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Exit: 2/5
Somewhat Difficult to Exit

Environment: 2/5
Some Environmental Risk

Entities: 0/5
No Hostile Presence

Level 188 is the 189th level of the Backrooms.

Level 188 classic

An image of Level 188.

Level 188 classic


Level 188 is an enclosed edifice, with architecture resembling that of a hotel. A large courtyard-like area is present in the center of the level, surrounded on all sides by numerous small square-shaped windows on each wall. Most windows in Level 188 are obscured by curtains; however, certain windows may become visible on occasion, each seemingly looking into a different location entirely. For the sake of ease, these visible windows will hereafter be referred to as “open”, and the obscured windows as “closed”.

One can enter the interior corridors of Level 188 via a stairwell present near one end of the center courtyard. These hallways, each interconnected to reach five floors, loop around the level and lead to the interior rooms behind each window; these rooms can be entered via unmarked doors present on each hallway. Most of these doors can be entered, leading to a typical, albeit small, hotel-like interior. However, an anomalous effect becomes apparent once one attempts to enter a room with an “open” window. When a window is “open” and displaying a separate location behind it, the door leading to it will be locked by unknown means. In all known cases, any attempts to forcefully open these locked doors have failed; currently, there is no known method of entering rooms with “open” windows. Conversely, it is unknown as to what occurs when opening the curtains in a room with a “closed” window; all who have attempted this have instantly disappeared, whilst the corresponding window simultaneously changes to display a new location behind it.

Level 188

An alleged photo of Level 188's interior from the roof. Photographer reported missing.

Level 188

Colonies and Outposts

Due to the nature of Level 188, along with its relatively meager size, establishing colonies or outposts of a significant size has proven difficult.


So far, two entities have been reported in Level 188: The Windows and a level-exclusive entity.

The Windows

In rare instances, certain windows in Level 188 may be seamlessly replaced by a Window entity. It has been reported that shadow-like figures have been spotted behind these windows, motioning for one to enter the room. Rooms correlating to these fake windows should be avoided at all costs.


The Peripherals are entities thought to be exclusive to Level 188. These entities may appear both in the central courtyard and in the interior hallways of the level. While they are commonly reported, Peripherals do not seem to have a direct physical form. As the name suggests, they only appear in the mid and far peripheral views of a Wanderer. The entities typically materialize as one being, but there have been reports of Wanderers seeing multiple at once in their peripheral vision. These entities are not thought to be hostile, as in all instances thus far, they have only caused minor feelings of paranoia.

Entrances and Exits


  • A window may similarly appear in Level 0, which will also lead to this level.


The only known way of exiting Level 188 is via the windows present on the walls; one can exit either by returning to the window they originally entered the level through, or by accessing one of the other "open" windows, which can lead to many unknown locations (this is strongly advised against, however, due to the uncertainty of the destination).