Backrooms Wiki

Level 2 is the 3rd level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 3



Low Entity Count

The first known photo of Level 2. Photographer presumed dead.


Level 2 consists of long, dim concrete maintenance hallways with steam pipes lining the walls and ceilings. Doors are rarely found, housing metal shelves, and ventilation ducts. The pipes cause the heat in Level 2 to reach immense temperatures, reportedly reaching 200 Fahrenheit and higher, boiling any Wanderer alive.

Level 2 is far more dangerous than Level 1, due to the hazards above and sheer number of entities inhabiting the level. If you come into contact with a creature in this level, it is advised that you should run immediately, as they are incredibly hostile and will kill off most victims. This level is claustrophobic due to the concrete hallways being tight. Due to the dangerous entities and risks, little is known about this level.


Known entities that lurk in Level 2 are Facelings, Hounds, Smilers, Dullers, Figures and Scratchers.

A hallway in Level 2.

Colonies and Outposts

There are 5 known colonies and outposts in Level 2.

The Survivors

  • Population is estimated to be 20~ members. (7 deceased)
  • Leader is known as "Austin".
  • Friendly and available for trade.
  • First group to discover Insanities.

Canazone Trade Operations

  • Have an outpost on this level.
  • Friendly and are known to trade, but they are extremely armed
  • Got around 22 guards.

Soviet: Base 03

  • (This group is likely to be abandoned due to constant entity attacks.)
  • Population of 40~ members (37 deceased by entities)
  • Normally friendly, and open for trading.

The Backroom Colonists

  • Around 50 members.
  • Armed, but still friendly and open for trading.
  • Restored due to it being abandoned due to entity attacks.

Oasis Raya of the OFSEB

Accommodates, supplies, and recruits wanderers. Based on Level 2.

Population: 2,000 (Mostly soldiers)

Supplies: Dependent on supply chains

Willing to Trade: No (But willing to supply travelers passing through)

This outpost has many anti-entity precautions.

Entrances and Exits


One of the two the only known way to enter Level 2 is via a stairwell in Level 1.

In Level 1 there is a unlocked door that will lead to here


There are 4 known ways of leaving Level 2.

  • Finding a fire exit in Level 2 will transport one to Level 3, despite the dangers and risks.
  • Entering an office-styled elevator will lead to Level 4.
  • Noclipping through a corner will rarely lead to Level 364.
  • Noclipping in the pipes of Level 2 will rarely lead to Level 26905.