Backrooms Wiki

Level 1 is the 2nd level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 2



Minimal Entity Count


Level 1 is a massive warehouse with concrete floors and walls, exposed rebar, dim fluorescent lights placed on the walls and a low-hanging fog with no discernible source. The fog often coalesces into condensation, forming puddles on the floor in inconsistent areas. Unlike Level 0, this level possesses a consistent supply of water and electricity, which allows indefinite habitation by wanderers providing that appropriate precautions are taken. It is also far more expansive, possessing staircases, elevators, isolated rooms, and hallways.

The fluorescent lights at any time can flicker and turn off for minutes or even hours. When this occurs, hostile entities may appear. These entities rarely attack in groups and tend to avoid light. If the lights turn off, It is strongly advised to try and navigate your steps, Try and avoid any strange noises and then find a room, Make sure to bring a light source with you.

A Hallway Leading To A Exit

A hallway of Level 1.

Crates of supplies appear and disappear randomly within the Level, often containing a mixture of vital items (food, Almond Water, batteries, tarps, weaponry, clothing, medical supplies) and nonsensical objects (assorted car parts, boxes of crayons, used syringes, partially burned paper, live mice, mice in a catatonic state that have been injected with unknown substances, shoelaces, loose change, bundles of human hair). The crates should be approached with caution due to their contents, but are a valuable resource.

In addition, crude paintings and drawings with no apparent origin or meaning appear on the walls and floors. They are known to change in appearance and disappear when not in direct line of sight or when unlit. The light fixtures within Level 1 are prone to flicker and fail at inconsistent intervals; when this occurs, supplies are liable to vanish inexplicably and hostile entities may appear unexpectedly. These entities rarely attack in groups, and tend to avoid light and large gatherings of people. It is advised to carry a reliable light source and sleep holding whatever items you do not wish to lose.

Level 1 also serves as the entrance to The Hub.


Beings typically lurk in Level 1, especially when the lights are off. Known beings on Level 1 include Dullers, adult Facelings, Hounds, Skin-Stealers, Scratchers and Figures.

Colonies and Outposts

There are currently 18 known colonies and outposts in Level 1. It should be noted that attempting to meet up with these colonies/outposts will prove extremely difficult, as the Backrooms stretch out for millions of miles. Some of them may not exist now, some might have not existed at all.

The Raiders (Recently got knocked out via a joint alliance)

  • This is a recently discovered group, with a expected number of 68 members;
  • They are mostly friendly with regular travelers and are willing to trade, but will shoot down members of certain groups;
  • Currently, they're not very strong; (so they got knocked out after being suspected of making an alliance with the Partygoers during Operation Endparty)
  • Apparently, their main objective is to eradicate every big group in the backrooms, claiming that adding corruption or politics into the backrooms would make it a even worse place. They plan to get bigger and bigger by stealing and taking over colonies and outposts. This however failed when they tried to steal Outpost Funtime. Although recounts don't show this, a camera footage has been found. 60 Raiders were killed in this incident. This led to M.E.G to believe that they were making an alliance with the Partygoers so they were recently destroyed in the Battle of Midtown.

The Backroom Colonists

  • This group had three bases stationed on the level. All are friendly and willing to trade. More info found on the actual group page.

Base Flickers of the Backroom Colonists

  • Relatively a small base.
  • Owned by the main group.
  • Friendly and open to trade.
  • Population ranging from 25 to 200, depending on the number of people stationed there.
  • Usually used for fandom or reddit posts by people there.
  • Has public Wi-FI and allows people to go here for any internet catch up
  • Often interacts with other outposts or bases in the level (mainly The Republic of Level 153 and The Orderly Republic).

Base Lurkar of the Backroom Colonists

  • Relatively small base.
  • Owned by the colonial group, The Fora Foundation.
  • Friendly and open to trade.
  • Population includes all current members of the group.
  • Also uses public Wi-Fi.

Base Aat of the Backroom Colonists

  • Relatively small base.
  • Owned by the colonial group, The Backroomians.
  • Friendly and open to trade.

Republic of Level 153

  • Outpost of the Republic of Level 153. Has around 40 members.
  • Takes in survivors.
  • Existed since the creation of the Republic of Level 153.
  • Has bounties on certain entities.
  • Has around 60 guns and 3 machine guns.

The Biologists

  • Really large outpost.
  • Consists of people of the age of 11-20 years.
  • Friendly, are open to trade.
  • Study the population of entities.
  • Analyse and collect DNA samples.

The Orderly Republic

  • The largest outpost in Level 1.
  • Consists of mainly young adults.
  • Quite friendly, always open to trading.

Exploration Alpha

  • Group mostly comprised of people wanting to separate from "The Orderly Republic".
  • Normally friendly and open for trading, although health (obviously) does affect this.

Guide Outpost 03

  • 2nd outpost of The Tourism Guide and the 2nd largest group in Level 1.
  • Heavily armed at all times because of the entities.
  • Normally open for trading except for during search and rescues.
  • Open for staying with them (for safety) for a week or so in exchange for small amounts of supplies.

Research Outpost 01

  • A small group of about 11 scientists who document the creatures of the Backrooms even further.
  • The group also includes 5 scouts who attempt to capture the creatures.


  • Previously hidden behind a false wall roughly 98m/~321.522 feet southeast from the "exit".
  • Devastated by unknown entity/entities.
  • No members found but noises are common when near the false wall.
  • Some still claim to see the residents and even talking to them, only people who didn't know the fate of the Sanction report seeing them.
  • Strange markings on the walls.
  • Claimed to have to be a cult with being reborn as their objective, considered alive by most, since people still talk to them and prove that they aren't lying, by revealing things only they would know.
  • Easily recognizable as all of the documented members have a scar on their left cheek.

The Helpers

  • Not much is known about them.
  • Very helpful.
  • Wanderers have often seen in light gear helping confused people.


  • Acronym for The Backrooms Exploration Unit.
  • A group that travels and documents the Backrooms.
  • Currently only has two members, u/DarrynSomething and u/Aarokokra.
  • Although there is no real base, u/DarrynSomething resides under a staircase on level 1.


  • "Extraction Special Forces".
  • Consists of people who are: Refugees, Patrol, Guards, Officers and Heavy Gunners (the only patrol come out to extract civilians).
  • Friendly and open to trade.
  • Base contains: 2 mounted MG-49's and an armory filled with M1911's and AR-15's. Pistols contain 9×19 mm Parabellum. Rifles contain 5.56x.
  • Extracts survivors to their main base of operation.

(Somehow) RBST

  • Or Rezzie Builders Security Team.
  • They also have spec ops.
  • Heavily armed.
  • They don’t have any bases, they just guard around the Backrooms. Rarely, you might hear gunshots and see them.

The Uninvited

  • A group of 5 non-hostile Partygoers along with Classicsquiffer (formerly).
  • They have become allies with the M.E.G. and Sanity Foundation once Classicsquiffer joined (left and became neutral).
  • Very friendly and open for trade.
  • Discuss the latest drama and news in Level Fun =).
  • Give wanders tips on how to survive and exit Level Fun =)
  • A recent change on this M.E.G. page was found it was believed to be altered by the partygoers in Level Fun =) after the civil war ended.
  • Counter hacking measures have been put on this M.E.G. page do not trust any in crypt typing you find on this page and delete it The text is unreal.

Level 523 Road Republic Outpost Delta

  • Surround a very slim trailer
  • There is around 20 of them
  • Wont attack on sight
  • Will attack entities on sight
  • Will attack on sight if a meg operative


  • Owned by The Enscar.
  • Not friendly at all. Not open for trading too
  • everyone is kill on sight to them (unless the combine attacks)
  • 340 soldiers and 72 members. And 80 Dogs of the Scars
  • Hates Outpost 719

Outpost 719

  • Friendly
  • Owned by whichever group keeps making these outposts
  • 602 members
  • Open for trade
  • Has lots of almond water
  • Hates the enscar like all the outpost groups made by RU66

P.E.A. Base Foxtrot

  • Friendly and Willing to Trade
  • About 550 members
  • open to new members

Base Ferta-9

  • Owned by The Baresin.
  • Open for trading and friendly
  • Only base owned by The Baresin.
  • accepting new members and soldiers.

Oasis Lyra of The OFSEB

  • Accommodates, supplies, and recruits wanderers. Based on Level 1.
  • Population: 2,000
  • Supplies: Dependent on supply chains
  • Willing to Trade: No, but willing to supply travelers passing through

Entrances and Exits


  • This level has many entrances; opening ordinary doors in many Levels has a small chance of leading to Level 1. One of the most known doors is a unlocked door on level 0 that will lead to here
  • One is able to get to this level by noclipping in Level 0.
  • Noclip in Level 1.5 to get to this level.
  • One can enter this level by switching a lever given by The Younging in Level 995.
  • One can also enter this level by entering the correct number on the number pad in Level 1051.
  • If a person entered Level 7453 through the Level 1 path, they can also return here by breaking the doll,
  • Entering a Blue hallway in Level 1.337 may take you here (unconfirmed)


One can exit Level 1 by simply continuing to explore the Backrooms. Level 1 usually leads to Level 2 or back to Level 0.

  • An unlocked door can lead to Level 2.
  • If you somehow encountered Entity 126 and got caught, there will be a small chance for you to not be killed and be dragged by it to Level 6
  • Noclipping through walls that have outlets may lead to either Level 229 or Level 188.
  • Rarely, falling asleep in this level may lead one to one of the bedrooms in Level 1950.
  • Finding and interacting with a black doll may lead one to Level 7453.
  • Noclipping through the other side of the walls without falling to the void will lead to Level ½.
  • The Hub can be accessed from this level. From the entrance of Level 1, head straight down the corridor, and stop at the door. Go through the door, then continue until the end of that corridor. Then, double back to the entrance of the level. There should now be a diverging path that goes left or right. Take the left. There will be another divergence. Take the right. Then, at the next one, take a left, and at the next one, take a right. As soon as the right path is taken, the path will lead to two doors, labelled A and B. Take the B door. Upon going through that door, the new room will look identical to the last one. Now, take the A door. This is the door that leads to The Hub. If any of these steps are completed incorrectly, like taking the wrong turn or not doubling back, one may end up somewhere completely random.
  • Noclipping through this level has shown a small chance of ending up in Level 364, Level 931, or Level 948.
  • Shouting in a Megaphone will take you to Level 1.337 (unconfirmed)
  • Entering a broken pillar will lead you to Level 289.