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You feel a calming sensation.

Survival Difficulty: Class 1
»⠀Devoid of Entities


An image of Level 37.



Level 37, commonly referred to as the Poolrooms, is an expansive complex of interconnected rooms and corridors slightly submerged in undulating, lukewarm water. Each area of the level varies greatly in size and structure, ranging from uniform pools and hallways to more open, abnormally-shaped areas. The walls, ceilings, and floors of the level all appear to be constructed from the same white ceramic tile, with the only deviation from this color being the blue-green hue of the water. Such tiles are eerily pristine in condition, all identical to one another, without a single hint of damage on their shiny surfaces.[1]

Recorded ambience of Level 37.

The architecture of Level 37 is varied, but strict in design; all areas in the level connect to one other in a senseless manner, with none having an easily identifiable purpose. Although the intended use of each area is difficult to determine, they are much too large to properly serve the function of a pool. The abnormality of Level 37's geometry negates any purported purpose it might serve: pillars protrude out of the water in certain areas, much too large in quantity to be practical; many open areas of water lack ledges for one to hoist onto; light is cast from irregular angles, leaving some areas completely cast in darkness; and certain staircases descend directly into deep pits of water.[2] Entrances to these deeper areas are typically found in the form of descending staircases or direct underwater holes. It is advised to avoid exploring such areas due to their inherent danger; without the proper equipment, one could easily drown in the level’s depths due to their lack of lighting and unpredictable currents.


Another image of Level 37.


Upon investigation, traces of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) have been discovered in the waters of Level 37. This compound, when engulfing one’s body for extended periods of time, has a naturally relaxing effect, relieving muscles and alleviating bodily pains. Alongside this, traces of multiple unidentified compounds were also found present in the water; the origin and properties of these substances currently remain unknown, but due to their coexistence with the aforementioned Epsom salt, it is believed that they enhance the water's relieving effects via anomalous means.

By unknown means, a minimal and constant rippling is present in the water covering Level 37, despite it being undisturbed. It is not known whether this rippling originates from a certain point in the level, or if it is a property inherent in the water itself, though some wanderers theorize the level may be so large that it has developed its own tidal forces.

Sound is severely altered in Level 37. Examples include the sudden dropping-off of noises produced in the level, soundwaves not reverberating as they should, and speech feeling "muted" or "dampened". It is suspected that this primarily stems from the sound of the water, which behaves in a subtly unorthodox manner. In certain explorations, the sound of the water is reported to be quiet, almost calming, whilst in rarer cases, it quickly becomes obtrusive and drowns out other sounds. The cause of these effects is still undergoing research, but no concrete conclusion has been drawn thus far.


Level 37 is entirely devoid of life. No encounters with entities or other wanderers have been recorded in the level; it is not known if this results from a previously unknown isolating property of Level 37, or if the level is so unimaginably large that one could not possibly come across another within it. Aside from the lack of animated life, one "entity" has been discovered in the level, that being the Hydrolitis Plague.


A deep pit of water.


The Hydrolitis Plague

The Hydrolitis Plague, typically referred to as simply Hydrolitis, is a bacterium located in the water of the darker areas of Level 37. The disease thrives in untreated and stagnant bodies of water, being most common in pool-related levels. It can appear and spread rapidly due to multiple environmental factors, most commonly the lack of water-treating substances such as chlorine. Hydrolitis is primarily transmitted via airborne particles or by the consumption of water containing the bacterium. Those infected can exhale the particles, possibly infecting others when in close proximity. The disease has multiple symptoms, including weakness, high fever, severe pain, and possibly delirium if infected for a longer period of time. Due to the nature of Level 37, the interpersonal spread of Hydrolitis is not a concern, but the effects of the symptoms may be worsened in the level due to the lack of medicinal availability.

Colonies and Outposts

Due to a lack of general incentive, its possible isolating properties, and the fact that its terrain does not allow for permanent settlements, no outposts currently exist within Level 37. The level's immense size and its inability to sustain life also do not entice long-term inhabitants to attempt the creation of permanent housing, and community-building would prove difficult due to its strange auditory properties.

Attached Information

The following is what is generally accepted to be an excerpt of an unknown author's journal, transcribed verbatim. Its inclusion in this file stems from its popularity in wanderers' circles, particularly amongst free-spirited exploration groups.

Recovered Note:
My Musings

After numerous explorations, boundless journeys through unquantifiable locations, it seems I have finally reached a place of solitude. Endless halls, long darkly-lit corridors, empty structures of no end; those are what I have become accustomed to. This, however, is my first breathing point in a storm of chaos and confusion — a peaceful point where I can finally rest. Never before have I witnessed architecture such as this; brightly-lit rooms with pools of blue water, surrounding one’s body like a warm embrace. White ceramic tiles make up the walls and floor, reflecting the light and leaving no corner untouched by its radiance.


Light seeping into dark corners.


These places are not bounded in reality — they are a macrocosm of one’s mental state, a reflection of their emotions; they are a twisted parody of reality, extended interpretations of locations one does not typically consider whilst passing through. Exploring them can be described as wandering within a dream. They are not infinite, nor are they finite; it is my belief that these places reflect the headspace of those experiencing them. It is not the doing of any force or overseeing entity whatsoever; instead, it is one’s emotions that keep the rooms extending — the impetus for their continued growth and existence. There is no architect to these places beside our minds; they are human thought pushed away from its makers, alien despite their familiarity.

I’ve come to call them Scapes — dreamlike realms one passes through, experiencing and subsequently continuing to the next, like a journey of sorts. One could exit at any time with the right headspace; attaining it, however, would be no easy feat while continually passing through looping hallways and nonsensical corridors. While being illogical and foreign, these places are tailored to you. The places you commonly pass through without any thought become all you know. Each Scape is far too familiar, but far too strange to be comforting; it can be compared to a nightmare.

I digress. In short, this Scape truly amazes me; while one may feel a permeating sense of peace and calmness within it, another cannot help but notice a feeling of dread wash over them as they notice the strange, lightless corners. This strange effect has never ceased to intrigue me. This Scape is without blemish or defect; the “Poolrooms” are simply stunning — an intricate design, a possibly infinite puzzle whose pieces form something peculiar — indescribably strange, yet indescribably perfect; it can only be the handiwork of a God.

- S.R. Cunningham

Entrances and Exits


  • Certain locations under the water of Level 7 can lead one to this level;
  • Oases in Level 46 may lead to Level 37;
  • Entering inflatable pools in Level 54 will lead one to this level, with it being more common on the first floor;
  • Entrances to Level 37 may be found in the Exitus and Terminus areas of Level 30.


A presumed exit to Level 188.8.



  • Wading through the dark, dingy areas of this level may lead one to Level 37.1, a sublevel of Level 37, typically without one taking notice;
  • Immersing in the water of the level has a rare chance of reemerging in the pools of Level -33;
  • Long corridors in Level 37 may rarely lead to the workrooms of Level 4;
  • Enclosed tunnels in this level may lead one to Level 43;
  • Certain staircases may lead to Level 34.


  1. Testing of said tiles with various destructive forces has shown them to be practically indestructible; consequently, the prospect of boring through the level's walls to aid travel has been deemed infeasible with currently available technology.
  2. These odd structures have given rise to a plethora of theories and speculations, but none of them are without holes in their reasoning. Although no clear conclusion pertaining to the level's chaotic architecture has been drawn thus far, some theorize that the presence of underwater staircases may hint at a possible past wherein the level was not submerged in water.

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