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Level 3 is the 4th level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 4



Moderate Entity Count

An image of Level 3.


Level 3 consists of an extensive set of thin tunnels and maintenance hallways. There are countless randomly segmented rooms, which form in no particular pattern. Loud noises of machinery are often heard in areas of this level. The hallways are very narrow and enclosed, some even requiring Wanderers to bend, hunch, crawl, or walk sideways through them.

Pipes line the walls and ceilings of Level 3, which makes it easy to distinguish from the previous levels. The rooms and tunnels in Level 3 are smaller and more claustrophobic than in lower levels. This level is dangerous and is home to a good amount of entities.


Hounds, Facelings, Skin-Stealers, Stalkers, Male Deathmoths & Dullers are the only entities to inhabit this level.

Another hallway in Level 3.

Colonies and Outposts

The Sanity Foundation:

  • A group of 47 members in Level 3.
  • Hostile and not willing to trade.
  • Leader is known to be Snipee.

The Road of Survival (OFSEB)

  • A group of around a thousand OFSEB soldiers, with some infrastructure set up;
  • Shifts are swapped every 2 days of deployment;
  • Dependent on Supply Lines;
  • Help wanderers get to Level 4.


It is unknown where this colony is, but many things prove it exists. It had a leader named "Jimbo." He was quite fat, had a uni-brow, ugly overall, had buckteeth, had one short and one long leg, and had a leaky bellybutton. The colony was comprised of about 10 people and they were not open to trade. They believed that the end was coming, hence the name. It is believed a very powerful entity entered their base and killed all of them. It is not known what this entity looked like.

M.E.G Base Gamma

  • Third main base of the M.E.G;
  • Population at ≈50;
  • Entities within Level 2 have attempted to attack the base before.

The Cashew Empire

  • Has 354 members currently. Disappearances are often reported, though, so the exact populace of the Empire varies;
  • One of the rivals of the M.E.G;
  • Very authoritarian, even though they claim to be honest and good-doing;
  • Can tame entities with a mixture of Cashew Water and other elements, making them very powerful on paper, but entities must directly drink the water to be tamed. This can make especially rabid entities extremely hard to tame and contain;
  • Are neutral with wanderers, but very hostile with non-affiliated groups.

The Firewielders

  • 17 members reported;
  • Founders of a glitch that lets them fully control lighter fluid to a certain degree;
  • They can make short-lived swords using lighter fluid, though they don't last long due to the low quantity of lighter fluid in common lighters;
  • Though they might seem scary, they are quite welcoming. Members from other tribes can learn the glitch if they are willing to pay a hefty price, being large quantities of food, almond water, and in most of cases, lighters;
  • They have been making "Mega Lighters" by using empty almond water bottles and filling them with the liquified butane found in rare lighters. With such a potent source of lighter fluid, these "Mega Lighters" have improved the group's capabilities greatly;
  • They can make simple objects like knives, sword, shovels and even axes out of lighter fluid, and they work as normal objects without burning. However, they are incapable of creating complex items and weapons, such as guns.

The Backroom Colonists - Outpost Tanter

  • Friendly and willing to trade;
  • Has remote doors and mounted machine guns set in place to help keep out entities.

Photo of Level 3 with an unknown entity present.

Entrances and Exits


  • One can enter Level 3 by going through an unlocked door on Level 2.
  • One can also enter Level 3 by creating a hole in a wall in Level 1398.
  • Running a generator in Level 3008 will lead to this level.
  • Entering this level is also possible by drinking blood found in drawers in Level 4112.
  • Noclipping under a table in Level 521 (in the 521-A section) that has "3" written on it.


  • One of the only safe ways to leave Level 3 is through the elevators, which often lead to Level 4 or Level 5. However, if the elevator is marked with "greenery", it will lead to Level 931.
  • Certain extended hallways in this level may lead to Level 187. These hallways can be identified by a lack of pipes lining the walls and a noticeable decrease in temperature as one traverses the hallway.
  • There is a generator-controlled door that will lead you to either Level 4 or the finish zone (not a finish zone, not a end, it’s a trap).
  • There is another door that will lead to Level 3.631463147178717 if you do the procedures listed on said page.