Backrooms Wiki

Level 0 is the 1st level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 1



Minimal Entity Count

The first ever picture taken of Level 0, posted to 4chan's /x/ board in May of 2019.


Level 0 is a non-linear space, resembling the back rooms of a retail outlet. All rooms in Level 0 appear uniform and share superficial features such as yellowed wallpaper, damp carpet, and inconsistently placed fluorescent lighting. However, no two rooms within Level 0 are identical.

The installed lighting flickers inconsistently and hums at a constant frequency. This buzzing is notably louder and more obtrusive than ordinary fluorescent humming, and examination of the fixtures to determine the source has been inconclusive. The substance saturating the carpet cannot be consistently identified. It is not water, nor is it safe to consume. Linear space in Level 0 is altered drastically; it is possible to walk in a straight line and return to the starting point, and end up in a completely different set of rooms than the ones previously passed through. Due to this, and the visual similarity between rooms, consistent navigation is extremely difficult. Devices such as compasses and GPS locators fail to function within Level 0, and radio communications are distorted and unreliable.

Colonies and Outposts

There are currently 9 known colonies and outposts in Level 0, but due to the level's size, it likely that one will not meet up with these groups.

Base Mahogany of the Backroom Colonists

  • Are willing to trade.
  • Has 50-600 members, depending on the amount of people stationed there.
  • Friendly or neutral to any people or other colonies and wanderers.
  • They posses all kinds of Water, examples are Almond Water, Cashew Water, Sugarata Water, and Cloud Water.
  • Recently started stocking up on medical and construction supplies for possible outpost construction.

Base Empara of The Backroomians

  • 50~ members.
  • Neutral and commonly willing to trade.
  • Will provide you with resources to stay at their base for a week at most.
  • Pretty small and insignificant.

Wilford Colony

  • A population of 40~ members.
  • Mostly friendly, but hostile if necessary.
  • Has heavily armed security guarding the colony against entities. The reason behind this is unknown.
  • Led by John, who acts as the Mayor.
  • Security is led by Jake, who acts as the colony’s Sheriff.
  • Has a transportation system traveling to The Hub.
  • Trades survival equipment and other stuff (ex.: Almond Water, Flashlight/Lantern, Medical Supplies, etc.).
  • Has a small hospital, police force, and fire department.

Union: Base 01

  • Population of 70~ members.
  • Friendly and also reside here, trading is always open.
  • The settlement owner is 'Daniel.'
  • The leader of the guards is 'Luke'.


  • Population at 30~ wanderers.
  • Led by a man named Steve, who acts as the colony's Sheriff and Mayor.
  • Mostly friendly.

Tom's Diner

  • Here resides Tom, as the name suggests.
  • Was a chef before noclipping into the Backrooms.
  • Has food supplies that could last for another 2 years.
  • Tom is a cheerful and optimistic person.

Outpost 255

  • Population of 24 members
  • Friendly group
  • Led by a guy named Joe. He has a lot of almond water.
  • Has lots of supplies
  • Has 4 guards to protect the base from entities because they are dangerous.


  • One of the anomalous groups inside the Backrooms.
  • This group consists of 30~ animated scarecrows that carry scythes, shovels and knives as weapons.
  • They are hostile, and are not open for trade. They will also dispatch any trespassers on sight by using their weapons.

Outpost Fjord

  • Special outpost for supply stocks, mainly almond water.
  • Not Much is known about this outpost.
  • Created by the Legion Of Levels.


Interactions with entities in Level 0 are very rare, but may happen. If encountered, they can be very dangerous. The known entities of Level 0 are Hounds, Dullers, Facelings, and rarely Lighters. If you see what you think is a wanderer, is not a human.

Entrances and Exits


  • Level 0, and by extension, the Backrooms, can be accessed by accidentally noclipping out-of-bounds in normal reality.
  • Traveling deep into the Hive will lead you to a tunnel that will lead to Level 0.
  • Noclipping out of certain levels, such as Level 629 and a few others, may bring you back to Level 0.


There are 6 known ways of exiting Level 0.

  • Spending about 4 days in this level may cause a stairwell to appear, which leads to Level 1. Noclipping methods can work too.
  • You can rarely find a fire exit, which will also lead to Level 1.
  • Noclipping through a wall will either lead to Level -1 or The Hub.
  • Breaking through the floor will result in waking up in Level 27.
  • Rarely, wandering far enough in any direction might lead to the Manila Room.
  • One may find sliding doors that lead to The Metro.