Night 6 FNaTI 2020 music, Partygoer music =)

DarkMatterWorId: cOcOnUt mAlL!!11! and 4 hours of farts lol

wack: among us inrealife usussu

AlbertTheScout: Rocuu - Crystal Dimes, BSS - Pop Star, Hole in Two, Boss Egg Dragoon, WISH - Can't wait for you, etc...

Nixelk: Blammed, Dadbattle [fnf dont judge]

Felipe46109: None

idontcare568: Prefer not to say

Comrade Poor: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Competition, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Doomsday Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Oil Ocean Zone, Tunak Tunak Morshu, Troll face theme, “Then it go fart fart fart,” Thanos beatbox solo, and Madness (FNF Tricky Mod).

RealityRiftCreator : Moon Waltz by Cojum Dip

OGominho: Devil in a New Dress by Kanye West

Drminjak: Badfinger - Baby blue

Cgc201185: Too many

subpar maro: changes every 5 seconds (currently likes undertale last breath music)

CroppedRubbish: Ruler of Everything

InfinityNess: Dubstep and Nuclear Plant Zeta

LeAlgae - i cannot hold it anymore, i just wanna [android ringtone]

Masha Griffin: chattering lack of common sense - by GHOST

SLOWPOKE107: What is youtr favorite subject (english version)

amagicmagician: gironos theme

Fire Axus: Changes every measure

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Gangsta’s Paradise Scream

Kee Ellis: No Chances (21 pilots (yeah that dead band))

Blubyrd: I just finished listening to EATEOT and boy it was amazing, how's that

Julitta czajkowska - R2DA Pumpkinator theme

ILoveLevelFUN - Baby Hotline by Jack Staube

TornadoAltar1 - FNF Roses, Night Mote BFB OST, FNF Guns, BFB OST The Show, ONE OST Spow

RobloxFanMan - FNF Ballistic, Chug Jug With You, FNF Casanova

ARealWeirdgirl - Labyrinth, Chiller

CreepyCaleb: Roblox

Callmeogandshutup - The Caretaker - Everywhere at The End of Time (STAGE 3) - E1 (Back there Benjamin)

MikeTurret:too many

BTMYT - Shield Maiden by F-777

Unknown Stars: Play with fire-Sam Tinnesz,The Mind Electric-The Miracle Musical,The ruler of everything-Tally Hall and many more

some random guy that joined: to alot

SlopeTime - Rick Roll

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Roblox, Minecraft, Among us (sometimes)

Partygoers - Welcome To The Internet

Geodapro -

Just A Guy Here. - It depends on what song I hear.

CreepyCaleb - Îndarna by John Quijada

TheSusmanYum - Undertale OST

A particular fox: Mr. blue sky


bftuthomas: doom 2016, doom eternal, ancient gods 1 and 2 and the undertale ost

76b21: 2010 by Justin Kuritzkes

Toaster2: Pteromerhanophobia

Jiggyleaves930: Yakko’s World


JuiceyOrangMang : Come out ye black and tans and Bosnia Artillerjia

MikviPl: Circles(osu), USSR anthem

13232ljkop: terraria underground hallow


King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Imagine Dragons, DDLC music(Ost or not), ARK ost or not, just ost really

Raindowdoge959595: All Touhou OST, Dark souls 3 Boss OST, Bloodborne boss OST, “Ruler of Everything”, “Under pressure”, “Rocket man”, “Uranium Fever”, “I dont want to set the world on fire”

Jp0286: [1] I’m blue, Shotgun and astronaut in the ocean

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Believer,Im blue,Never Gonna Give you up

Entity306- They/Them by Atlas

Nougsoc- Dark Water

Kermitrobot -

Rosellia Teh Hybrid:My Ordinary Life -The Living Tombstone

Favorite Food

CensorBar: Prob Pizza or Burger but then again, I live in a Middle Eastern country so maybe a shawarma.

BillScratch: salmon best

NIEQ2019: Burger or spaghetti, easy.

PerJoTheOcCreator: Orange. (I eat them like apples after peeling them)

King kacker: Chicken, french fries,

GMDYun3: Mac & Cheese

MikeTurret: Salisbury Steak (underrated)

Robloxtale: PIZZA!!1!111

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Almost Everything Thats junk Food lol (im a fat Pig)

thegoodpartygoer: steak

Cobalt.Ink: Hot Dogs

madsushimi: hotdogs

Icosi: Fried Cheese Curds

AidenGreeny: Spaghetti (Extra butter and cheese please!)

Urcookies: Cheesebuger

Inception / Diamond Strive: Steaks

ToraXqueS:Mang Inasal 2 Pork Barbecue With 2 Packs Of Chicken Sauce And Soup And Steam Fried Rice From Dimsum Break

Chrome123321: Anything food that has spices in, any food that is premade and doesn't need to be cooked and food that are very spicy

Bronxxxx: Pudding

starlixee: you

Wooloothesquid: Pizza

Yayiexist: B E E S E C H U R G E R

Space-Lover999: Nutella & Go.

Snipee: a l m o n d.

Backroomshuman: *Takes a deep breath "RAMEN! LIKE THE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, Good Ramen.



Suubpar maro: C R I L L E D G H E E S E


WillyFNATI2020: Cupcakes and desserts =)

DarkMatterWorId: Apples, Bananas, Chickencorns (if its right in english lol), Icecream.

FreeBurgers100: Shrimp

wacky: Backroomshuman

Orangeuwu: mangos-

Felipe46109: Left over bodies on the backrooms. (Specially on level 6)

AlbertTheScout: white chocolate

SeriousNick: how about you go eat some BiTcHes


idontcare568: Pizza Pizza

Comrade Poor: Soft-shell crab, seaweed salad, ramen, squid/octopus, sardines (with skin and bones), anchovy pizza, turkey (the neck, legs, and the crunchy, tough skin), chicken (the legs, wings, and fatty skin), 𝕔𝕣𝕣𝕣𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕪 𝕙𝕒𝕞𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕘𝕖𝕣, and the fillet o’ fish sandwich.

RealityRiftCreator : chicken nuggets

OGominho: Cheese bread (the brazilian ones, no other country can replicate it how it's meant to be)

Drminjak: Sushi

Cgc201185: Burger, Hotdog, Sushi, Ramen

CroppedRubbish: Ritz Crackers with Skippy peanut butter (I am very picky and I like it with these 2 specific brands)

LeAlgae - mmm bacon

Masha Griffin: mashed potatoes


amagicmagician pancake

Fire Axus: sweet - chocolate icecream, salty - pizza, sour - lemond

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Sushi, Schnitzel, Oladushki, and a good Sloppy Joe sometimes

Kee Ellis: Sushi, ham sandwiches, your soul.

Cloud94748: Cheesecake


ILoveLevelFUN - Burger

TornadoAltar1 - Pasta, of all kinds and favorite desert is mochi

RobloxFanMan - Fish And Chips

Arealweirdgirl - C A N D I

Omart2009 - FNF Guns, Centuries (Oddcube Remix) edited by Callmeogandshutup: your supposed to tell your favorite food, not the dong idiot it’s making you look like you’re consuming a gun and time what the hell.

Callmeogandshutup - sometimes lollipop and popcorn

Imadgalaxyx - As long as a Like it It's my favorite

Unknown Strars: *D E E P B R E A T H* C R O IS S A N T S

some random guy that joined: cake made by red is sus

Draconia641New - Any millitary anthem or any funky fnf music.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Spaghetti and Meatballs

Partygoers - Orange

Geodapro - pizza

Just A Guy Here. - Lasagna (Garfield my boi likes it to :) )

Minorae: bread, french fries

A particular fox: rice and beans

Chippery: Pizza

bftuthomas: same as chippery and also popcorn chicken

TheSusmanYum Lol: Pizza, Burger, Cheeseburger, Orange, Chocolate, Cakes, Cookies, Sausages.

Sergey2019: Cheetos.

76b21: Pancakes, but not the stuff people call "pancakes" in literally every country that isn't Sweden.

Jiggyleaves930: Pasta Salad 🤤

vcvrpj: reheated spaghetti

Ohgerald: deep fried oreos

UnknownWater: mac n cheese DONT ASK WHY

JuiceyOrangMang : I dont care about fucking food, food is food

MikviPl:Pizza and toast with cheese

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666: fried chicken, fried people, fries, and chciken

13232ljkop: I pretty much have everything so no favorites

Sylaslolllllll: I went to this fancy restaurant one time and they had THE BEST steak- also another fancy restaurant I went to had the greatest spaghetti. Those two.

DaRealpotatolord: Potato.

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Pizza, ice cream, Tortellini, Hot dogs and burgers

Raindowdoge959595: Italian, French, African Cuisine or Anything (i have a ungodly fast metabolism)

Jp0286: My favorite food is calamari

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Pizza,Cheese Burger,steak,fish

Nougsoc- Pizza, Yogart (Idk If I spelt that right), Butter chicken

Kermitrobot - Sandwiches

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Cinammon Rolls


SUSHI. raw salmon best:

Favorite Drink

CensorBar: It's just coke, wtf why is everyone saying almond water.


MetaGang: Super Almond Water

NotCodyGamer: sprite

NIEQ2019: water with gas or Almond Water

PerJoTheOcCreator: Almond Water

Kee Ellis: Almond Water

Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb: Almond Water

Cloud94748: pepis

amagicmagician: almond water

Blubyrd: Almond water

ILoveLevelFUN - almond water

TornadoAltar1 - almund watur

RobloxFanMan - Almond Water


Omart2009 - Almond water

idontcare568: almond water

Callmeogandshutup - almond water

Space-Lover999: almond water

Imadgalaxyx - almond water

BTMYT - almond water

Unknown Stars: almond water

Snipee: where the hell is almond water

some random guy that joined: almond water

Draconia641New: Almond Water

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Almond water

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : Super Almond Water / my pee

Alexintheveres3: Almond Water

Fire Axus: Almond Water

Partygoers- almond water

Geodapro - almond water

Just A Guy Here. - none because i can't find almond water in this level

Minorae: almond water

A particular fox: entity blo- I mean almond water :3

Chippery: alomond wotor

bftuthomas: almond water and super almond water

TheusmanYum Lol: Almond Water

76b21: Omega Almond Water

RobloxFanMan: Liquid Pain

Toaster2: almond water.

Jiggyleaves930: Chocolate Milk

Ohgerald: mountain dew

UnknownWater: Almond water and water

JuiceyOrangMang : Any drink is fine but I enjoy my energy drinks and Pepsi

OGominho: water.

MikviPl: Almond water

13232ljkop: OJ

Sylaslolllllll: grape juice, apple juice, choccy milk

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Almond water (LOL), Choccy milk, apple juice, apple cider

Raindowdoge959595, Lactaid (got lactose intolerance), Almond water/milk, choccy milk, Diet Dr Pepper (not often)

Jp0286: apple juice

Specifix: Super Almond Water because yes

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Super Almond Water,Almond Pain,Sprite,Almond Cream,Sprite

Nougsoc- Almond Water, Liquid pain >:D

Kermitrobot - Coconut Milk

Some guy without a soul: almond cream :)

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Coco-cola

BuilderBoi2341: choccy milk, coca cola [espuma], and almond water because i gotta have a backrooms joke here somewhere

Favorite Level?

CensorBar: Level 1009 because it references Roblox Piggy.

MetaGang: what do you mean favorite level? each level is just as good as the other.

Haci9552: Level 83 (not because it is my level)

NotCodyGamer: level fun =)

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : prob level 6.22

13232ljkop: Level Frontrooms :)

IEQ2019: idk, maybe Level 3999 or Level !

Colorplayslol: Level REDACTED (im not bias) and The Promised Land

Ortherner: Level 948

Egglord1: Level ! It's a really cool idea and really creative.

Burning shotgun: The Tournament of Kombat

CAMERATAKEN3: Level ε (you should read it, it's good)

thegoodpartygoer: Level EEEEEEEEEEE

Robloxtale: Level ROME

AidenGreeny: Level 802

Urcookies: Level 10

GMDYun3: Level Mono, Level 273, Level 3008, Level !

ToraXqueS Level 888 or Level 2627

King kacker: level 4, level 😳

Wooloothesquid: Level Fun =)

CSX668: Level 0.2, Level 6.1, Level 888, Level 3999, Level 😳, [[the Promised Land], Level !, Level 0, Level Level, Level ε, Level -81

GlitchyCactus: LEVEL 😳, Level ROME (i made this one hahaha), Level 7-11 (i also made this one haha)

Space-Lover999: Level 188

Chrome123321: there are so many levels to choose from and I am still checking each of them out..

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Level Fun (Not Fandom)

Snipee: Level 5, Level 666 (fandom version), and Level 1.5.

Inception / Diamond Strive: Level Insecure );-(

Backroomshuman: level fun =)

Infinite explorer: Level 1045

alex codex:level 18 and my own levels

Memergod2002: Level 9.3, 6.1 and The core

WillyFNATI2020: Level Fun and Level Party =) (also The Relaxing Land)

starlixee: level fun =)

DarkMatterWorId: Not chosen yet.

Felipe46109: Level Fun =), i go there to talk to my friends

AlbertTheScout: The Hub

SeriousNick: Level 2009; Bruno is ma boi

Nixelk: Level 574

idontcare568: Level 11

Comrade Poor: Level 11, Level Fun =), Level 1932 and Level 8241991 (because I made the last 2, level 8241991 is Ukraine btw)

RealityRiftCreator : Level 592 ( my own level )

OGominho: Level 234 because i expanded most of it (shoutout to Orangeuwu tho), and Level 9223372036854775807

Drminjak: Level 0

Cgc201185: Level 1185 (because i made it)

Orangeuwu: Level 375 and Level 234, amazing, just amazing. ah e vlw gominho :>

CroppedRubbish: Level 11, Level 18 :'(, Level -33 and The End.

LeAlgae - Prefer not to say

Masha Griffin: original level 404

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Level 1303, Level 1302, and Level 1305, and also level 1304 + Level 260 (all made by me, or being made by me)

Fire Axus: Level 66642069

Backrooms Enthusiast: Level 1248, Level WTF, Level 3999, Level 420420

BillScratch: Level 3999

Kee Ellis: level 352

Blubyrd: I pay my respects to E.Isle. May ze be missed.

ILoveLevelFUN - its pretty obvious

TornadoAltar1 - maybe level 4112 or level 2

RobloxFanMan: Level nope [As I Made It]

ARealweirdgirl - Level 666, Level !

Cloud94748: Mine

Omart2009 - Not really my favorite, but I do like Level Fun =)

Callmeogandshutup - Level 375 and Level 7879251

BTMYT - Level 15.3

Unknown Stars: E V E R Y S I N G L E O N E (They all have their own special place here)

some random guy that joined: none maybe

SlopeTime - Any level colonised by The Backroom Colonists.

Draconia641New - Every level in my category called " Draco's Level " i recommend you to check it out, its pretty cool.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Level 4999 level 1945 I made these levels

Alexintheveres3: Level 0..

PerJoTheOcCreator: It’s gotta be Level 7879251 Level Fun =)

Partygoers - It's gonna be Level Dust Level Fun =)

Geodapro - level -607 and Knife Hell since I made these levels.

Just A Guy Here. - Level Alien World (Real Good Level I Mde, You Could Go Check It Out Mam.)

Minorae: breadrooms.

A particular fox: level 3999

Chippery: Level 1883 and Level 1819 (no bias, not because i made them.)

bftuthomas: Level 0 and Level Fun

TheSusmanYum Lol: I Like All Of Them But My Favorite Ones Are Level 11, The End, Level 184, The Final Level…

76b21: Level 1-9

Toaster2: Level Fun

Jiggyleaves930: Level !

vcvrpj: Level Fun

Ohgerald: Level 11.4 it’s really peaceful

UnknownWater: Level 6.1

Level 0.0.1 and any other quality level

MikviPl:level 2009

Sylaslolllllll: Not to be self absorbed, but I'm really proud of my levels- Level 68 and level 1009. ALSo- my first level is the 69th level :sunglasses:

Potato Head69420: Level ! and level 3999

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Level 1275 (The World of Dragons)(I created the level so in guess that doesn't count but maybe...)

Raindowdoge95959: Any level i mange to wander into

Jp0286: The promised land

Specifix: The Promised Land, Level 0, Level !, The Hub, and Level 2.

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Level 858(not cuz its my level),The Frontrooms,Level !,Level 6.1,level 7.2(again not cuz its my level)

Entity306- Level 408 not cuz it's mine obviously, our the promise land is cool to

Nougsoc- Level 4, The End

AlsoForkiet: The dankrooms, Joke level 69

Kermitrobot: Level 3999

Some guy without a soul: [REDACTED]

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: The Frontrooms

Favorite Entity

CensorBar: The Bots, Smilers but my top one is def the Partypoopers.

BillScratch: Meh I like Blanche

MetaGang: Smilers

Hsci9552: Insanities(not wretches)

NIEQ2019: Friendly Facelings


Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666: its ThatVeganTeacher / Jimmy (The partygoer consumer)

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: Facelings

Inception / Diamond Strive: Inception (Entity 2010)

Colorplayslol: Smiler

Egglord1: i don't like that entities are a thing


AidenGreeny: Jimmy (Since I created it)

Bronxxxx: Six Arms

GMDYun3: Dave. duh.


thegoodpartygoer:The E trolling partypooper reason same as @AidenGreeny

CSX666: Jimmy as well

Space-Lover999: Partypoopers.

Chrome123321: well.. most of these entities are unique in their own way but I normally like the facelings

starlixee: partygoers =)

Snipee: Myself, Mother, and Skinstealers.

Backroomshuman: Partygoers, of course!

alex codex:Partypoopers, the gorer, and le trollgers

Memergod2002: Trollegers

WillyFNATI2020: Any type of Partygoers =), Jerry, and The Butler

DarkMatterWorId: Still hasn't been chosen yet.

FreeBurgers100: Level GLORY

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Don't know

wac: me

Orangeuwu: ???

Felipe46109: Partygoers and Smilers. They are really friendly with me :)

AlbertTheScout: Snipee, Hounds

SeriousNick: The King

idontcare568: Hound

Comrade Poor: Partygoers and the Trollgers

RealityRiftCreator : partygoers

OGominho: Partygoes and Jerry

Drminjak: The Break rooms man

Cgc201185: Partygoers and Game master

CroppedRubbish: Adult Facelings

LeAlgae - Prefer not to say

Masha Griffin: no idea lol


amagicmagician: level 375 ( i think )

Fire Axus: Your Local Neko

BurgerQueenThe2nd - idk

Kee Ellis: Tijaro

ILoveLevelFUN - partygoer

TornadoAltar1 - Stalker

RobloxFanMan: Idk

Arealweirdgirl - Friendly partygoers

Omart2009 - Partygoers

Callmeogandshutup - Skin Stealer

Bbbbbbbbb - Partynoers

Imadgalaxyx - Partypoopers

BTMYT - either Woodlins, The Comedian, or Capgras, my favorite Fandom entity would be Highway Shrews

Unknown Stars: I don't really know..

some random guy that joined: party and that go with ers thing

Draconia641New - None.

Blubyrd- jerry

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Partygoers smiler

Alexintheveres3: Boyfriends

PerJoTheOcCreator: The Seeker! Partygoers

Partygoers - Partygoers

Geodapro - Geo also called myself :D

Just A Guy Here. - Myself :)

Minorae: uh...

A particular fox: smilers

Cloud94748: Puffballs. Partygoers are overrated.

Chippery: Facelings

bftuthomas: partypoopers and smilers. partygoers are extremely overrated

76b21: Smilers

Toaster2: Partygoers

Jiggyleaves930: Idk

Ohgerald: Photoshop (I love getting cropped out of existence)

UnknownWater: Partygoers (even though i have those things) and Facelings

JuiceyOrangMang : Smilers would be my Girl Friend but otherwise Hound


13232ljkop: Partygoers! Facelings.

Sylaslolllllll: Smilers, insanities. Very interesting things.

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): DRAGONS and Facelings

Raindowdoge959595, Facelings and clumps

Jp0286: Partygoers

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Insanitys,PartyGoersNoers,Facelings(level 11 effect)

Nougsoc- Smilers

AlsoForkiet: Partygoers

Kermitrobot: Partypoopers

SusSy BakA: The Librarian ( I made this entity )

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Partygoers for hostile, partypoopers for chill.

Favorite Hobby

CensorBar: gaming, reading, drawing.

BillScratch: watch da tv and play da WOBLOCKS 😎😎😎😎

NIEQ2019: gaming or peeing

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest66 : Coding making undertale fangames, make a vis about my yt channel, coding, and uhh you lookin kinda uhhhh you lookin kinda uhhh you lookin kinda uhh

AidenGreeny: Coding

13232ljkop: Same

NotCodyGamer: gaming


Egglord1: being hot

robloxtale: Simplifying logos

GMDYun3: Gaming

NotAProGamerWasTaken: GAMING

Inception / Diamond Strive: Backrooms

thegoodpartygoer: Trolling people on this wiki with E >=) , collecting lego sets

ToraXqueS:Ruining People's Lives In Video Games

a guy who likes to question: gaming, drawing, sports

Bronxxxx: Journaling

Wooloothesquid: Drawing

Chrome123321: Exploring the creations of other peoples imagination and trying to get inspired from them to create something myself

CSX666: Trying to remake the entirety of Super Mario Bros. (And Meab

Space-Lover999: Coding, Building.

starlixee: =)

Snipee: being unfunny, writing stories, and drawing, i LOVE drawing.

Backroomshuman: Writing, drawing in anime style (my profile pic is a drawing of mine), and gaming.

Alex codex:chillin and makin vids

Memergod2002: Posting to r/dogelore

WillyFNATI2020: FNaTI and stuff

DarkMatterWorId: Building on Roblox Studio and on Blockate

Orangeuwu: hobby for free robux? 😳

Felipe46109: Idk, i just walk around the backrooms

AlbertTheScout: Coding, running

Nixelk: You

idontcare568: Becomeing a Co Omer

Comrade Poor: taking over servers with the O͢͢͢Ƥ★ clan (join O͢͢͢Ƥ★ clan in, apply to join by friending me [Pogkraine #7824])

OGominho: Contributing on wikis, listening to music and gaming

Drminjak: playing guitar and coding

Cgc201185: Gaming

CroppedRubbish: Gaming, clicking, constant F6 mashing (op auto clicker users please relate), I used to do virtual machines, and going from 0 to 1 (big number here) in idle games.

LeAlgae - DAVID IS GAMING, Coding, Watching Memes

Masha Griffin: mostly drawing, but school gets in the way a lot. rarely I play video games.


amagicmagician REBEX

Fire Axus: backrooms

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Backrooms, Roblox, Memes, any sport I play, and uh #### hub ;)

Kee Ellis: gaming, drawing coding

Cloud94748: gaming and doing pixel art and writing my garbage ai dungeon story Non-worthwhile things

Blubyrd: music composition

ILoveLevelFUN - wasting my time

TornadoAltar1 - reading drawing playing video games

RobloxFanMan - Gaming

ARealweirdgirl - idk

Callmeogandshutup - post discovered levels

Imadgalaxyx - Eating

BTMYT - drawing

Unknown Stars: Drawing my Ocs(Includes Glitch) and surfing the infinite web you call the internet

some random guy that joined: playing b o b l o x and do be seeing big number

Draconia641New - bike

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Drawing, Making comics, roblox

alexintheveres3: T R O L L I N G

PerJoTheOcCreator: Playing People Playground, making random stuff on ibis paint, checking level fun

Partygoers - Coding and playing GMOD.

Geodapro - playing roblox

Just A Guy Here. - Drawing. (Fact: I've figured out 3d art when I was in 2nd grade. and also got inspired by drawing from A star wars clone wars episode.)

Minorae: writing, or art

A particular fox: A tie between causing timeline destruction and completely demolishing any partygoer I find.

Chippery: Gameing (with an e)

bftuthomas: gaming and downloading stuff at 128 kbps and downloading stuff at perfectly normal speeds

TheusmanYum Lol: Writing Backrooms Stuff, Exploring This Wiki, Gaming.

76b21: Game design and coding.

Toaster2: the j

Jiggyleaves930: Gaming

Ohgerald: reading the reply’s i get from @Jhilbert

MikviPl: Having so much fun =), exploring Level Fun

Sylaslolllllll: Going to fancy restaurants for some reason, writing, reading, studying

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): video games, hanging out with da Boys

Raindowdoge959595, ALOT of thing such as, kayaking, camping, hiking, swimming, Etc.

Jp0286: Gaming, eating, sleeping

Nougsoc- Gaming, Biking, Camping

Kermitrobot: Writing, Drawing And Gaming

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Gaming, Reading, Chatting with my friends.

BuilderBoi2341: gaming and reading

Favorite Website

CensorBar: Yotube cuz why not

BillScratch: youtube, dis websait, roblox, glitch text translator, scratch.

NIEQ2019: Backrooms fandom or YouTube

NotCodyGamer: discord, fandom and roblox and yt

Ortherner: PornHu- i mean YouTube

13232ljkop: no one talks about perchance, i do •_•

AidenGreeny: Roblox (don't judge me, Why would I judge you =) )

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : Undertale fangames (such as : Underswao, swapswap, sans last breath, underfell, robloxtale, amongustale,fellswap, swapswapfell, and every of them.)

Potato Head69420: roblox

manygribbleston: roblox and utube


GMDyun3: Anything with dave on it.

RoBloxtale: Its in my name T-T

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Roblox

A guy who likes to question:

Wooloothesquid: or Fandom

CSX666: The Backrooms Fandom Wiki

Space-Lover999: Windows93

Chrome123321: Well this website of course and also Roblox

Backroomshuman: The Backrooms Fandom Wiki

thegoodpartygoer youtube/backrooms wiki fandom

Snipee: Newgrounds, Fandom, and Roblox

Alex codex:Backrooms fandom wiki because you can make pages or edit pages for constructive stuff


WillyFNATI2020: Roblox and Fandom

DarkMatterWorId: Seriously, this wiki.

FreeBurgers100: Wiki

Orangeuwu: i was going to say reddit but to avoid le wholesome 100 chungas keanu musk moment i'll just say i like youtube

Felipe46109: ?

AlbertTheScout: Youtube

SeriousNick: Albert is right;)

Nixelk: Roblox

idontcare568: Roblox

Icosi: TB:BF (It's on ROBLOX)

Comrade Poor:, and

OGominho: This fandom, Youtube and Discord.


Cgc201185: This website, Roblox, Youtube, discord

CroppedRubbish: Cookie Clicker website, Windows93, The Amiga Workbench Simulator, and Twitch (i spend like 30 minutes actually watching streams a day)

InfinityNess: Youtube

LeAlgae - Prefer not to say

Masha Griffin: no idea

SLOWPOKE107 Roblox


Fire Axus:

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Roblox, this site, ;) (search it up)

Kee Ellis:


ILoveLevelFUN - this one and Roblox

RobloxFanMan: Roblox, Youtube And Some Fandoms

ARealweirdgirl - Roblox, Toytale RP wiki

Omart2009 - FANDOM, Trevor Henderson Wiki, Youtube

Callmeogandshutup - YouTube, and Google Translate

BTMYT - Wikipedia

Unknown stars: Fandom,Youtube,google docs(You'll be surpised how many characters are in there),And that's about it

Draconia641New - Youtube, dsibord and readit.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Youtube

Alexintheveres3: Basically everything on this wiki


Geodapro - roblox

Just A Guy Here. - Youtube, and Weird websites.

CreepyCaleb - YouTube, Roblox,

Minorae: youtube (also whats with people and roblox on this wiki lol)

A particular fox: this one, youtube, and discord.

Chippery: Youtube

bftuthomas: youtube, countryballs wiki, this wiki, unanything wiki, wikipedia and hundreds more

TheusmanYum Lol: Backrooms Fandom Wiki, Weird Websites, Useless Web, Po- Actually No.


Toaster2: i

Jiggyleaves930: (don’t click on that, it may actually give you a virus)

vcvrpj: sleep deprivation

Ohgerald: youtube

UnknownWater: Wiki and youtube

JuiceyOrangMang : Wiki youtube gaming and Yardwork so i can beat the living shit out of weeds when im angy

MikviPl:Youtube, por- i mean roblox


King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Youtube, here, Terraria/Ark/Minecraft/DDLC wiki, Cool Math Games

Raindowdoge959595, Fandom, YouTube, Roblos, Steam, Vortex (mods), prohub and r34 (lmfao), (flamsh games), discord (app is broken beyond repair, i have to use the website version). Twitch


BrokenArrowRBLXX-Fishing,Creating Levels,Youtube,Walking my dog

Nougsoc- Youtube, Fandom

AlsoForkiet: Roblox

Kermitrobot: Online Sequencer

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Fandom, Youtube

BuilderBoi2341: ayo the roblox here

Favorite Animal

CensorBar: I don't like to show off but I have a pet Axolotl

LeftoverChip: fish


NIEQ2019: a x o l o t l

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : yeah its *DOOR BUSTS OUT* DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!

NotCodyGamer: none lmao

PerJoTheOcCreator: axolotl.

Snipee: Hounds (or as humans call them, dogs.)

CAMERATAKEN3: person above is weird (person above is weird is a cool animal)

Egglord1: I like pigs for their scientific name, although pine trees aren't animals i like those trees for their scientific name

GMDYun3: lunch.

alex codex:uh idk

AidenGreeny: Bees

Memergod2002: Doges (or Shibu Inu's)

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Cats i guess

WillyFNATI2020: King Cobra and Mouses.

DarkMatterWorId: Koala

FreeBurgers100: Fish

Orangeuwu: ducks, monke and dogs

Felipe46109: Jerry

AlbertTheScout: Dogs

SeriousNick: mb cats

A guy who likes to question: turtles, and ofc MONKE

idontcare568: Flamgo

Comrade Poor: Rabbits and Crabs

OGominho: Capybaras

Drminjak: dog

Cgc201185: cats

CroppedRubbish: Dogs and cats mostly.

InfinityNess: Small Spiders.

LeAlgae - NO

Masha Griffin: owls

amagicmagician dolphin

Space-Lover999: Panda Bears!

Fire Axus: dragonz

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Cats

Kee Ellis: bernedoodle

Cloud94748: Cats. Dogs are overrated.

ILoveLevelFUN - axolotl

TornadoAltar1 - Snake and Cat

RobloxFanMan: Doge

ARealweirdgirl - your house

Callmeogandshutup - t h e r o c k

Alexintheveres3: Any

Imadgalaxyx - Cats

BTMYT - Potomagale velox

Unknown stars: Danger noodles or boop noodles (As you guys call the snakes)

some random guy that joined: any thats not cuten't

Draconia641New - Pigs have a cool scientific name

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - I like pigs for their scientific name

Partygoers - Sus (scientific name for pig)

Geodapro - am unsure

Just A Guy Here. - Dogs, Cats, Immortal Jellyfish, and basically any animal that has interesting and cool abilities and features.

Minorae: leopard gecko because i have one

A particular fox: foxes, duh.

Chippery: none lö

bftuthomas: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

76b21: Mistababii

Toaster2: dog

Jiggyleaves930: Cats

Ohgerald: Hounds!

UnknownWater: Giraffe and axolotls

MikviPl: LGBTQ

JuiceyOrangMang : I am a Changed fan so most animal will do but otherwise Pigge.

13232ljkop: too many -_-

Sylaslolllllll: Chinchilla

CSX666: foca (Translate it)

Raindowdoge959595, SEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex codex: dear.

Jp0286: All animals are equal, and great

Nougsoc- Canadian goose, Giraffe

Kermitrobot: Cats, Dogs, Fishes And Axolotls

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Deers

BuilderBoi2341: cats and monky (if you say anything about latex in here then you're going to Level !)

Favorite Youtuber

CensorBar: Oh boy this one is hard, uhhhhhhhh MrBeast, Flamingo, idk i don't have a favorite youtuber they're all so good.

LeftoverChip: Dapper Husky, Flamingo I guess.

BillScratch: Moonlight Cactus, CaptainSauce.

13232ljkop: basically every minceraft one

NIEQ2019: brew, idk

NotCodyGamer: tank fish

AidenGreeny: CreamHeroes/Claire Luvcat/Kittisaurus

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: The Killian Experience

Mybruhyaccishackedbyguest666 : its Diginitexed Pixels

GMDYun3: Brewstew

Egglord1: jschlatt (best youtuber entirely)

NotAProGamerWasTaken: Can't name all

alex codex:glitch qwq, cj the canimal dous stuff

Memergod2002: Jaidenanimations and TheOdd1sout

Alexintheveres3: Idk

Snipee: Mr Ferrante, Retrospecter, and Camila Cuevas

WillyFNATI2020: Too many lol

Inception / Diamond Strive : Wilbur Soot and Tommy

DarkMatterWorId: Really hard to choose but its between YuB & oompaville (if its a e)

Orangeuwu: Technoblade, Core (brazillian youtuber) and Siivagunner-

FreeBurgers100: PewDiePie

wacckyy: caca gaming

starlixee: that one green man who goes by dream oh and tommyinnit

Felipe46109: None

AlbertTheScout: theres too many, a handful are Silvagunner/Gilvasunner, Poofesure, EpicHaxGaming, etc

idontcare568: Flamgoing

Comrade Poor: Snay (, and Glory (

OGominho: Stackz, Clique Productions, Linus Tech Tips and some others

Drminjak: PewDiePie

Cgc201185: too many

CroppedRubbish: A lot. I watch people who make Reddit videos mostly, I also watch JonTron.

A lot of music channels, And a lot of gaming channels.

LeAlgae - it goes on for uncountable numbers

Masha Griffin: no idea


Fire Axus: shadowtapples

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Pizza_Games

Cloud94748: 8-BitRyan

ILoveLevelFUN - Slimecicle

TornadoAltar1 - Jarvis Johnson

RobloxFanMan - Flamingo, Flippy, Kindly Keyin And Some Countryball Youtubers


Omart2009 - VEE JAY (If you like Minecraft BE, I recommend you watch this youtuber. He makes all kind of cool content.)

Callmeogandshutup - Bijuu Mike

SpaceLover999: jacknjellify

Imadgalaxyx - Dhar Mann

BTMYT - Clumsy or Haminations

Unknown stars: *Unknown.Exe has stopped working*

some random guy that joined: no

Draconia641New - Jacknjellify, devound, dani dev and Dark dom.

Blubyrd - mmmmm probably consonances and dissonances, a touhou-syled music channel.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Any countryball animator, flamingo

Partygoers - usually Technoblade or flamingo

geodapro - unsure

Just A Guy Here. - I used to have one but now I'm just A nomad and find some channels interesting instead of favorites.

Minorae: i have too much

A particular fox: me

Chippery: Penguinz0

bftuthomas: unsure


Toaster2: 6. the dollar

Jiggyleaves930: Gravycatman

Ohgerald: EmKay and the meme sheep

UnknownWater: Aphamau, KonekoKitten, Big mama eternal

JuiceyOrangMang : Krinkels , Jimmyhere and NecotheSergal

MikviPl: Kapeć Rajtuz

Sylaslolllllll: None, really

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): DRAGONS!!! and Axolotls

CSX666: GameGrumps

Raindowdoge959595, GameGrumps, ChommyChinnit, Ymfah, NileRed and Blue, Max0r, Emkay, Damianlee, Meme Sheep


Nougsoc- Technoblade, kracc bacc, Dacoobers

Some guy without a soul: Cody's Lab, Nile Red, Electroboom (I'm not a nerd sry)

BuilderBoi2341: Too many

Reddit Account

BillScratch: What.NO.

u/Nachousernameistaken or u/United_Negotiation_2 which is my phone account

NotCodyGamer: u/scpman129812

Memergod2002: u/memergod2002

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: u/GeorgianCanis

NotAProGamerWasTaken: u/Not_AProGamer

Infinite Explorer: u/ThatDudeOnTheNet

DarkMatterWorId: Doesnt have one.

FreeBurgers100: None

Felipe46109: No


idontcare568: Prefer not to say

SeriousNick: u/Serious_Nick (who would have guessed lol)

Cormade Poor: u/Ivysaurisbestgirl

OGominho: u/Ecologie

Drminjak: u/drminjak

Inception / Diamond Strive u/DiamondStrive


alexintheveres3: u/alexmakesstuff

CroppedRubbish: Read my wiki name and go to reddit and put a u/ at the beginning. (u/CroppedRubbish)

LeAlgae - u/Betaic [current]

SLOWPOKE107 none

Fire Axus:

Blubyrd: u/manta_ri (I plan to post really cool concept ideas there, please check it out!)

E m k a y

RobloxFanMan: u/BackroomsDweller

AReal - i'm tired

Callmeogandshutup - r/plscoolguy2486 (still creating)

BTMYT - u/OutBeetheSwarm

Icosi: u/Icosi_Was_Taken

some random guy that joined: uno reverse card

Draconia641New - Prefer not to say.

Colorplayslol - u/ColorPlayslol

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - No

Partygoers - no

Geodapro - no

Just A Guy Here. - No because I wasted Seconds of my time writing this down : |

Minorae: i abandoned mine so its a secret

Chippery: IllogicalCurrency

bftuthomas: nope

76b21: I use reddit but I don't have an account.

Toaster2: no

Ohgerald: u/redditiscurse

UnknownWater: Literally the same as my wiki username

TheSusmanYum Lol: u/TheSusmanYum

13232ljkop: I have one but I prefer not to say.

Sylaslolllllll: u/germanguyl

CSX666: u/NS8103

Raindowdoge959595, u/imcomingforyourtoes

Alex codex:


Nougsoc- I don't use Reddit

AlsoForkiet: Don't have one so

Kermitrobot: DanTDM, Flamingo, Laughability And Dapper Husky

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Dont got one

BuilderBoi2341: u/ScarredOut

Roblox Account

CensorBar: Rahulplayer7541

username: ALTONBOYZ1 / Display name: LeftoverChip

BillScratch: BillScratchRobloxEZ (i liek boxing leege)

NIEQ2019: Dxritq

NotCodyGamer: NotCodyGamer17

Robloxtale_Nub : My username

Colorplayslol : Color_Plays (Display Name - BruhMomentoNumeroUno)

Alexintheveres3: Alexhasreturndalt2

Alexintheveres3 again: my display name is MoneyIsNotFree


Memergod2002: GreenMean13

Icosi: Display name: My username (Real: @icosidodecahedron1)

AlbertTheScout: My username PennyPiggy1: MaxCanOOF AidenGreeny: My username

idontcare568: bestdanila

alex codex:Joyofcreaterypros603

FreeBurgers100: FreeBurgers100

king kacker: Kingkack6155

Comrade Poor: Pogkraine

OGominho: Sundey

Nixelk: Dry_Pixel

Inception / Diamond Strive: Inception / InceChoi

Drminjak: drminjak

Cgc201185: CarloPlays

CroppedRubbish: IHasPin (It's getting really boring but I've been playing for like 4 years so you can't blame me)

InfinityNess: Kombuness, Or my alt: InfOHac

LeAlgae - BETATESTER1000000 [i apologize for the bad name, if ya wanna see my old acc its IanRoblox4]

SLOWPOKE107 I have a old account and a new one SLOWPOKE107 is me old, and new one is Rodorokee

amagicmagician amagic_magician and allstartheman2

BurgerQueenThe2nd - IMNOTPIZZAGUY7 (Dont judge me lol, I dont have the Robux to change it)

Blubyrd: Vibe_Trajectory

ILoveLevelFUN - LelDePotato (I have like 7 other accounts)

RobloxFanMan: XxJayden_HolcroftxX [Display Name: JayTheConquestFan]

areal - i am a furry

Jakef20111: my roblox account name is also my name on

Omart2009 - Troncosoomar

Callmeogandshutup - callmeogplease (display name) or ogisplayingYT (original name)

Space-Lover999: PlutoThePlanet5

Imadgalaxyx - Imadgalaxy (Haven't played since October 2019)


some random guy that joined: theoofman159 (original name) theoof (display)

Draconia641New - My username, display name is DracoVibesX

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - TheSovietUnion1950 (dogelynxx is my alt)

Partygoers: roptop098

Geodapro - FlashyArmorJr

Just A Guy Here. - CRYSTALWING with numbers which I don't know what are they, except 24680 so it was most likely "CRYSTALWING24680" in 2018 till I quit in 2019.

Minorae: it's a secret

A particular fox: purple_beans

Chippery: ItzRichy_2

bftuthomas: yeetboiyeetboiyeet7 (long username is because of a reason i hate you yeetboi7 you made a account for nothing made in october 2019)

76b21: Mistababii, but I don't use it.

Toaster2: Troll

Jiggyleaves930: galac2928

Ohgerald: Display Name: MemerBacon, Username: Rovlosprobo

UnknownWater: SurviveTheChubbsFan3 (@R1TVIKA)

JuiceyORangmang : Qwartyre and Decat 2 [NOT IN USE]

MikviPl: Mikvipl (blue hair)

Sylaslolllllll: ncpun

Potato Head69420: Ezio46751 (Yeet as display name)

CSX666: oscargrayskull

Raindowdoge959595: Raindowdoge959595

Jp0286: Jp0286


BestNoobReborn (yes i just came out of here out of nowhere) - here it is

AlsoForkiet: Click here! yeah

Kermitrobot: New Account: Enpclear. Old Account: ZXT0239

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Simply_Lxxvender

BuilderBoi2341: ScarredOut (same as my reddit)

Who can code (question by Alex codex)I

CensorBar: My guys you are looking at a coding master

BillScratch: I just code on scratch so uhhh kinda??????

13232ljkop: i can, slowly but surely taking over programs (eg. javascript / python) also perchance

NIEQ2019: fuck

NotCodyGamer: fuck i cant learn

I know fandom coding or whatever it's called. (Example on my profile)

Ik some coding skills-@Thegoodpartygoer

Lua (For roblox), (Some) Javascript (I had a minecraft server like 6 years ago and I would need to code stuff for it and also making websites is fun), HTML/CSS (Technically not a programming language but people are putting wikicode here)

AidenGreeny: Yes

Egglord1: somewhat yea


LeAlgae - I can.

Inception / Diamond Strive: Hell Yeah

Masha Griffin: nah


Drminjak: I can.

amagicmagician no

ToraXqueS:Kinda, I Copypaste The Code And Edit The Properties To My Fitting

Fire Axus: what even coding is?

BurgerQueenThe2nd - Yesn’t

Kee Ellis: yes

Blubyrd: For wikicode, I'm pretty skilled in it.

AlbertTheScout: Learning to, pretty good rn

ILoveLevelFUN - no

TornadoAltar1 - learning python

RobloxFanMan: A Tiny Bit On Scratch (13232ljkop says: ok i know)

Snipeegrounds: i suck at it, but i do sometimes make gradient boxes here.

Omart2009 - Mostly

idontcare: smlpe only

Space-Lover999: Me. I can code good in python, and sometimes in Lua. (I use Lua for making ROBLOX Games.)

Imadgalaxyx - A Bit

BTMYT - only on Scratch

some random guy that joined: all i can do is some crappy dice coding in roblox studio with color changing

Draconia641New - Complete shit at coding, all i know to do is Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Kinda

Partygoers: I do Lua but I do not know a bit.

Geodapro -no

Just A Guy Here. - Kinda can do it.

Minorae: if you count the little bit of coding they taught us at school in 3rd grade through scratch, yes?? my brain hurts when i look at too much numbers

Chippery: I know LUA, bit of Python

bftuthomas: does scratch count?

76b21: All of Scratch and a little bit of Python.

Toaster2: scra tch

Jiggyleaves: noo

Ohgerald: WELL, NO BUT NO

OGominho: Only very simple things

MikviPl: Python, C++, C#, Javascript

Potato Head69420: the best code i did was 5 lines 5!!!!

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): cant, want to, but cant.

CSX666: Lua

Raindowdoge959595, yes primarily in HTML, Python, C++ and C#

Jp0286: Yes

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Im Not that good but yeah I can

BestNoobReborn - uuhhhhh yesno

Nougsoc- No.

AlsoForkiet: do roblox count (actually i could code a little)

Kermitrobot: I Code On Scratch But I Do Only Unpublished Stuff So You Can't Play My "Games" On Scratch

Second Favorite Level?

CensorBar: Level 52 cuz it has a good plot.

BillScratch: Downrooms (Level [REDACTED])

NIEQ2019: Level 11

AidenGreeny: A Fandom tries to create a joke level

Egglord1: Level [REDACTED] because the image used for it is a really good liminal space.

LeAlgae - hmm

Masha Griffin: no idea


Drminjak: Level 1

amagicmagician idk

Fire Axus: The Promised Land

Kayvon2008: Level 6.1

BurgerQueenThe2nd - joe mama

Kee Ellis level 572

ILoveLevelFUN - Level 11

RobloxFanMan: Idk

ARealweirdgirl - no

idontcare568: level 0

13232ljkop: same

Space-Lover999: Level 6

BTMYT - every other level

Draconia641New - Level 0

Blubyrd - My own >:D jkjk pls

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Level 3 Level 3999

Geodapro - i said it in that other one, E.

Just A Guy Here. - Level Glowsticks

A particular fox: level 6.1

bftuthomas: level 999

Toaster2: Level Fun 2.0

Jiggyleaves930: None

Ohgerald: Level OH GOD O FUCK because I like the Pope and he respects that

UnknownWater: I literally forgot how to code

JuiceyOrangMang : the hell i know maybe level 1045

OGominho: Level 85

MikviPl: level 2137 (OOO Panie to ty na mnie SPOJRZAŁEŚ)

Raindowdoge959595, Any level i wander into

Kermitrobot: Level !

Some guy without a soul: the level of the partyrooms that ends with "305:

Who likes Gen Z Humor around here? [Submitted by LeAlgae]

CensorBar: funni

BillScratch: wot gen z

NIEQ2019: yes

LeAlgae - i do SLOWPOKE107 Idk what that is

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY CHEESE STICK

Inception / Diamond Strive: wats dat

Egglord1: ay yo the pizza here

Orangeuwu: no (reverb fart)

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb9bbbbbbbbbbbb/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa frick - yes'nt'nt

Drminjak: Not really funny to be honest

Fire Axus: odtrr

BurgerQueenThe2nd - n o

AidenGreeny: Finally, a question for me! Yes.

Kee Ellis: kinda


AlbertTheScout: I'm unsure

ILoveLevelFUN - it's ok

TornadoAltar1 - Yesh

ARealweirdgirl - god has left the chat

Snipee: yes.

Jakef20111:Y E S

idontcare568: no

NotCodyGamer: monke

Space-Lover999: funni

Imadgalaxyx - What

BTMYT - yes (it’s a fact, not an opinion)

some random guy that joined: none

Icosi: YES

Draconia641New - I dont understand reddit enough to understand Gen Z humor.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - I like dark humour =)

Geodapro - who

Just A Guy Here. - Not into it : |

Minorae: i am gen z so its ok

Chippery: el funni

bftuthomas: yes

76b21: h

Toaster2: the j reverb fart sound efect

Jiggyleaves930: meh, the internet has seen better days

Ohgerald: Y E S

UnknownWater: HOW DID U KNOW?

OGominho: If Gen Z humor = Reddit humor, no.


Sylaslolllllll: No, it's obnoxious. Especially the amongus "jokes"

Potato Head69420: meh

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): yas

Raindwodoge959595: yes

Jp0286: I do not know what you are talking about

Kermitrobot: What?

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Y e s

BuilderBoi2341: HELL YEA

If you could slap someone so hard in the face that it would bleed, who would it be? [Submitted by AidenGreeny]

CensorBar: I got cookielogged on roblox so cookieloggers


NIEQ2019: it would be Lisa Gaming roblox or AidenGreeny

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Lisa Gaming Roblox,AidenGreeny,Dreams Fans

13232ljkop: I'll slap it on hate

NotCodyGamer: dream

AidenGreeny: Donald Trump

Cloud94748: my mom anyone who's a bigot

CroppedRubbish: Everyone who depleted my mental state

AlbertTheScout: Lisagaming ROBLOX, Donald Trump

ILoveLevelFUN - my brother

TornadoAltar1 - Donald Trump, those evil-doers in EA and other ones focusing on stealing Children’s money

RobloxFanMan: Boris Johnson

ARealweirdgirl - Partygoers

Fire Axus: a person that just straight up hates anime, loves fortnite, embraces fortnitism, and hates the food everyone loves.

Snipee: jaystation

Drminjak: ceepe clown

Jakef20111: N&A productions

Orangeuwu: scari patrgoer

Omart2009 - Bobnumber1. He came from the TH wiki, made fun of a user who just joined FANDOM a while back, he called himself the "most powerful being in the universe". He also raided wikis, vandalized pages. broke the TOS, made 4 alts, got people to hate on other people and more.

idontcare568: putin

FreeBurgers100 - Jaystaition. 3AM challenges are fakeä

Space-Lover999: Lisa Gaming ROBLOX.

Imadgalaxyx - One person I would slap is Logan Thirtyacre. I would also slap is ex Adriana and I agree with FreeBurgers100 about Jaystation.

BTMYT - people who make the world a bad place

Unknown stars: any one,if they piss me off enough that my laid back self can't hold in the urge to hit them with a chair if the slap doesn't work.

some random guy that joined: same as space-lover999

Draconia641New - LisaGamingRoblox_YT she make "Familly Friendly" content that isnt actually FF, shes a horrible being on earth.

Blubyrd - mhm....

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Someone named Elizabeth thats in my school

Geodapro - the closest person near me that bothers me >:D

Just A Guy Here. - anyone who Mostly has degeneracy in their life, and ones who change the world in A bad way to make great history. yeah I would not instead rather slap in the face so hard till it bleeds, It would rather be A freaking punch in the face with knuckles that have front facing razor blades instead. don't even care if it's illegal it's what it has to be done :)

Minorae: that mailman who told me i was pretty when i was 11 (i'm not 11 now)

A particular fox: any partygoer I can find.

Chippery: MAPs

bftuthomas: people that think fortnite is god

76b21: A certain classmate of mine.

Jiggyleaves930: The edgy teenagers on the internet who think they can can their own way and complain over everything that they see.
Ohgerald: Mackenzie Turner Roblox, her content fukin sux

UnknownWater: Fastoon, Lisa gaming roblox, MAPs and Zoophiles, Jaystation

Juiceyorangmang : anyone who annoy the fucks out of me, or the annoying youtubers who keep on popping up in my recomennded WHEN I WNANA WATCH CHANGED : SPECIAL EDITION FOR FUCK SAKES

MikviPl: Someone that doesnt have Fun=)

Sylaslolllllll: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, literally almost every President lol

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): My friend who can be a jerk sometimes and people who are unreasonably mean for no reason

Raindowdoge959595, nope i will break my wrist wayy before making them bleed


Nougsoc- Literally any Gacha life creator, Edp445, Joseph seed

AlsoForkiet: Any people who is LITERALLY addicted to gacha (bc they insane)

Kermitrobot: Youtubers Who Send You To A Website That Gives You Viruses And Is Titled: "FREE ROBUX OMG REAL NOT FAKE CLICK OMG!!!!!!!!!!"

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: fake friends. Maybe not just a slap, a slaughter :)

BuilderBoi2341: Myself.

What is your favorite item? [Submitted by AlbertTheScout]

CensorBar: Whatever the cat gives you. (The cat is an entity)

BillScratch: am is very like irinium sword

NIEQ2019: pc

Haci9552: WIFI or Rose Water

NotCodyGamer: LIQUID PAIN =)

AlbertTheScout: Almond water

13232ljkop: phone

ILoveLevelFUN - does WiFi count

TornadoAltar1 - WiFi and Almond Water

RobloxFanMan: My Tech If It Counts

ARealweirdgirl - bearded dragon

Inception / Diamond Strive: Mac Book

Drminjak: water

Fire Axus: Crates

idontcare568: almold water

FreeBurgers100 - Keycards

Space-Lover999: Almond Water. Why not?

BTMYT - Oramile

Unknown stars: Wifi and weapons (mainly being a chair or frying pan,depends really.)

some random guy that joined: air

Draconia641New - LA BAGUETTE.

Thegoodpartygoer. F N P 9 0

AidenGreeny: Partygoer Gun

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Almond Water ig

Geodapro - w a t e r and wifi

Just A Guy Here. - Items that help in your life.

Minorae: my laptop

A particular fox: Liquid pain, good weapon against entities who mindlessly drink it.

Chippery: Gun. If that don't work, use more gun.

bftuthomas: wifi

76b21: ผลไม้รมควัน

Toaster2: Almond water

Jiggyleaves930: Triangle

Ohgerald: Liquid Pain

UnknownWater: I havent read any of the object pages yet but liquid pain

JuiceyOrangMang : from my level of Level 8457 and Level -8457 : the patterna

OGominho: Desert Eagle


Raindowdoge959595, RBR-5, BRT, anything else that I’m carrying around with me

Jp0286: The most powerful nuclear missiles that are 9l999999999x stronger than the sun

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Rose Water,Super Almond Water,Almond Cream,Almond Sword

Nougsoc- Liquid pain

AlsoForkiet: liquid pain-

Kermitrobot: Almond Water

Kayvon2008: Almond Water and WiFi

Favroite page in the wiki

BillScratch: shut.

NIEQ2019: idk

Entity 1 humans-@thegoodpartygoer

alex codex:level FUN =)

Alexintheveres3: all (except fir the 6 year old page..)

Inception / Diamond Strive: P.E.A

Fire Axus: Level 246

idontcare568: level fun

13232ljkop: The Backrooms Wiki

Drminjak: idk bro

FreeBurgers100 - IDK

Space-Lover999: Level 0

BTMYT - Woodlins

some random guy that joined: none

Blubyrd - what

AidenGreeny: My user page

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Level 39

Partygoers: The add page page

Geodapro - my user page and my levels

Just A Guy Here. - All the levels that I created along the way :)

A particular fox: level 434

bftuthomas:every page that i edited

Toaster2: the j

Ohgerald: Backrooms Version 2.9

UnknownWater: I have no idea

OGominho: idk

Mikvipl: The C H E E S E R O O M S

CSX666: Level 4

Raindowdoge959595, Level 11.6

Jp0286: My user profile

AlsoForkiet: AMOGUS

Kermitrobot: Level 3999

If You Want To Spy On Someone Who Would It Be? [Submitted By RobloxFanMan]

CensorBar: jesus fucking christ

MetaGang: what the fuck

BillScratch: My best friend =) (@minahminoh)

NIEQ2019: the hound that's watching me

RobloxFanMan - Boris Johnson And Everyone I Hate

Fire Axus: None

Alexintheveres3: idk

idontcare568: none

FreeBurgers100 - Jeff Bezos

Space-Lover999: Vsauc- Bill Gates

Drminjak: Bbbbbbbbb9bbbbbbbbbbbbb

ILoveLevelFUN - why would i tell you

BTMYT - Everyone who is bad at existing

Inception / Diamond Strive: Joe Ma- Candice N- Tesla Smiling Guy

Unknown stars:Why spy when you can just blackmail them to get some info.

some random guy that joined: roblox fan man for making this

Draconia641New -

Blubyrd - I spy, with my little eye-

AidenGreeny: Whoever caused my depression

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - The guy that use to own the roblox account monkey_man5460

Geodapro - a partygoer

Just A Guy Here. - Furries so I would Learn And document their daily lives.

A particular fox: I watch over everyone one already.

Cloud94748: This one bigoted person on the internet. I'm not saying their name, but I hope they go to hell if it exists.

MONKE (this edit was made by bftuthomas)

76b21: I'm already watching over you.

Ohgerald: Mackenzie Turner Roblox, so I could flick her off

OGominho: no one

Raindowdoge959595, Sus question


BrokenArrowRBLXXX-My Crush In The Shower,I guess some friends of mine

Nougsoc- Jarl balgruff

Kermitrobot: Cgc201185

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: My BFF

Would you punch a kid for a million dollars?

BillScratch: hmm yes i will punch slender kid :)

NIEQ2019: Yesn'tn't

NotCodyGamer: yes who are even goin to tell, their parents?????????

13232ljkop: *punches kid made out of money*

Kayvon2008: YES!

Snipee: no, I already live in a fucking hotel.

Colorplayslol: sorry, but my parents own a multimillionaire company, so theres not really any point, so No

Alexintheveres3: nope

Egglord1: without question, i hate children

Inception / Diamond Strive : HELL YEAH

Jakef20111: yes


Cloud94748: If they're older than 11, YES.


Fire Axus - only if i dont get arrested, and maybe not million, but trillion dolalrs just in case

idontcare: if poilce awllow me to do it

Space-Lover999: Alright then, you win this round.

ILoveLevelFUN - yes

Drminjak: haha yes

Imadgalaxyx - Sure

AlbertTheScout: I'd try for it to not hurt, at least.

BTMYT - no bc I don’t support child abuse

alex codex:this is a bruh moment

RobloxFanMan - Alfie [Because He Is Annoying]

some random guy that joined: maybe

Draconia641New - Maybe, i said maybe.

Blubyrd: What's the age of consent here in the US?

AidenGreeny: Lethal mode engaged, punch that child.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - No

Geodapro - no...

Just A Guy Here. - If i'm greedy, yes, if not well no. but i would choose yes just in case :)

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: Definitely but I'd pick a resilient kid and give them a cut

Minorae: yes

A particular fox: Y E S

Chippery: Yes, no questions. Just a slap, he'll recover.

76b21: As long as they're cool with it.

UnknownWater: What are you thinking? Yes ofc!!

Ohgerald: YES’NT’T

Hey, kid. Can I punch you. If it was an annoying bitch then yes! - JuiceyOrangMang

Kermitrobot: A Kid That Is A Roblox Slender.

OGominho: Without thinking twice.


bftuthomas: if he loves fortnite, YES!!!

bftuthomas: -3292832083


King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Any of My friends, they will understand

Raindowdoge959595, Nah

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Raindowdoge959595 is wrong but,yeah I would slap them twice

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Why? If they are over 7 then yes.

BuilderBoi2341: of course i would, money > morals

What is the most epic anime battle you have seen

CensorBar: Zacian, Zamazenta, Lucario and Cinderance Vs Eternamax Eternatus POKEMON BATTLE

BillScratch: I hate anime so shut (Zacian, Zamazenta, Lucario and Cinderance Vs Eternamax Eternatus POKEMON BATTLE)

13232ljkop: pewdiepie vs t-series

NIEQ2019: barry vs larry

NotCodyGamer: Jotaro vs dio

Snipee: pretty much every single madness combat episode

idontcare568: none

Alexintheveres3: dragon ball z

FreeBurgers100 - Same As Snipee

Inception / Diamond Strive: bakaroms

Drminjak: whitty vs boyfriend

Fire Axus: tatsuki vs partyguter

AlbertTheScout: Yuki Yoshida VS Nicole Watterson

Cloud94748: road roller da

BTMYT - none lol

ILoveLevelFUN - jojo vs dio (i will not specify)

RobloxFanMan - X!Chara Vs InkSans

some random guy that joined: none

Draconia641New - None

Blubyrd: some touhou fantasy kaleidoscope scenes

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - None

Partygoers - Same as Snipee

Geodapro - None

Just A Guy Here. - Those texts from raging kids or grownups who like anime.

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: Survey Corps versus Beast Titan except it wasn't really epic it was just sad, still my favorite.

bftuthomas: same as snipee

76b21: I saw Carl fighting ULTRAMEGASHAGEEEESTYLEEEEE using the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa technique. It was epic but Carl won.
Ohgerald: Goku vs Joe Mama

UnknownWater: I forgor

JuiceyOrangMang : The battle that i Stooped in level 1045

Raindowdoge959595, Your mom and my Dick

BrokenArrowRBLXXX:Don't Watch anime (am not weeb)

Kermitrobot: None

How Hard Would You Punch A Cat

CensorBar: I wouldn't punch a cat, I would punch whose idea was it to ask this question.

BillScratch: stop

NIEQ2019: no

idontcare568: 0.1

Alexintheveres3: 0

Egglord1: i just wouldn't

Drminjak: 69420

Imadgalaxyx - I would pet it

Fire Axus: − negative 69420666

13232ljkop: i can punch them using 100% of my power if they are agressive to me

AlbertTheScout: So weak it would heal him.

BTMYT - I don’t support animal abuse

alex codex:I would eat it instead

Inception / Diamond Strive: 694,206,942,069,420,694,206,942,069,420,694,206,942,069,420,694,206,942,069,420,694,206,942,069,420,694,206,942,069,420,694,206,942,069,420,694,206,942,069,420

ILoveLevelFun - no

RobloxFanMan - 69

NotCodyGamer17: depending how anoying the fuck the cat is

some random guy that joined: -1

Draconia641New - I would punch the cat so softly that its would actually be petting.

Blubyrd - Bump.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Why? =)

Partygoers - haha hand go bonk bonk

Geodapro - -5555

Just A Guy Here. - If A cat comes to fight with me, dam I would sever, decapitate, dismember, and crack it's important bones from that Aggressive cat for my own survival. if it's my cat, well it would be an accidental punch.

Minorae: pat (look i'm not evil okay, i'd only fight it if it tries to kill me)

A particular fox: N O

Chippery: 1. is the cat starting the fight? anybody watching? 3.WILL YOU PAY ME?


76b21: Only a light push to get my cat away.

Jiggyleaves930: rudeeee

Ohgerald: I wouldn’t

UnknownWater: why

OGominho: no.

JuiceyOrangMang : Slap pet it becuase my cats love head paps hard for some reason

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): Dont hurt them PPLLLSSS!!!!

Raindwodoge959595, fuck you



Kermitrobot: -99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: NEVER

BuilderBoi2341: no fuck off

what is your fav conutry

CensorBar: tf is this nationalism

BillScratch: mi fav country depends


13232ljkop likes Catalonia

NIEQ2019: Argentina

idontcare568: canada

NotCodyGamer: germany

Drminjak: Morocco

Imadgalaxyx - Sweden

Snipee: R U S S I A

Inception / Diamond Strive: was Hong Kong, now UK and USA

Fire Axus : 【Japan】日本

AlbertTheScout: Spain, free healthcare lets gooo!

Orangeuwu - I like my own country, brazil, but just the culture and nature, the rest is hell :( at least FREE HEALTHCARE GANG RISE UP

Cloud94748: *Insert your mom joke here*

BTMYT - yes

ILoveLevelFun - none

RobloxFanMan - UK [As I Live There] And Poland [As Countryballs Exist] You like countryballs too? Ja

some random guy that joined: none

Draconia641New - France, i am french, and i live in a trench, yeah, i live at paris, i live in a baris, okay ill stop xD

Blubyrd: mmmmmmmm

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - China (i am chinese)

Partygoers: US

Geodapro - usa

Just A Guy Here. - since the USA has fallen from my list, it is Switzerland.

Minorae: just not china (i'm chinese don't call me racist or something)

A particular fox: australlia

Chippery:San Marino

bftuthomas: british empire

Sergey2019: Ukraine

76b21: Sweden

Jiggyleaves930: Turkey (because it’s the tastiest country)

Ohgerald: UK, because they speak hieroglyphics

UnknownWater: France

OGominho: Brazil, obviously

MikviPl: Poland

JuiceyOrangMang : Prussia [Germany]

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): USA i guess

Raindowdoge959595, Finland, Italy

Jp0286: Earth.

Nougsoc- Canada, Ethopia, China 15+ social credit

Kermitrobot: Poland (I Am Polish Actually. English Is My 2nd Language)

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: India, cuz thats where im from.

Kayvon2008: Afghanistan

Third Fav Level?

CensorBar: i don't know :(

BillScratch: boi if u don't shut yo *quack* (bruh stop swear, i like laval 906)

13232ljkop: Level Roblox (finally a level)

NIEQ2019: idk

idontcare568: Level 3

Fire Axus: Level 11

some random guy that joined: what the flip is a tird

Draconia641New - None.

Inception / Diamond Strive: Level Rickroll'd

AidenGreeny: Level 911

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Level 11

Geodapro - n o n e . . ?

Just A Guy Here. - This again, ok then, so it is level 0 for it's originality.

A particular fox: level 11

Ohgerald: Level Fun their cakes are good

UnknownWater: Level 11

OGominho: Level 375

MikviPl:Level 188

Raindowdoge959595, no

BrokenArrowRBLXXX-Not answering

Kermitrobot: Level 19

What Entity are you?

CensorBar: partypooper, def partypooers fuck partygoers

BillScratch: I haven't taken that test yet...

13232ljkop: i prefer to be facelings

NIEQ2019: Human

idontcare568: Smiler

NotCodyGamer17: partyhuman =)

Alex Codex:partygoer! =)

AlbertTheScout: Human > Vampire

Inception / Diamond Strive: Human

ILoveLevelFun - partygoer

Unknown stars: Faceling(some how i can see though)

RobloxFanMan - S.E.P 018 And S.E.P 029 [029 Is Related To 018 That I made Both S.E.Ps]

Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb - SEP 007

Snipee: Phantom, but me in general is an entity itself due to my nature and abilities

Fire Axus: Volcano Human

Draconia641New - Faceling and smiler.

Blubyrd - I'm El████, nice to meet you! Ask me anything.

AidenGreeny: Monke

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - My Self =)

Alexintheveres3: My evil self

Chrome123321: I am myself... well except I am not myself but I am.. I am everything and nothing at the same time if I can simplify this..

Partygoers: Partygoer

Just A Guy Here. - German Shepherd who just grown real tall.

Minorae: friend of brad

A particular fox: funny story acctually, one time when I was busy killing partygoers in level fun, I accidentaly got bit by one and I can now switch between god and partygoer.

Cloud94748: A puffball. Again.

bftuthomas Y̵̡̘̻̳̤̱̣̻̪̗͍͕̫̪̝͕̣̥͎̼̠̔̊̒̒̉͋̈́̎́̆͆̎̾̽̐̅̑̏̾́̂̿̓̃̎̐͂̚͘͝ͅË̴̝̻͓͓͕́͜E̷̢̛̗͈̪͎̪͍̅̈́̍̃͂͛̈́̂͐̇̓̾̔̀̌̀̈́̅́͒̑͘͝͠T̶̢̨̛̤̫̙̩̫̘͙͈̟͐͋̓̔̊̈́̓̊̑̓̍͘͘͠: █ ████████████████ █████

Sergey2019: uNkNoWn

76b21: SCP-1499

Ohgerald: Jerry

UnknownWater: Jimmhy

Juiceyorangmang : Either Smiler, A partygoer, Myself [Guy with a Orange on his head] or A.A.H.W agent

OGominho: A skeleton

MikviPl: I am human, i am not partygoer =)

Raindowdoge959595, Homo Sapian

Jp0286: Friendly Partygoer =)


Nougsoc, Insanity.

Kermitrobot: Smiler

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Im not sure

Kayvon2008: Wanderer


a human, of course.:

What Time are you Discovered, What Level on and What Entity?

CensorBar: I was dicovered in June 22nd 2006 in the Frontrooms by my Mom and the doctors.



NIEQ2019: confusionism

NotCodyGamer:level 0

idontcare568: 2018, July 8th on Level 1 as a Smiler

Inception / Diamond Strive: 2021 , 5-3-2021

ILoveLevelFun - what?

Unknown stars: the date few weeks ago i found level -14 and am Currently exploring level -14 and i found glitch the TV head not long ago

RobloxFanMan - 2021, 29th May On Level 9

AlbertTheScout: 2021, 2nd of january, Level 0, Breaker

Snipee: Level 10, date unknown

Fire Axus: 1999, 16th January, The Frontrooms, Human

Draconia641New - What is this section?

Blubyrd - Actually, quite recently. 464, and as I said my name is El████.

AidenGreeny: The day when I was born, The Frontrooms, Human

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - I don't understand =)

Partygoers - what

Geodapro - w a t

Just A Guy Here. - The Imperium Times.

Minorae: somewhere

A particular fox: um, yes? Please specify the question.

Y̵̡̘̻̳̤̱̣̻̪̗͍͕̫̪̝͕̣̥͎̼̠̔̊̒̒̉͋̈́̎́̆͆̎̾̽̐̅̑̏̾́̂̿̓̃̎̐͂̚͘͝ͅË̴̝̻͓͓͕́͜E̷̢̛̗͈̪͎̪͍̅̈́̍̃͂͛̈́̂͐̇̓̾̔̀̌̀̈́̅́͒̑͘͝͠T̶̢̨̛̤̫̙̩̫̘͙͈̟͐͋̓̔̊̈́̓̊̑̓̍͘͘͠; MARCH 2020 LEVEL █████████████████████████████

Ohgerald: 4/3/12, level front rooms, named “Blake”

UnknownWater: July 2018, ███████████

Juiceyorangmang : Found with an orange stuck on my head and a friend who looks like a A.A.H.W agent : somewhere in 2001

OGominho: what?

MikviPl: Yesterday, Level 0 and Level 1

Raindowdoge959595, 2007, i was a 7 year old, M.E.G associates found me

Nougsoc- I saw amogus gyu in bcakrooms!1!!!!!!11!!!1!

Kermitrobot: I Never No-clipped Out Of Reality. I Tried, But I Can't.

What entity number are You?

CensorBar: 3,49420

BillScratch: give link of test now


13232ljkop: entity $$$$

Confusionism, you know who this is -NIEQ2019

idontcare568: Entity AE

AlbertTheScout: well, vampirism doesnt have a number

NotCodyGamer17: =)

BTMYT - 11

Inception / Diamond Strive - 2010

RobloxFanMan - S.E.P 029 And 018

Snipee: Entity γ

Fire Axus: 1

Draconia641New - 69

Blubyrd - I'm not sure, actually.

GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - Unknown as of now =)

AidenGreeny: Monke

Alexintheveres3: Unknown for now..

Callmeogandshutup: 67 (i'm not evil)

Partygoers - 67

Just A Guy Here. - AR1646ABABA

A particular fox: sometimes I am not an entity and other times I am entity 67.

Cloud94748: 16;21;6;6;2;1;12;12;19;0;1;18;5;14;';20;0;19;16;5;3;9;6;9;5;4;0;2;25;0;14;21;13;2;5;18;,;0;6;21;3;11;23;9;20 (partygoers are just glorified furry tf characters)

YEET: 2020

76b21: 42069ChungusReeves

Ohgerald: 3

UnknownWater: what

OGominho: 923,938,265

JuiceyOrangMang : 8593

CSX666: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (A Googol)

Raindowdoge959595, I’m a human idot

Jp0286: what is the entity number for a partygoer

Nougsoc- 2

Kermitrobot: ?

How much Robux do you have (Definitely not using this information to target the richest)

CensorBar: 2 because of shitty disgusting, no-good cock-sucking cock fuckers who thought it would be fun to cookielog me. Assholes can suck their fucking dicks and their mom's a hoe.

NIEQ2019: around 900 rn


GoodPersonWhoDoesGoodThings - 604 as of the 1st of July 2021 12AM Exact.

Fire Axus:

13232ljkop: i make games but no robux so i screwed them

Inception / Diamond Strive: 2w2edheugyit237itr72t273tr2i737te86tr2836e3r3

Partygoers - 140

Geodapro - 25

Just A Guy Here. - guess what, my budget in roblox during my time was 0, meaning that i would die, but wait WHAT I'M STILL HERE, WHYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!!! (Just Kidding I quit Roblox in 2019 anyways :) )

YEET: 60

76b21: 1

RobloxFanMan: 0

Jiggyleaves930: 2

Ohgerald: 0 (i did have 800 tho)

UnknownWater: about 200

OGominho: 0, but I had around 250 in 2014

JuiceorangMANG : -1

Raindowdoge959595, 4, i used to have 8000

Jp0286: 2

Kermitrobot: 0

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: 0 rn but i have had 6,500 in my lifetime.

BuilderBoi2341: 11. just 11

How's Life Like For You Guys Today :) (By: Just A Guy Here.)

CensorBar: with school around, you can guess

NIEQ2019: crappy, got robbed for my childhood bike

BrokenArrowRBLXX:Very good I am doing very good in school,and I Exersize often

NotCodyGamer: gay class

Just A Guy Here. - Meh, it's fine, but the fights, oh HECKS NAH!!!

Minorae: everywhere on my body hurts because i actually went outside yesterday but im ok i guess

A particular fox: erunoyc7t7ue5yrtuhu5myhtcumituymiun6ibt8yu86nuy98myu8rmtutguy5hriuy589n98t5um98yum96ur9y8u85nytv85yn87tyn598ynv9845ynvty4958nuct94yc98t498ctum4598umt985umc98yu4598uym985ucmy9u598myvu59mu6ycm958umyt is the state of my day so far.

Cloud94748: It's okay. My life is still a fucking mess, though.

13232ljkop: always my country gets quarantined


76b21: Bad

RobloxFanMan: Alright So Far

Jiggyleaves930: Rough honestly.

Ohgerald: repetitive

UnknownWater: Good ig

JuiceyOrangMang : shit, but okay

OGominho: Eh

Raindowodge959595, Struggling with grades but great besides that

Jp0286: Good

Nougsoc, Doing alright, Doing well at school.

Kermitrobot: My Life Sucks

Do You Think the Wiki Is Falling Apart, And Why? [Explain In deeper depth if you want to.] (By: Just A Guy Here.)

CensorBar: yes def because I get barely any comments and so do other ppl

NIEQ2019: Yeah, because the word [REDACTED] is getting everywhere like the SCP foundation

BrokenArrowRBLXXX:read this by wifi but yeah it is,some little kids keep vandalising

13232ljkop: its going wild

Just A Guy Here. - Yes, because since the wiki has been taken over by off-topic sections, and many great users have left due to this, it's safe to say that the wiki is falling apart.

RobloxFanMan: A bit Due To ADDING THE SCP [Not SEP The SEP Foundation Is Real I Am One] But What Does The SCP Foundation Have To Do With This Wiki

Ohgerald: no because no

UnknownWater: Yes because its always off topic and the scp foundation

Cloud94748: Yes. Do I really have to fucking explain it to you?

OGominho: Yes, because no one really cares about backrooms anymore, just about """jokes""" and other off-topic stuff.

Raindowdoge959595, yeah

Jp0286: Not really, there is still good levels

Nougsoc- Idrk

Kermitrobot: No

Some guy without a soul: Yes, [REDACTED] is everywhere, I have also seen significant changes in level 666 and The End (I'm sad because some guy had destroyed the "miles in" parts in level 666 and partygoers deleted entrances and exits in The end)

What is your favorite snack [Added by Callmeogandshutup]

NIEQ2019: Pringles and doritos

BrokenArrowRBLXXX:Pringles,Doritos,Crackers,Fruit Snacks

NotCodyGamer: pringles

Callmeog - Takis, Pringles, and cheetos

Fire Axus:

Just A Guy Here. - Takis :)

Sergey2019: Cheetos

Cloud94748: Your attention

Jiggyleaves930: Bingo chips

UnknownWater: Gaming is intense, but takis are seriously intense

76b21: Bjärechips. It's a Swedish type of chips.


13232ljkop: tiky's cookies (i grabbed from level 6.1)

OGominho: Dirt.

Juiceorangmang : Crinkel-cuts Chutney chips

Raindowdoge959595: no

alex codex: POOP

Nougsoc, Maynards swedish berries®™

Kermitrobot: Pocky

In your opinion, what is the worst level? (submitted by bftuthomas)

CensorBar: level=) because you can guess

76b21: All of the levels whose pages are like 3 sentences long.

BrokenArrowRBLXX:Same as 76b21

Nougsoc, Any Backrooms shitpost really.

Kermitrobot: Level 6

What Idea Of A Backrooms Page Do You Have?

NIEQ2019: Level 11.11

Toaster2: the back on the room entity

13232ljkop: level 64^3 lol

UnknownWater: Something based both off of my school and dreams

Callmeogandshutup: Based off a true story

RobloxFanMan: Thinking But Will Make A Level

BrokenArrowRBLXXX:Not RN

Kermitrobot: Idk

Favourite SEP

RobloxFanMan: SEP-018 And SEP-029

Alex codex: my oc SEP-33

I don’t go into the sep foundation but I do read the SCP foundation

Kermitrobot: SCP Not SEP. SCP-1499.

What Do You Think About Little Einsteins?

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): PLS NO, PLS NO NO NO!!

Partygoers: It's So Fun =)

JuiceyOrangMang : They are our future, and to this partygoer that commented, you just violated a law of childrens right, prepare for a beating

13232ljkop: nice

CSX666: A show of my childhood

Alex codex: honestly it really is just a kid’s show, it’s kinda bad but good enough for kids I guess

Jp0286: What is that?

Kermitrobot: What?

If you had one, what would be your saying (submitted by juiceyorang mang)

Juiceyorangmang - well shit. time to eat some mangos

13232ljkop: just not care

Jp0286: Let’s put the baby down the garage disposal DING DING DING DING DING DING

Nougsoc- I watched it when I was like 3 idk I forgor

Kermitrobot: What????

What's A Page On This Wiki That SHOULD Have Shit Posting And Jokes And Random?

Alex codex: OH HECC NAW FAM

Jp0286: Don’t give the shit posters ideas

Kermitrobot: No Levels Should Have That

Juiceyorangmang : Yes if the level is a joke, crossovers no unless there is a wiki for that hopefully, jokes is fine

DO YOU Love This Wiki?

King of Fire105/103(Depends on Alt or not): C

BrokenArrowrRBLXXX:Im addicted to this wiki

Cloud94748: no

CSX666: Meh

Alex codex: yes


Nougsoc- I hate it and love it.

Kermitrobot: Yes. I Love It.

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Yes!

BuilderBoi2341: it's ok

Weeb, Furry, or normal human being?

Cloud94748: Yes (Someone's gonna get angry about this lmao)

Sylaslollll: Y O U A R E A L L H U M A N S . F A C E I T


Alex codex: partygoer

Jp0286: I am none because I am a partygoer

Nougsoc- I am a Moviegoer.

Kermitrobot: i am kermit

Juiceyorangmang : all of the above heres why.

Furi : i watch alot of changed so people think im a furry

Web : I watch anime and obv i have watched jojo

Human : no shit sherlock im obviously ފުޗކިނގ ަލިެނ

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Normal human

Kayvon2008: Human. I would lock furrys in prison if I could.

BuilderBoi2341: human.

Is this page dangerous yes or no. (Just A Interesting Guy Here.)

Just A Interesting Guy Here <(Just A Guy Here.) - Yes most likely, were basically adding our private information here in which can potentially be dangerous. Do you want a stranger in your doorstep because of this, then don't let this happen. Just be careful out there in this small blue world that we live in.

Alex codex: not really since it asks us what’s our favorite topics and stuff, but yeah Just A Guy Here has a point.

BrokenArrowRBLXXX:I have a gun I am more then fine to post my home address

TheSusmanYum Lol: I Don't Care!!!

Jp0286: No as it is not a level, entity or anything that could harm you it is just making it easier to get to know people

puppyBorkbutaccountgotwiped: No, unless you're a dumbass and reveal like all of your personal information

Kermitrobot: No.

JuiceyOrANGmANG : UMM yes it is if you put all your info

Do you like yeast extract?

alex codex: what the fuq is that

BrokenArrowRBLXXX:Same as alex wtf is dat

Kermitrobot: What The Heck Is That?

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: ew no not my science teacher.

What is your Intelligence quotient?

Sylaslolllll: I have an I.Q of 156, apparently.

BrokenarrowRBLXXX:Damn Sylaslollllll Your Smart,My I.Q is 98

Just A Interesting Dog Here. (Just A Guy Here.) - 130 or over as of current, but due to me having a real freaking smart mind when it comes to many things, it could possibly be 140 or maybe 50 over. I may consider my IQ to be inconclusive, since somehow I'm both real dumb and smart really. (Note from Sylaslolllll: On average, when people have a high I.Q, they make more "trivial" mistakes than the majority of people. They usually realize this and correct them.)

Kermitrobot: Propably 117

JuieyOrangMang : i fogor uuuuuh 10?

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: idk, id like a quiz to find out

BuilderBoi2341: probably about 130 - 140

When did you start reading this wiki? Why? (Show date when you write your answer) (By: Some guy without a soul)

Some guy without a soul: About 4 months ago (October 19th, 2021). I don't know why but it is one of the best wiki i've ever seen

What would you do if the Backrooms were real? (added by 13232ljkop)

13232ljkop: Well then. I'll just accept it.

Jp0286: Ķ̶̺͉̻̘͉̟̬̜͋̓͂̓͒̆͊́͞i̧̡̮̯͉̮̦͙͗̏̈͋͌̐̌͟͜͝͝ľ̢̢̛̤̤̣͉͔͚͇̊̉̈́̍̊̒̕l̴̡͙̖͙͖͓͙̥͆̾̍͗͆͐͒͆ ȅ̴̡̞̰͇̼̚͟͞͡͠v̨̡͉͔̫̰͉̱̿̂̅̉̓̚͟͢͝͠ë̸̙̬̜̹̬̥̝̦́͆̅́̌̓̀ř̢̨̯̤͎̞͉̍̊̍͗̋̑y̡̗̳͓̬̝̙͇̱͗͂͋̑̚͘͜t̢̧̖͙̬̬̰̫͖͑̃̓̓̋̕h͈͚̟̖̰͛͌̑̅͞î̡̮̟̻͓͔̹̪̜̊͑͗̓̿́̏͘͡ǹ̸̛̗̤̳̘̐͊̃̔̂͆͑͜͟ḡ̷̛̬̞̖̻̟̺̈̾̊͌̚ a̶̧̜͎̦͔͖̟̗̝͂̑̀̿͘̕ͅņ̨̘̖̗̉́̑̀͆̊͑̉͘͞d̷̰͍̖̝͈͚̟̍̽̓̈́͢͢͞ e̶̘͓̱͕̹̖̖̗̋͌̓͒̔̕v̧͓̗͓̮̤̖̺͛̒̈̊̊͒̆͐̋͐ḛ̵̪̖̦̫̅͛́̽̂̌́͋̅͞r̶͖̜͍̹̘͇͋̆̉͌͛͌͐̍͟͞ͅỳ̞̳̣̖͉̠̤̳̌͊̏̚̚͝o̶̧̖͕̰̘͊͆̿̈́̍͘͟͢n̞̫͇̝̲̳̔͆͊͊̈́ẹ̜͈͓̳̣̗̹̑͆͗̂̽̒͌ ű̵̡͔͍̦̼̘͂̐̏͛̿̔͛̕͟n̶̢͎͍̳͓͍̉̄̈́̃̊́̽͐͟͜͟t̥͖͕̼̻͇͖̄̏̾́̄̀̐͜͟í̡̛̝͍̣̤̻͎̤̺̾͐̚͠͠͠l̛͖͔͓̹̰̿̽̏̽ͅ i̸̥̗͓̗̓͒̓͢͞͡͞ţ̙̰̣͈̠̲̼̉̊̋̈̀͜ i͚̰̮͔̯̮͓̣͖̋̀̀̈̇̂͌͠͠s̷̡͔̦̝̟̻̭͔̘̏̂̽̾͐̀̂͡ n̴͔͇̲̥̝̮̗̽̐͌̂̑̑̐̅̊͢ͅͅő̶͕͙̲̻̲̰̖͒̾͌̔͒́̀͜ţ̡̬̲̜̩̟͍͕̻̽͛̾̎͠͡h̴̨̦̞̺̲̋̊͋͋͊͘ḭ̝̙̺̪̝͎̦̐̃͗͛̉͘ͅn̵̖̭͍̦͙̙̊́̐̓͑̚g̨̖̝̭̖͗͛̐̃̓͐̓͟ͅ b̛̤̝͔̳̦̪̜͇̥͂̒̎̆̓ư̯͚̦̠̙̦̹͌̄̿͛͘͢͟t̵̝̫͈̤̖̏͗̀͆́͂͞ t̸̯̻̟̺̙͎̘͂͒̾̅̑̊̾̕͝ͅḥ̷̻͚̖̮̖̏̐̿͒̿̍̚͘̚͝ē̸̘͙̖̺̜̘̎̃̈́̓ v̛̞̜̞̥͖́̌͑̐͆́̀͢͢o̷̤͈̼͆̎̿̊̈͆̊͢͜i̲̙̺̙͖̩̦̺͐͐͊͆̈́̌̿͘͘͜͢ḑ̷̨̡̜̗̱̬͍̭̜͗͆̾̇̀̊̀̆̀ t̼͇̥̞̭̼̀̾͒͒̀̈́̉̏́͜͜͝ḩ̢̘̟̹̬̞͔̝̈́̃̑̓͆ě̡̛͙̣̯͖̋̐͒͊͒͟ͅn̨̛̳̗̰͍̓́̈́̐̐̏͋̕ ģ̷̧͖͈̈͒͌͗̀̋̚͟͝o̢̥̻͕̖͇͇̫͓͍̅͂̆̈̀͐̽̐ t̡̯̯̞͇̥͖̓̈͌̐̄̃̓̇̕͟ö͇̗̙͈͌̆̈́̌͑̅̀̃͘ͅ ţ̡̞̯̞͍̬̲͙͚̍͆̿̃̾ḩ̤̼̜̤̎́̉͆̐̋̿̾͛͟é̴̜͇̺̤͇̽̐̑̎͋̈́ f̴͙̲̥̀̿͛̐͆̎͛͡͞ͅͅr̶̥̣̬͎̪͍͙̃̎̄̀̔̌̋̕͝͡o̶͚̼̝͇̤̮̻̺͋̑̽̏̒͢͞n͎̥̟̝̠̗͂̾̿̿͆̽̂̈̽͞t̡̧̲͔̗̠̩͍͌̆͂̾̈͝ͅŗ̭̫̤̝͖̳̋͒̀͗͗̊̏̚͘͢͡ͅǫ̶̡͚̖̹̜͊̄̈̆͘ò̡͖͈̯͓̐͂̏̆͐͂͆͟͡m̷̧͓̝͓͔̙̫̙̄͊̾͂̽͢͠ş͈͇̼͕̳̩͚͉̈̋̒̌̃ͅ a̴̜͙͉̱̤̞͊̋͋̈̅̈́͛͞ṉ̵͔̗͈͊̓̀͊̃̎͊͆͞ͅͅd̴̢̬̦̞̜̤̦̪̔̇̍̑̔̚͜ͅ d̼̤̤͙̤̖̀̎̿͘͢͢͠o̧̢̲̮͈͚̙̮͉͙̒̋̏͋̃͐̃̾ ţ̴̢̛̫͉̬̮̙͙͍͒͊̐͒͆̋͜͞͡ḫ̨̛͓̘̳͖͇̙̳͊͛̅̈́̈́̀̑͝͞e̶̪̖͚̭͇͖̘̝̙͛̓̆̌͐͂ s̼̤̘̥̹͈̠̬͂́̌̂̍́̕̚͜͜ă͙̮͎̪̥̌̌͑̇̈̋͘͜͜ͅm̸̢̧̜̦̥͕̓̉̈́̄̀ȩ̶͖͔̖̼̂̓͂̋͗̐ t͈̬̦͔͒̅̔̄̀̈́͟͞͠ͅh͉͍̳͓͓͓̩̮͓͆̑̉̈́ȩ̡̗̥͚̯̣̪̀̐̽̄̿̂̿̕͜͜ṛ̶̗͈͚̭̟̇͛̇̂̀͐̾̏ȩ̶̭͖̫͉̘̼̄̀̀̓̇ ư͖̪̻̺̯̈́͒́͋̿̒̑̽̈́͜s̵͕̻̞̞͉͈̝̅͐̃̇̆̆͊͗͞͝i̶̡̥͙̮̭̘̦͚̇̉̀͆̆̍n̷̪͍̥̤̜̫̬̪͈͉͐̌͒̌͗̉͛̕͠g͙͓̯͖̳̹̝̔͂̆̈̍̐͘͢ ṭ̤̙͍̩̰̀̋͒͆́̿̀͢ǫ̡̞͕͍̙̲͒̽̀̍̃͛͆̒̚͟͝ͅo͚͙̞̥͑̃̎̽̒̉̔͌̚ͅļ̴̛̲̰̟͈̤̲̬̱̖̐͐̔̏̓̂̑́s̢͍͉̦̗̍̓͋̕͢͟͡ͅͅ f̤̩̦̩̖͑͌́̆̓͛͂͘̕͠r̴̢̡̜͙̮͎̲͗́̈̎͆͠ͅǫ̸̙͙͎̘̻͖̐͂̓̒͊̈͒͛̕͜ḿ̴̢̳̳̭͚͎̎͑̔̚͡ t̵͖͎̥͔̫̻̘̾̍͐͊̍͝h̨͍͙̤̘̙̀͗͆̎͋̽̍͑́e̢͉̦̮̭͉̤̭͋̀́̂̅͌̅́͡ b̷̺͎͍͔̓̉̌̈́̌͜ä̢̨̖̲̩́̾̏͐̚͝c̡̛̗̦̤̼̺͚̫̞̖̄̄̍̂͊̒̓̆͞ķ̤̩̼̰̪̼̥̳̑̄͐͛̂̉͗͂͠͡r͉̣̭̬̤͉͖̜̭̍̂͋̔͂͢o̧̬̺͖̖͗́̊͗̎͜͞͠ö̢̥̣̲̣̭̝͙̝́̓̆̂͞m̸̛̜̻͈̟̖̩̤̜̏͆̓̋̕͘͝s̭̱̣̘̥̘͒͂̋̏̈̿̐́͜͜ͅ

JuiceyOrangmang: Doom Eternal or just do stupid things to be happy

Rosellia Teh Hybrid: Not be lazy and be aware and not sleep and watch my family members and stuff my mind on how to get out.

Have you ever had a warning or punishment on the backrooms wiki (and if so, why?)

What Operating System do you use? (Asked by Kayvon2008)

Windows Version (Asked by Kayvon2008)

Android Version (Asked by Kayvon2008)

CPU Model (Asked by Kayvon2008)

RAM amount (Asked by Kayvon2008)

Does your PC support Windows 11? If not, why? (Asked by Kayvon2008)