Backrooms Wiki

Level 128 is the 129th level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 1



Minimal Entity Count


First discovered image of Level 128. It depicts one of the endless corridors. In this case, its a stair one.

An example Ghost Pit photographed by unknown traveler.

Level 128 appears to be an ancient pyramid that extends to infinity. It has varieties of rooms, mostly claustrophobic corridors. The walls are made of sandstone, rarely granite or common stone. The corridors have bulbs hanging on the ceiling, travelers have noted that some of them can start flickering, then eventually turning off and then back on after a minute or two. Also, they have discovered several endless corridors, that drag into infinity. Most of them are staircase-like corridors (see image 128-1). Except the corridors, wanderers eventually find other rooms. They describe them as big, brightly illuminated halls with different vases, paintings and other arts and objects that don't really match with antiquity. Also, there are many pits that can randomly appear or disappear if not in line of sight. Wanderers call them "Ghost Pits". Lastly, the temperature in Level 128 is ranging from 25°C to 35°C.


Level 128 doesn't have any entities that were earlier documented. Travelers occasionally encounter unnamed entities that look like mummies. Fortunately, they don't pose a big threat. They are moving extremely slow, have poor reflexes and sight. Although, that doesn't mean they can't kill you, so watch out.

Colonies and Outposts

There is no information about colonies in this level.

Entrances and Exits


There is few info about entrances and exits, however people speculate that taking the left staircase in Level 127 will take you here.


Falling down the Ghost Pit will teleport you to Level 8. This is the worst thing that can happen, as it brings you all the way back to almost the beginning. The true exit from Level 128 is to noclip through a mysterious, dark wall that is found randomly after spending about 5 hours in this level. This will take you to Level 129.