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Backroom Colonists

The Backroom Colonists are a superfaction known to be one of the most powerful groups in the Backrooms. Their colony page is extremely detailed and described in-depth, so more information can be found there. They ultimately are a strong and diverse group, thriving in hundreds of levels. With this, they have became very well-known in the Backrooms.

The Federation of the Three Flags

The Federation of the Three Flags (previously known as Camp Blastdoor or simply as The Blastdoor) is a group consisting of around 250 people located in Levels 0-2, with occasional scouting parties elsewhere. The Federation is headed by its founder, Archon u/Johannes_V, alongside a congress of 6 members. Camp Blastdoor was created after u/Johannes_V discovered a blast door and a pantry filled with food on Level 0, and has thus far been completely focused in restoring order and justice to the Backrooms, acting as a police force and aiding groups in Levels 0-5. After winning the First Insurgency-Blastdoor War, the group changed its territory to annex Fort Blake, the Hub, and Camp Blastdoor, hence the term "Three Flags".

The group is most famous for its extensive law books, factories, substantial military presence, ideals of order and justice, and its series of signals written in magic marker along the walls of Levels 0-2, which can help newbies find their way around the Backrooms.

As of the current moment, the group is remilitarizing in the possible event of a second war with the Resurgency of the Insurgents. However, trade and joining will remain open until stated otherwise.

Notable Members:

  • Johannes: Archon (Head of state).
  • Harry: Master of All Camps (Vice-head).
  • Kier: Head of R&D, congressman.
  • "u/destroyer_of_corn": Head Loresayer, congressman.
  • "Tekayo": Head of the Patrols, congressman.
  • Daniel "MrPancakes123": Head Merchant/General, congressman.
  • "RayanJ": Head of Medicine, congressman.

(NOTE) This is highly outdated.

Camp Amber

Main base is on Level 0 called Camp Amber. Population of Camp Amber fluxuates from year to year but mostly stays within the range of [[1]]. The group has a government and "elders" help make decisions for the colony. Camp Amber usually moves place every 5 years to keep away from their enemy: Fort Blake. They have a second Base on Level 4 called Base Safety and a new outpost in level 5. They recently got colonised by The Backroom Colonists, and remain a colony of the group.

Brutus Experimentation Organization

"The Brutus experimentation organization is an organization that is dedicated to studying entities and the Backrooms itself, so no longer do the people of the Backrooms have to live in consternation of the unknown." - B.E.O. Head Scientist.

As the quote says the Brutus Experimentation Organization is responsible for experimenting on entities and Backrooms levels, they are well known for their experiments on counter entities. They also give survivors supplies probably for better reputation. B.E.O. was founded in level 11 after an agreement was made by 3 Men, one of their names Brutus, others unknown. Other than that there's not much known about them aside from experimentation on entities.

The group has done good things for the Backrooms, such as researching levels and entities and increasing understanding of them, a basic guide to the Backrooms, they have done autopsies on entities and researched how they behaved.

Backroom Explorers

Backroom Explorers Logo. Flashlight represents light in the dark. (New 2021)

The Backroom Explorers are a group of people consisting 50 lost people, and collecting more. They set up their biggest base in Level 0, and the smallest in Level 3. They are currently exploring Level 2, getting near Level 3. They have also lately been exploring Level 4.5 and Level 5678. They are a non-hostile group, helping lost people in the Backrooms.

Their group system is complex. If an entity is near, they have a safety protocol named "Code Red". If they encounter an Anethika, they go on immediate lock-down called "Code Black". Breaking rules will result in you being kicked out. The group was created by u/Lordmac29.

The Originals

There is one colony set up on Level 5 in the “lobby” of the hotel section. They call themselves, “The Originals” and were started by u/13CraftyFox and u/InhalesOxygen. They are comprised of around 250 people trapped in the Backrooms from between 1300 and present day. They are suspicious of anyone from earlier time periods so they usually keep to themselves. They are willing to trade goods with passerby’s but are reluctant to trade with other major colonies. The majority of people in this colony were trapped in the Backrooms after the 1906 San Francisco Earth Quake or the 1912 sinking of the Titanic. Notable members include Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Arnold, John Jacob Astor IV, and Capt. Edward Smith.

The Mountain Man Coalition

The symbol of the Mountain Man Coalition. This symbol can be found written on walls near caches of supplies and tattooed on members wrists.

The Mountain Man Coalition is a loose group of hermits and frontiersmen who pass information to and from other factions and tribes, They are the spies of the Backrooms, and for the right price, one can know quite a bit about any of the other groups. An estimated 50 people founded the Coalition, including u/konkinsdeciple. There is no central authority present. Current number of members is unknown.

Libertarian Insurrectionist Militia

The flag of the Libertarian Insurrectionist Militia, the blue represents minarchism and the torch represents liberty. NOTE: This is not the same symbol used on the groups armbands.

The LIM is a group of soldiers who plan to Establish a libertarian government in the Backrooms. Members of the LIM are instantly recognizable through their grey uniforms and armband with the picture of a coiled snake and the words, "Don't Tread on me" The LIM is still considered a terrorist organization to the New Backrooms Republic Remnants, and thus engagements between them are common. The LIM isn't inherently Violent, and will only shoot travelers if they pose a threat. However the are known to hoard supplies, and leaving the group once joined is notoriously difficult. The LIM has a long partnership with the Mountain Man Coalition, and frequently uses them as reconnaissance operators to gain information on the New Backrooms Republic and its plans. The Libertarian Insurrectionist Militia Is one of the larger contenders in the Backrooms with about 50 fully armed soldiers. The LIM's main base of operations is estimated to be on level four, but it has yet to be confirmed. The founder of the LIM is u/konkinsdeciple, but he is no longer a member since being trapped in level -2.

Raven Shield

Raven Shield is a group of new backroom explorers comprised of seven unknown people, and the leader has decided to remain anonymous to avoid suspicion. The group's main goal is to study and document the Backrooms from it's groups of people and entities that lie deep within the levels. With the knowledge, they plan to create a way to allow others to experience the psychological horror that each traveler has went through to honor their sacrifices and give light on how dangerous the Backrooms are, without sacrificing more innocent lives.

The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand is dedicated to the extraction, relocation, medical help, along with other things that help others. The group was formed due to u/Bart0nius and his problem on L7, when he was attacked by The Thing on Level 7. Users u/Commander_Blastbolt, u/avolded, and u/randomuser9061 decided to help. Over time, they gained more members due to them asking for volunteers on the way to u/Bart0nius. They have now combined forces with the backroom boys in order to explore farther.

United Backrooms Delivery Service

The logo that is found on all UBDS members' shirts.

The UBDS is a group of people who are known as Deliverers. There job is to, as the name suggests, deliver products to those trapped in the Backrooms. Most Deliverers just travel on their own, but some may stick together, so as to be able to defend themselves better. UBDS products include almond water, Kenny's bioluminescent flower goo, and some of the other things that Kenny makes. Some Deliverers may find a gun, and will be more than willing to trade it, as well as any ammo that they may find. Deliverers take payment in the form of empty bottles, scraps of metal, or seeds of any kind.

At the moment, there are a little over 70 members. u/ProbablyKenny is the founder.

Commercium Foundation

Flag of the Commercium Foundation

The Commericum Foundation is a trading and exploration group which makes travel around the Backrooms safer by building portals to safe levels. Their HQ is Level 1390. LEVEL 3782 IS NOT OWNED BY US. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF THAT.

We are currently looking for Supply Runners and Militia Soldiers. You will get your own hotel room in Level 1390 free of charge, and a decent hourly wage.

We sell guns, tools, armor, food, water, furniture, and more! Come to Level 1390, and book a hotel room.

Sanity Keepers

The Sanity Keepers consist of 11 people. Their base is on level 0. They help travelers by increasing their sanity and actively trade with others. They also have a secure WiFi connection with an old printer powered by a crank generator. The SK is able to access the latest memes and hand them out to travelers. Their supplies consists of: a lot of music devices, recreational tools (drawing, painting, a paddle ball, and an old Nintendo 3DS and a Wii), lots of almond water to dip your hands in, snacks, and books. They all are friends and try to spread kindness. The Sanity Keepers were founded by u/ILikePiezez.

The Gem Traders

The Gem Traders is a friendly group with 142 members. They originate from Level 1819 and trade Grare and Bone weapons to survivors. They also have mining equipment, such as Grare-powered Mining Helmets, Flashlights and C4.

The Road Republic

This is a rouge organization against the M.E.G., also [REDACTED BY ROAD REPUBLIC]



AEA (Anti-Entity Agency)

The AEA was a group consisting of around 120 people of unknown identity, they called themselves the Anti Entity Agency and believed that they could destroy the creatures lurking within the Backrooms forever, they dressed as business men and sold supplies such as:

  • Radios
  • Steel
  • Rare items from Level 11 and Level 9

The entire group fell apart somewhere during 1988, and was founded around 1950. The AEA's base was located on a rooftop of a building in level 11, with the entire building refurbished and lightly armored from intruders. It is unknown where the members went after the group randomly vanished but some people theorize that they were raided by another group.

Since 2003 no other information except the leader has been found, the original founder of this mysterious group is an anonymous 4 chan user which has been missing for over 10 years.

Backrooms 1998s Search and Rescue Party

Corrupted image of the logo

The "Backrooms 1998s Search and Rescue Party" (BSRP) were a group of 12 volunteer scavengers who searched for missing people in the Backrooms, the group had been disbanded after an incident following the year 1999, the team used to communicate using an IRC, a message was received on one of their channels about a help request for a missing person in Level 3. The entire team was sent in to find the individual, yet nobody came back, their website was later taken down because the website hosting provider went out of business. The only remaining information about them was from the friends of only some of the members, and a phone that had been found lying on the ground in Level 1 belonging to the team's leader; however, it was severely damaged, the only file that could be recovered was a highly corrupted image of the team's icon, as seen above. No new information has been heard about them since 2013. A person named Rez have daily log and this was one of the logs that was about the brsp, Rezzie's brsp log: "Somehow i found the brsp base with a IRC,but i could be able to draw their logo with that image,i think im on level 1 or 0,this is Rez,out. -Rezzie." The log was found in level 0 but their base could have been in level 0 or 1,Rez is not sure,and we aren't,if you are sure then put it on here.

Kauer Logo.png

Kauer Research Base and Outpost

Kauer refers to a multifaceted group in the Backrooms with the purpose of studying anomalous and harmful objects found in various levels. This group has their headquarters stationed in Level 306, along with various outposts in certain levels. Kauer is a very mysterious group, as their practices are kept secretive and their documents are mostly kept confidential. However, one document has recently been declassified, that being The Kauer Thesis. This thesis theorizes the cause and creation of the Backrooms as being an illusory tulpa.

Exploration and Rescue Coalition (ERC)

The ERC is owned by u/CES_2005 and it's co-leader is u/Bricky5. Its other members are u/An0therShad0w, and u/BBnuthouse1 with a total of 4 members. Their logo is unfinished but will look like La Unidad's logo from Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Formerly called the BEMG (Brazilian Exploration and Mercenary Group) but it's former leader u/Roterista was overthrown and the group renamed by u/CES_2005. "We have better ideals than being unethical mercenaries" said CES.

The Smiths

The Smiths are a group of 6 blacksmiths that entered the Backrooms with their forges. There is currently one Enforcing Hunter who is Bread. Their lead smith is Alittlefriend. Their location is in the hub where they have set up shop near door 4. They are always thankful for extra help. They make weapons and Armour to anyone who needs it. Weapons can range from swords to clubs. All the Armour is plate or chain. They will make all these for other people, for a price that is. They will take their payment in 3 forms.

  • Metal
  • Entities body parts
  • Almond water


Re-Builders is group located at Level 11 and it's leader is u/drminjak. There are around 300-500 people in this group. Their goal is to rebuild Level 11. They are still making the logo for the group since it's pretty new. They are always open to trade and they have tons of supplies (food and weapons). They are also stopping the partygoers from taking over their level, because of the event of Third Fun War. Joining this group isn't very hard, since you just have to walk close to them and ask them: "Can I join?" , after asking they will check are you by any chance Skin-Stealer and then let you in (except if you failed skin-stealer test).

If you have this items you can trade with them for very good price:

  • 7.62×39mm caliber bullets
  • Any kind of tools
  • Yellow helmets

The Insurgency

The Insurgency was a coalition of raiders from Fort Blake, the Hazel crew, and over 50 lesser bandit tribes. The leader of the Insurgency is a man known as Nathaniel. After a brutal war, the Insurgency was supposedly destroyed, but Nathaniel survived due to evacuation procedures and is loose within the Backrooms.

The Insurgency held the Backrooms under brutal custody for a long while. They murdered innocents, neutral soldiers, and even children. And with no one to fight them anymore, it is unknown if the Backrooms will ever be safe again unless K4 and NBR are reformed.

Original Members

  • Diesal: Army general (deceased)
  • Elliot: Army general, mayor of civilian forces (deceased)
  • Hazel: Radio DJ, Chief of War (deceased)
  • Flak: Radio DJ, propaganda minister, journalist (deceased)
  • Simmins: Chief of Peace, chef (deceased)
  • Damien: Diesel's teenage brother and active Insurgency Recruiter
  • Dr. Amelie Williams: The "Neutral" Insurgency Medic and Psychiatrist.

Resurgence Members

  • Jerome Parker: Radio and Intercom personality. He as become popular out of the Insurgency for his chill demeanor and 70s slang, but is really a drug fueled psychopath.
  • Billy: Chief of Intelligence Operations.
  • McCaliber: Chief Officer of Level 5 Operations.
  • Francesca Maria Jesus Juan Peso De La Crux (deceased): Insurgency spy and scout.
  • Penni Barbara Crenshaw: Jerome’s loyal secretary and personal therapist.
  • Dr. Gunter Pinter-Schloss: A German scientist experiment in on augmented Skinstealers.

Federation Of Quintuple (FOQ)

The Federation of Quintuple is a group of colonists identifying as a sovereign nation on Levels 6.1, 11, 24, and 4, the group originally consisted of a group of mercenaries, civilians and a man with brain damage, claiming to be royalty and rambling about world conquest. Currently, the faction is the largest of the minor factions, they specialize in "terraforming" levels to expand their living space. Their leader, Emperor Manfred Von Rot I rules the Federation.

Original Members

  • Emperor Manfred Von Rot I (Dying, brain tumor)
  • General Roland Baker
  • Psychiatrist Albert Frost (Deceased)
  • Dr. Amber Frost: Nuclear physicist
  • Josif (Deceased)
  • Pablo Franco: Chef

Rebirth Members

  • Brad Thomson
  • Tenativicius Ashkara Dmitri Vladimir Francisco Juarez Carolus Cordis Mayers Thomas Ivanovic Seta: mentally and emotionally unstable Minister of Defense, heir to the throne per Emperor's wish.
  • Dmitri Vladimirovic: Chief of Trade

Entity Recycling Association (ERA)

The ERA is an trade organization consisting of few known members(18) who is highly secretive and sells entity parts and goods crafted from entities. It was formed by Slyk and Terry, along with Sky who didn't really help form and it and mostly just there to be in it and kill entities. Other people joined along the way and soon formed the start of the ERA. Everyone who joined had a specific role, Drakken studied the entities biology and weaknesses, Robot could plan battle strategies around those weaknesses, Sky could effectively carry out the strategies, hunt, and kill the entities, Drakken could also use and recycle the parts of entities, Slyk could sell and market the parts, and Terry documented and scribes everything. There are other members who just help one of the original members mentioned before in their task, such as Lloyd helping Sky hunt the entities. All of the techniques that they use to carry out this pipeline they refuse to divulge.

They wanted some vestiges of their own life and choose a medium of exchange, which they decided to be hound teeth, or teeth of another entity, the stronger the entity, the higher value teeth. If you have no access to teeth, you may barter with other items. They sell a lot of tools and items either made from stuff in the Backrooms or the creatures that live there. They have many items and what entities they have killed are unknown, but the kill count is estimated to be at least 17 from Sky alone, as he is the only one who tells. That does not mean they can't sell normal tools or food, and other items that were not crafted. They also employed a democratic system of leaders to feel closer to home and their humanity, Drakken is the current leader. They also support others through a basic inn service that is just a closed of, guarded room but it beats the open ground.

Original Members

  • Slyk(u/slykk1): Master trader
  • Terry(u/gagartas): Lore Master
  • Drakken(u/X-Drakken): Voted leader and Monster Documenter
  • Robot(u/MDG_YT): Lead Strategist
  • Sky(Known to be a user, not known the name of the user): The Collector

Other Members

  • Lloyd(u/Actual_Cancerrr): A Supplementary Collector

Three Hammers


The Three Hammers (named after the dragonforce song of the same name) is a group of 20-ish people that reside in Level 4. founded by Therealmaplesyrup,the group has a base of operations notable by their unique insignia spray painted onto the entrances of said base. They are open to trades and new members. they know how to make Almond Cream grenades where you pull the pin and throw it to make it explode.

The Tourism Guild (T.T.G.)

Official Military logo of The Tourism Guide.

The Tourism Guild is a group consist of about 390~420 people with a third (1/3) of them usually wearing Kevlar bullet proof vests, equipped with a pistol, sometimes a shotgun, and either a machete or a knife. They are likely to no-clipped to the Backrooms at a military base because of there uniforms, resources, and light ammunition. The Military Base is likely to have no-clipped with them because its impossible for them to carry all the stuff they brought, it is unknown where the military base is right now. They focus on recruiting new members that are skilled, search and rescue on certain levels, and trading. They are open to trade for clothes (not their military uniform though,) equipments, food and drinks, ammunitions and weaponary.

Their main base is at level 0 and they have quite a sum of sub-bases, usually very small. One of the bigger one is located in The Metro.

They do monthly tours of Level 0, Level 1, level 2, The Metro, level 11 and various theme-park levels, hence the name.

A Groups of Idiots (A.G.I.)

A Groups of Idiots (Or AGI, for now on lets call them that.) is a group holding about 6 people and ONLY 6... From what they say. Their previous mission is to get out of the Backrooms, But that was change due to their Co-Commander wanting to explore and know all secrets in the Backrooms. They are counted as friendly but also careful with it's surrounding, They only trust people who EARN it.. Or when they outnumber. Open for trading and will accept anything that will help them for their journey: Including Gears, Weapons, Water and Food, Med-kits, Bombs, Utility, Weird looking Coins?, and Cocaine (Please note that one of our member try to change the information for himself, so if you see a cross word please ignore it...). They don't have a base, But they do rest on Colonies and Outposts or on safe spots around the levels. And speaking of levels you can normally find them every levels... Well "Every" that you only commonly well find them in level 0 to 5. Long story short... They a couple of Edgy, Stupid, Jackasses who want to explore and MAAYBE escape the Backrooms.

The people in this awful group:

  • "My ONLY death wish I don't want is to die here with these guys..." Zackire "New" Joy (Commander / Leader) Description: Zackire is a 18 year old male who control and command the group to dig deeper to the Backrooms. He is a newbie to the Backrooms but know everything to survival, Animals, (NOTE: I'm not sure the monster in this places has the same specs at any other animals but hey i'm just going to guess) And Trying to not fuck up... Even if hes new, He a quick leaner.
  • "The more you know, The better you live." EdGy SoNiC fAn "Zero" (Co-Commander / Co-Leader) Description: "Zero" Age is unknown, Because he barley speak anyone to himself. He usually wears clothing to hides his identity. He a expert around the Backrooms's Secret and shortcuts. He wrote everything down on his notebooks of everything he encounter and only keep it to himself and share the knowledge to his groups. I have a swor to steal swouls and kill my frieds to find my truh perpis on folling my lord evl god my sowrd is porwfuk and noone can destory DONT STEAL MY OCS.
  • "My favorite things to do is to fucking go crazy and fuck hard!" Jackie "Chan" Sin Description: Jackie chan is the coolest and badass person ever, he the leader of the group and control EVERYTHING he kill 109 confimred kill and has the baddest bitches love doing some fucking drugs and go fucking crazy and is the best and only lord in the Backrooms there it is (ps zero is a faggot lol) (PLEASE IGNORE THIS. I know the group description is a disgusting awful mess, So I do NOT want to make... This even more of a mess - "Zero") REAL DESCRIPTION: Jackie "Chan" Sin is a 16 year old male who has a addiction to drugs (Most commonly to cocaina). He usaully has alot of personality rangeing to calm to crazy. Usually listening to music make him calm and relaxed and strangly relaxed others with it's music. He once say "My music is like magic, once you listen to it... You feel like you in a other dimison." this means he not actully useless. Always wears music disc glasses?, knows how to make medicine, and knows how to heals or do surgery. (NOTE: Our only person who know medicine is a god damn psychopath?!).
  • "Il modo di vivere è di essere sempre l'unico ad avere un'intelligenza superiore, Like I always like to say." Rosa "Angelo" Peccatrice Description: Rosa "Angelo" Peccatrice is a 20 year old italian female who has an amazing IQ. She is the technician of the group and the brain to contact other people (And the only person with different social media account....). She is also the person to make: Almond Cream Grenades, Makeshift Armor, And traps and rarly turrets and makeshift gears. She can also make raiods to contact or listen to broadcast.
  • "Sometimes whenever I get bored... I just make some random shit and eat cheese." Stickin "Tuff" Vinguard Description: Stickin "Tuff" Vinguard is a 22 year old male who is a expert on Weaponry, Gears, And Rarly Guns. He huge and tough looking but is actully just a guy who really bored all the time. He the "Weapon maker" of the group.

And that is all of the group in the AGI.. So long story short: 5 idiots, 5 ability, 1 and a half mission.

Backrooms Pharmacy Agency (B.P.A.)

BPA Pharmacy.png

This group was formed after a group of explorers decided to make a pharmacy for healthcare in the Backrooms. This is a group of 7 People and their "Job" is to deliver medicines and other stuff to other people in the Backrooms. their base is located somewhere in Level 4, and they can give you medicines if you sign up for an "Account", which costs around 15 US Dollars. If you order a medicine, they are given into pills. The origin of the pills are unknown, but these pills do have positive effects in the body, which you need if you want to venture out to the levels above. One of the pills are known to keep your sanity, which you need in levels 5 and 6. Also one of the pills can give you skill knowledge of fighting, which you can fight any entities that may attack you. There are many lesser known pills with positive effects, but the BPA's mission is to give resources into making Backrooms exploring much safer, and increases the chances of survival in the Backrooms, and they are really good at doing their mission.

The Wild Wanderers (W.W.)

The Wild Wanderers are a group of four people. Their objective is exploring the Backrooms, no matter how dangerous it may be. They have contributed, or even single-handedly discovered numerous levels. There used to be 10 total members but 6 died during their 12 year total stay in the Backrooms.

Member List

  • Steel Wall (Name Unknown, Founder, Deceased) Clipped in on January 11th, 2006.
  • Wingspan (Name Unknown, Founder, Deceased) Clipped in on April 2nd, 2008. Marked the official founding of the Wild Wanderers.
  • Jonathan "Slaughterer" Nicholas (Deceased) Clipped in on August 9th, 2010.
  • Tower (Name Unknown, Alive) Clipped in on September 14th, 2011.
  • Gerulf "Wehrmacht" Spitz (Deceased) Clipped in on February 24th, 2012.
  • Bryan "The Stabber" Corwin (Deceased) Clipped in on November 4th, 2013.
  • Blackout (Name Unknown, Alive) Clipped in on March 21st, 2014.
  • Jasper Victors (Deceased) Clipped in on June 6th, 2014.
  • Fireaxe (Name Unknown, Alive) Clipped in on November 24th, 2017.
  • Brad Jenkins (Alive) Clipped in on July 4th, 2019.


"If you wanna do something in life, do it. Don't "do it tomorrow", since tomorrow may already be too late." -Steel Wall

"Never give up, because if i can survive here, you can too." -Blackout

The Promised Land Exploration Alliance (or T.P.L.E.A)

The Promised Land Exploration Alliance is not really one colony but more of an organization ( a bit like the UN in our reality) made by multiple colonies of the Backrooms to find The Promised Land. The TPLEA was originally created in 2003 by The Federation of Three Flags, the Backroom Explorers and The Tourism Guild. Sinc then many other colonies, big or small have joined the TPLEA. (such as many old members of the New Backrooms Republic, the B.A.S and many others)

As it is not really a colony, it doesn't have a set number of members (except for the old members of the New Backrooms Republic, they are 300)

Olympian Rescue Unit (ORU)

The Olympian Rescue Unit is a group residing in a seemingly unknown level of the Backrooms now known as "Olympus, a safe haven" their group's goal is to rescue lost explorers and supply them with almond water and other beverages, Olympus can be found through level 0 by listening for the cry of an eagle and following it into a dark wall, or through a tornado shelter door in the hub. The group is open to trade, likely being the most sane in the Backrooms due to having an abundance of almond water and the strange lack of whispering voices in Olympus. The group is currently made up of 2 people with 3 residents of Olympus.


u/TheMagicalChez (Founder, Resident)

u/weirdspellingofwierd (Group Operative, Resident)

u/Kalistoo8 (Resident)

Of course more residents and members are going to join so I will edit everytime I am able to

Legion Of Levels

you guys didnt behave so i changed the image, stop using our badge for your fun flag shit and stuff.

The Legion Of Levels was first created in Level 0, Level -987 acts like an infinite storage for the Legion Of Levels, u/FilmsxKalypsx0 created the Legion, the legion isn't as powerful as the name suggests but still has a infinite storage. The motto of the legion is "Nothing is infinite if you go farther than infinity.", the legion also has a base in Level 11, and 2 bases in safeplaces which they refused to reveal the location, the flag has a circle with an line in it and a white star with a level 0'ish yellow color, the 5 points on the star represents the 5 original founders of the legion. It is a slowly growing empire, creating bases and acquiring members.

The official flag of the legion.

Known bases/outposts in order of creation:

Base = 1,000 people+, Outpost = <1,000 people

  • Base Primary (Capitol): Level 0 (27,432 Pop.)
  • Outpost Storage: Level -987 (568 Pop.)
  • Base Turret: Level 11 (3,472 Pop.)
  • Base Necessary: Level 9 (9,486 Pop.)
  • Base Bombshell: Level 9 (4,132 Pop.)
  • Base Spirit: Level 7 (2,329 Pop.)
  • Base Importance: Level 13 (5,231 Pop.)
  • Base Hope: Level -998 (1,435 Pop.)
  • Outpost Fort 9: Level 4 (867 Pop.)
  • Base Forever: Level ∞ (10,307 Pop.)-Gate 987a and the parallel eating area across the isle, 987b is occupied by a smaller sister colony base called The Walter T. Cobbler Colony honoring a fallen founding member of the mother colony of both)
  • Base Purity: Level 14 (1,576 Pop.)
  • Outpost Dependence: Level 9 (467 Pop.)
  • Outpost Proxy: Level 7 (108 Pop.)
  • Base Essential: Level 10 (1,878 Pop.)
  • Outpost Persimmon: Level 246/941 (27 Pop.)
  • Base Sanity: Level 130 (11,258 Pop.)

The F.R.E.E

The F.R.E.E also known as the "Free Recourses Eco Ethics" is a group of 50 people trying to stop the arson in Level 11 and replant plants and buildings made by FreeBurgers100. The this group was made after a tweet by freeburgers saying "BOARD UP 375 WERE JOINING THE WAR". They work on saving the ecosystem for generations to come.

The Evergreen Federation

This is the official flag of the Evergreen Federation.

The Evergreen Federation or EF for short is a republic located in Level 311. The current population of the federation is 600 thousand with their largest city (Evergreen City) having a population of 300k. The Federation has most things a country on Earth would have, elections, a sewage system, an electrical grid, an elected legislature, currency, fire department, police department, medical facilities, and a transit network known as The Pipeline that connects the major towns and cities. They usually will allow newcomers to live in their territory and become citizens. There is one exception however, you are unable to become a citizen if you are an M.E.G member. This is due to a recent war fought between the M.E.G and Evergreen Federation. Most information known about Level 311 is due to the Evergreen Exploration Department or EED for short.

The P.R.G. (Puffball Research Group)

The P.R.G. is a group mainly found in Level 2007 and Level 0. They study the behavior and society of puffballs in Level 2007, and currently have no established outposts.

Known members:

  • Nick ██████: Former leader (Deceased)
  • Dr. Amy █████: Head researcher (Unknown)
  • Kye: Puffball (Unknown)
  • Adam ███████: Cameraman (Unknown)
  • Jeffrey King: Unknown rank (Alive)

The P.E.G. (Puffball Experimentation Group)

The P.E.G. was a group that did experiments on puffballs. They were rumored to have a base in Level 2007, but it has never been found.

Members of this organization saw Aurum as a god, and Ferrum as this god's prophet.

Known members:

  • Aurum: Leader (Deceased, sliced in half by Thomas Nijiganseki)
  • Imperator: Former leader (Killed by wounds sustained by Nyxarma, leader of the Invidae)
  • Ferrum: Second-in-command/Nox's bodyguard (Deceased)
  • Aeternus Nox: Affiliate (Deceased)
  • Unknown researcher: Researcher (Deceased, killed by Puffball 1)
  • Unknown guard: Guard (Deceased, killed by Puffball 1)
  • Sakkharon: Guard (Likely deceased, massacred by the Cosmic Puffball)
  • Callidus: Researcher (Deceased, succumbed to wounds sustained from the Cosmic Puffball)
  • Validus: Former second-in-command/Guard (Deceased, massacred by the Cosmic Puffball)

Puffball Raiders

The Puffball Raiders are a group made up of thousands of puffballs. They mostly inhabit Level 879, Level 857, and have almost full control of Level 2287. When members of this group are killed, the Cosmic Puffball Knight will not appear, either due to the Puffball Raiders not supporting them, or because the Cosmic Puffball outright refuses to be involved with them.

List of Divisions

  • Cutter Division (Active)
  • Bitter Division (Active)
  • Cake Division (Active, no longer part of the Puffball Raiders)


  • Tagliere (Leader, alive)
  • Pugnale (Captain of the Cutter Division, alive)
  • Amaro (Captain of the Bitter Division, alive)
  • Agrodolce (Captain of the Cake Division, alive)


Flag found on the uniform of X-Cast members.

The X-Cast is a special/clandestine ops task force consisting of 1 million-1.2 million members with branches in different areas. They originate in Level 0, with their first branches being the X-Cast Operator Squad I and the X-Cast Foreign Unit. Throughout the existence of the Backrooms, they have grown in size due to the increasing amount of clippers. Most clippers that make up their task force are army veterans, CIA members, and FBI members. Most branches are neutral to wanderers, while others are hostile and only one is passive. All X-Cast branches are equipped with a military-grade armory, with their primary weapons being either M-16, M4A1-S, M4A4, or AK-47. They are the 2nd most powerful military in the Backrooms, just behind the O7 Organization. The X-Cast is united under one cause: the eradication of Backrooms entities. It was created on October 5, 2019 by an unknown group of Redditors. After discovering weapons in Level 4, they formed the group. They inhabit bases located across different Backrooms levels, with each base and branch serving a different purpose:

X-Cast Delta Base series (Delta Bravo, Delta Omega, Delta Alpha, Delta Gamma, Delta Kilo):

  • X-Cast Echo Base series (Echo Foxtrot, Echo Lake, Echo Golf): Inhabits Level 11 and Level 12, kills anyone in sight (except other X-Cast members), hostile to all
  • X-Cast Operator Squad series (I, II, III, IV, V, VI): Inhabits every Backrooms level, focused on killing hostile entities, hostile to wanderers (they are very brutal and show no mercy, so best to stay away from them)
  • X-Cast Special Weapons Unit: Inhabits any level where Partygoers are found, dedicated to killing Partygoers, passive to wanderers (Partygoers became so powerful a special unit had to be created)
  • X-Cast Intelligence Unit: Solely inhabits The End, masters at hacking and manipulation (they installed the files on the computers found in The End), neutral to wanderers
  • Inhabits most Backrooms levels, focused on killing hostile entities, neutral to wanderers

Allies of the X-Cast include:

  • Romeo Base
The X-Cast Special Weapons Unit participated in the Fun War 3 on the side of TAPRG and the P.E.A.
The X-Cast Special Weapons Unit has received pleas from the O7 Organization to stop killing Partygoers, most requests have either gone ignored or denied.

The symbol found on F.R.E.E vests


K4 is a Backrooms operation team consisting of about 100 people currently, if you need extraction, they got you. They also help out many colonies survive and persist in the harshest conditions. The operative base is at an unknown level. They also assassinate people and take down groups if needed. Their uniforms are in all black and you can tell it's them if they have glowing blue watch. The founder is u/IdkTest. The group was removed for unknown reasons after u/IdkTest was banned from the Discord.

An advertisement for K4

New Backrooms Republic

The New Backrooms Republic is a group consisting of around 1,000 people, they have a base set on levels 0-5 and are associated with K4 due to both of them being owned by the same person. Even though K4 and the NBR are owned by the same people they often have skirmishes between each other because of members looking for any reason to fight. Their uniforms are in all brown and you can tell it is them if they are wearing the patch on their uniform. The founder is u/IdkTest. The group was removed for unknown reasons after u/IdkTest was banned from the Discord.

The Solar Moons

The only thing known about this "group" is that, the first ever solar eclipse that humans could experience was unlike any other solar eclipse. Instead of the moon covering the sun, the sun covered the moon. After this every person who witnessed this even was transported to Level 0 in a group. Ever since then their colony has been traveling the Backrooms. Some of this "group" has escaped but most have been born and died in the Backrooms. The way you can tell who is apart of this group, they seem to have a image of a solar eclipse on their arm. If you do see this group make sure to not be hostile because of the fact that everyone seem to want to harm them, causing them to be hostile towards anybody, entity, etc. Make sure to also not look at their eyes considering that their eyes seem to be/have solar eclipses in them.

The Innovators

A friendly group of scientists, programmers, engineers, and other stuff like that working to make technology in the Backrooms using different resources in the Backrooms such as Memory Jars.

They have now joined an alliance against the MEG because they heard the leader was terrorizing innocent colonies for no reason at all.


Kee Industries and Test Enviroments, or K.I.T.E. is an organization led by Kee Ellis, known for making technological advancements in the Backrooms, and supposedly has contact with the real world, K.I.T.E will also make homes in destroyed levels or dangerous ones, K.I.T.E accepts anyone into their group who is willing to help out with their research.

K.I.T.E's main base can be found at Level 352, which also serves as a hub to other levels.

The patch for the New Backrooms Republic


  • K4 was the first group for the Backrooms
  • K4 wasn’t made for the Backrooms but adapted to it
  • One of the founders of The Backroom Boys, u/Bart0nius, is a mod in the subreddit.
  • The Originals began as a thought question about whether the Backrooms had existed for all of humanity.
  • The Ghost Busters like turtles. Don't hurt turtles.
  • The leader of BSRP is unknown, as nobody from the team is still alive to give out more information about the team.

Backrooms Civilization Builders Project (BCBP)

The BCBP, or Backrooms Civilization Builders Project is a Operation to create a civilization in the Backrooms, lead by “Ortherner”

The BCBP has 75,000 Members and has merged with other Groups in the past. They have many bases in Levels 0-3. The BCBP creates Homes, and farms in the Backrooms and they are growing by the daily. They have a military force to keep order and to make sure no dangerous entity harms anyone. The BCBP helps people stranded in the Backrooms have a new life in this new mysterious place.

The Raiders

The Raiders are a small, unorganized group of people in levels 0-250 who are known to plunder other factions for their personal gain. They live in anarchy with a simple hieracy; the person who kills the most is the best. While there are many flags for many raider camps, they are all united by their flag, the infamous skull and crossbones is a sign of plundering. There are about 300 members in it.


The “KILL EVERYBODY” group is an militant organization made up of approximately 65 members, with no official/permanent colonies, but one outpost in Level 147. They do not have any official leader, only a shoddy flag to unite under. As the name goes, the official goal of this organization is to kill every single entity located within the Backrooms, despite KILL EVERYBODY’s small size and extremely elitist recruiting techniques(they do not have the military strength to enforce these recruiting techniques). Unlike the Raiders, they do not plunder, nor have any care for plundering or stealing unless they need weapons(Then they plunder and kill.) They only kill. The members of “KILL EVERYBODY” appear to have no care or knowledge of who or what they are killing, they only enjoy the killing itself. When interviewed or otherwise questioned by other groups and organizations, the subjects KILL EVERYBODY’s members talked about was centered and focused around killing, death, and people.

While “KILL EVERYBODY” is extremely hostile normally towards organizations and will try their hardest to completely destroy the organization/organization members upon physical contact, KILL EVERYBODY’s members will happily work with other organizations and groups if it means they get to kill people. This is how they participated in the Fun War on both sides.(the members really don’t have any regard for rules), and other wars that happened within the Backrooms.

Most members of KILL EVERYBODY have never met or seen each other. Most of the time, they see the KILL EVERYBODY flag, go “Oooh, that’s me!”, talk to the person carrying the flag for a brief amount of time, than walk away and forget about it. The only reason they are members is because they have the same goal; kill every single alive organism within the Backrooms, including themselves. However, most of these members intend to only kill themselves after everyone else is dead.

KILL EVERYBODY has no official uniform. Instead, it’s members disguise as other group members, pretending to be doing “group missions” or “quests” or things they assume the group does. Then, if someone who is actually an member of the hypothetical group walks up to the disguised member, it’s on sight. The someone will be beaten by the disguised member bloody until they’re dead, or killed with whatever weapon the disguised member has on them. Beating someone to death, stabbing someone, shooting them, or eating the victim alive are the four most popular methods used within KILL EVERYBODY to kill entities and people. However, other more gruesome methods have been used if a KILL EVERYBODY member has access to the item/skill required to carry out these methods, such as acid attack, snapping ones neck, decapitation, throwing one within a spiked pit/any pit, sacrifice to more benevolent and omnipresent entities through extravagant rituals, or even throwing the victim over another defunct groups barrier high enough so they break their bones and rot within the barrier.

When approaching/interacting with a KILL EVERYBODY member, do so briefly and shortly. If you can, pretend to be a member yourself, but don't bring up your membership too much, lest the member get suspicious. If you want to hire a member to kill someone/join a war/cause death in general, use the words “kill” “death” “genocide” and “killing” over any other words when you converse with a KILL EVERYBODY member.

Despite it's incredibly small size, there are rumors that KILL EVERYBODY runs the Death Party(one of many political parties within the Backroom Colonists)as a plan to infiltrate the Backroom Colonists and kill all of the people who are Backroom Colonists, Whenever this is true or not is unknown.

The Backrooms Investigation Foundation

The B.I.F is a friendly organization dedicated to investigating the Backrooms and rescuing explorers from harmful levels and supplying other groups and explorers. There are many outposts across the Backrooms and the primary goal of this group is colonizing the whole Backrooms into one place though the B.I.F is currently only focusing on investigating levels and assisting explorers. It has an estimated 2.5M operatives.

The B.I.F has two main enemies which is the "Cult Of Jerry" and "The Partygoers" as well as any hostile group randomly killing innocents. Since 2019, all partygoers have been marked with a KOS (Kill On Sight) (used to be AOS)

Most members of the B.I.F vary in different divisions part of the PHYSICS program, departments vary from the "B.I.F's Task Force to the PHYSICS-Medical Department and scientific department.

Anyways this group is friendly and will help you if you need help

-implanted by sovietcatunion

Almond Water Inc. ™

Almond Water Inc. ™ is mayor group that consists mainly of helping people who are lost in the Backrooms, they also provide almond water and they are a very strong military group, so don't mess with them.

They are located mainly in Level 1980

Government System

Democratic Monarchy Council



Led by Cornholio, Nicaragua and it's almighty Bunghole will conquer the Backrooms! They produce TP for trading, consumption, construction, and of course, the almighty Bunghole.


The Backrooms Guild

The Backrooms Guild is a highly dangerous group of people located in Level [REDACTED]. They are extremely violent and if you get close to one of their outposts they will shoot you or make you their slaves. They have already enslaved 300 partygoers and put them into forces labor. The guild has over 1,000 members with many weapons such as guns and grenades. They are trying to expand their group into a new group called the "Backrooms Empire." Whatever you do, stay on guard and beware of them.

The flag of the Backrooms Guild

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