Backrooms Wiki

Level 4 is the 5th level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 1



Minimal Entity Count


The first ever photo of Level 4.

Level 4 resembles an empty office building, though it is almost completely devoid of furniture. Some rooms in this level have windows, though most of them have been completely blacked out. Any windows that have not been blacked out are considered traps, and should be avoided at all costs.

Thanks to Level 4 having a very low amount of Entities. Some claim to have seen Smilers, but no evidence exists of them residing on this level. Because of the lack of creatures here, there is a larger amount of people on Level 4.

Water coolers, vending machines, and fountains containing almond water can be found scattered throughout the level. Level 4 is very easy to escape from (and also to return to). The only entity that is very dangerous in this level are the Living Statues, which have a 0.5% chance to appear in darker areas of Level 4.

Level 4 is the best place to meet other people and find supplies. Before attempting to move onto later levels, one should stock up on Almond Water. It is integral for survival, especially in Level 5 and Level 6.

Colonies and Outposts

There are currently 14 known colonies and outposts in Level 4. Keep in mind that attempting to find these colonies/outposts is ill-advised, as the Backrooms stretches endlessly.


(B.A.S stands for “Backrooms Analytical Squadrant”)

  • The group consists of scientists skilled in certain areas, as well as architects.
  • The group is known for their research, and has discovered many different things about the Backrooms.
  • They are mostly friendly and open to trade, although a lot of them are quite reserved and not very open to newcomers.

The light... it burns.

Amor Incrementum

  • This group is a religious cult who worships agriculture.
  • This group is relatively small, having only around 10 members.
  • The only plants they grow are various species of mold, harvested from the walls in Level 0 and Level 1.
  • They're friendly but are not normally up for trade. However, if you have religious objects, such as those depicting Jesus or other religious entities, they're (normally) willing to trade.

T.B.D [To Be Determined]

  • The group likes to hoard things.
  • The group has only 29 members.
  • The group will ignore you unless you try to interact with them.
  • They only trade for items that are not functionable.

Union Base 04

  • Consists of 93 people (accurate, 1 deceased.)
  • The group consists of people from The Tourism Guide.
  • Had a great relationship with B.A.S until losing contact.
  • Good defense position from entities.
  • Lots of resources.

Republic of Level 153

  • Outpost of the Republic of Level 153
  • Doesn't take in survivors
  • 45 members
  • Has a huge amount of weapons, even grenades
  • Has been here since the Republic of Level 153 was created.
  • Stockpiles food

The Deniers/The Regretters

  • A community of close to 43 members who live in a blocked up place near the start of the level
  • They are friendly as long as you don't mention anything out of normal such as creatures or the levels
  • They seem to try and live life as normal people in the front rooms as they are too scared to find Exits to Reality due to fear of dying in the process
  • Trade for everything except objects not commonly found in the Frontrooms.

Lore Sandwich Deniers

  • For now, has a population of only 2 people, Orangeuwu and a skin-stealer;
  • Both of them avoid getting into serious situations and events around the backrooms, like wars, for example;
  • Both of them seem neutral, will attack if needed;
  • Open to trading and recruiting.

Entrances and Exits


There are 7 ways of entering Level 4.

  • One can also get here from Level 3 or by following a sign saying "Office".
  • Going into an orange door in Level 160 is another form of entry.
  • The door on Level 332 has a chance to lead to this level.
  • One can also enter Level 4 by punching a hole in the wall in Level 1398.
  • One can climb into a file cabinet in Level 329, and appear here.
  • If you entered Level 894 through the secret stairway, you can return here through that same route.
  • You can enter Level 4 by killing all the entities in Room 404 Not Found on Level 289.


There are 4 known ways of exiting Level 4.

  • Level 4 has occasional exits that lead to Level 5 or Level 6.
  • Most exits take the form of office-style stairways or occasional elevators that may even lead back to Level 3.
  • Entering a door with a brass number "6" will lead to Level 332.
  • If found a bookshelf, look for a book named "After school language club" and move it like a lever, a secret stairway that leads to Level 894 will appear.