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Survival Difficulty: Class 1
》Minimal Entity Count

Level 17 is the 18th level of the Backrooms.

A picture of a corridor within Level 17, with an Imprint visible in the distance.


Level 17 appears to be the interior of a cargo ship spanning hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, with a majority of the level being composed of corridors and stairwells. Occasionally, one may come across a flooded hallway. Remaining in this flooded hallway for a long period of time will eventually transport you to Level 7.

While mostly devoid of entities, there is one species which is exclusive to Level 17. Imprints are entities that appear identical to those who have previously explored '''Level 17''' and mimic the the exact movements the explorer made throughout the level. While not physically dangerous, looking at an Imprint causes great amounts of distress, and looking one directly in the eyes is able to put you into a comatose state, the cause of which is unknown.

Upon an Imprint reaching the point at which the explorer it is echoing either leaves the level or perishes of unknown cause, they simply fade away, before reappearing at their "entry point" after a period of 24-72 hours.

An upper level of Level 17.

Heading up several flights of stairs will eventually bring you to the "upper" floors of Level 17. While appearing to have glass windows and doors with "light" coming from them, they cannot be opened, nor can they be broken. Being directly in the light emitted by these objects causes you to begin to suffocate, as if underwater. This persists until you either moves out of the light, or until you asphyxiate to death. Along with this, Windows are occasionally able to appear here, although they are extremely uncommon.

Heading down any flights of stairs will lead to the cargo hold of the ship. Huge cargo containers span the bottom of Level 17. These cargo containers are usually empty, but with some full seemingly random items. These containers are placed awkwardly in the middle of halls and doorways, blocking some paths. The stairs continue downwards, but are inevitably blocked by a gigantic cargo container.

Colonies and Outposts

There are currently no documented colonies or outposts on this level.

Entrances and Exits


  • You can enter this level if you stay in Level -3 for 4-5 days.
  • Leaving through Level 16's East exit will take you to this level.
  • Walking inside of a cargo container in Level 17.5 will bring you to Level 17.
  • Entering a ship with "The Great Ship" written on the side of the ship at Level 528 will take you to this level.


  • Reaching the "top" of the level and simply staring into the sky for 1-2 hours is known to be an exit from Level 17, however, it is unknown where one may end up after doing this.
  • Typing "TITANIC" in one of the consoles, or noclipping to a TITANIC boiler leads you to Level 1912.
  • Entering various labeled "NAVY VESSEL" will bring you to Level 17.2.
  • Typing "CRUISE SHIP" in any of the consoles in this level will send you to Level 17.5.
  • Find a door in one of the hallways labeled "17.05" and enter to be sent to Sublevel 17.05.
  • Level 18 is accessible by simply sleeping; however; running out of memories will bring you to Level 19

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