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2015.1 is a sub-level of Level 2015.

Survival Difficulty: Class 10

Extremely Unsafe

No Security

Excessive Entity Infestation


Aerial view of 2015.1.

Level 2015's buildings are constructed in a neo-classical style, featuring grand facades, marble columns and pillars which support the towering structures. 2015.1 has a normal night and day cycle, similar to 2015. The area is in significantly better condition than 2015's slums which have fallen into further decay since the virus has mutated. Night Hunters and normal Volatiles still roam here, although they are not listed.


Shriveled Volatile

Shriveled Volatiles are identical to juvenile Volatiles, save for the fact that they have no bony spikes sticking out of their skin, and no fangs, instead having normal teeth.


Bombers are infected with a tendency to explode once an uninfected human is seen. This is due to the virus removing the stomach lining and forcing the stomach acid to melt through the skin on the chest, making it extremely sensitive. Bombers are a strange infected type, not having any traits associated with Volatiles.


The Toad is an uncommon infected noted for its ability to fire green corrosive phlegm at survivors. While agile and able to jump across rooftops and through windows, they are quite weak.

Colonies and Outposts

The Last

The Last are notably at odds with The Hammer of Pompeii. While the bandits typically favor brute strength and firepower in order to survive, The Last rely more on freerunning and speed to survive. They are located in a large church.

Cable Cutters

The Cable Cutters are extremely welcoming and want you to come in. The best possible decision is to accept, if you do, they will give you a suit. You will be assigned to cut power to the Backrooms, as they believe if that if there is no power to the Backrooms, it will collapse on itself killing everything inside of it. If you refuse, they will give you almond water and kick you out. Are currently joined with The Last.

Entrances and Exits


Noclip into the floor in any sub-level at a 60 degree angle. This has a rare chance of leading to this level.


Find a green door and enter it. This will lead to Level 60.