Backrooms Wiki

Level 128

Survival Difficulty: Class 7


Very Unsecure

Entity Infestation


Level 128 supposed to resembles a house. This is not endless like other level. Insted its only afternoon and your stuck in there forever so far 35 people who was unlucky to noclip in The Safe Place will end up here. I'ts a black out it actully has a end but when you try to open up a fence its completely jammed also trying to climb the fence has a invincible block

Looking here you will feel uncomfortable somehow they're a instruction on the white closet sometimes in here events could change

The first level being taken a potrait

Here is the picture section

But watch out after you die. You will never returned to the frontrooms or other levels except if you do this task by falling from the stair with the narrow edge of the stairs...

The destroyed room in Level 128

The only face to face photo with entity

The only exit from this level

The second during the luckiest event

3rd picture during the same event happening


The only entity is only blue hoodie. The blue hoodie is a new entity somehow The blue hoodie is known for touturing people to death by using: Hpynotizing that could damage brain ,Strangles the person to death ,Stabbing the person 1 million even when already souless ,Gunshot him with the total same with the stabbing even when souless. This is because he super aggresive. Anybody near will be toutured to death the entity only spawns at the first room, Second room in closet , Third room in bed


The kitchen:

The kitchen is with a bathroom with upstairs. Outside is the safest spot but don't enter a single room .Expect you to get touture to death entering the 1st bathroom , 1st room , 2st room , 3rd room upstairs! in here has every single kitchen stuff it has

The safe room A.K.A the living room:

You may asking why is only this room that is safe? Well because there is a light. The entity is scared of light. Just sit down or watch the TV or watch A PC which says (Die_Format skeletons crust into dust , bloods being drain) or just look at fish

1st room A.K.A danger

1st room is the most dangerous room in here 2nd and 3rd are not dangerous as you thought but still have's a blue hoodie entity you may also wonder .Why is this room the dangerous ones in here? Well the answer is because that it's super dark and plus the entity is very fast entering .1st bathroom would be more dangerous for you

1st bathroom A.K.A error eror error

(There is only a small place so ignore this i will be a low quality)

1st bathrooms is a small room like prison cell however in here is extremely dangerous due his fast power he will apper behind you ones you open the only chance is just %34 he may appears in toilet or bathtub

2st room

Not as dangerous as the first one this kinda has a crossbow weapon that should come in handy once shooting blue hoodie he will be stunned for only a few seconds but after that he will run for you but remember this is a imposible task chances to escape is only %6

3rd room A.K.A destroyed room

Behind these two beds there is a katana,C5 bomb and also a firework Due to this you could defeated the entity with a firework either a katana Ones you already did it .Go towards the narrow ledge of the stair fence that is outline and unhold it. You will fall somehow you be teleported back to Level 0


Noclip in the The Safe Place in Level 9


Fell of from the edge from the stairs to go to Level 0 also people who is lucky will be transport to frontrooms


The events includes Sunny: During sunny the entity will be gone but this event only strikes in 100 year so rare Night: This event spawn every single month