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Survival Difficulty: Class 2
》Low Entity Count

Level 5 is the 6th level of the Backrooms.

A photo of the Main Hall in Level 5.


Level 5 is a presumably infinite hotel complex, with many rooms and halls. The level itself seems to have been constructed in the 1930s, with furniture dating back to 1920. There are three main areas in Level 5: The Main Hall, The Beverly Room, and The Boiler Room.

The main hub of this area is the Beverly Room, often referred to as "The Eternal Ballroom". The gargantuan room has two doors on the west wall and two doors on the east wall, each leads to a different area of either the hotel or the boiler. It only contains a small Art Deco table in the center, illuminated by a large chandelier. All the entrances are marked with a small copper sign reading, "The Beverly Room", as one might see in a hotel banquet hall.

The Boiler Room.

The second area, known simply as "The Boiler" is a series of large cobwebbed hallways with high ceilings and stained plaster or concrete walls. This area contains many barred-off areas with large pieces of machinery. The long corridors are hot and dry and the scent of smoke fills the air. Pipes and exhaust valves from the early 20th-century line some walls. Some of the larger rooms have Roaring 20s era furnishings and details. Many have reported the sounds of whispers from the large face-like boilers. There are currently three reported early 20th century elevators within the boiler, and it is advised to avoid them at all costs. Living Statues reside in this part of Level 5, so if you see one while exploring an area of the Boiler, then make sure to get out of there as soon as possible and keep eye contact as you run. Looking away while running can result in being mutilated by one of the statues.

A hallway in Level 5.

There is a constant buzz of iridescent whenever traversing this level. People have also reported the sounds of faint big band swing jazz music and distant party chatter. This level is infamous for its mysterious whispering and unseen presence. People report something whispering incoherently behind them, or tapping their shoulder when they're alone. That, along with the stares of the face-like wallpaper and 1920s era machinery can cause a major loss of sanity, which is why one will need almond water to survive at this level. Luckily, it can be found from leaks in the ceiling on this level. Those who have gone insane here speak of a mysterious beast known as the "Beast of Level 5," a tall scaly humanoid wearing a suit and tie. It has been described as having a humanoid body with the head of a cephalopod, with tentacles around its mouth. People have claimed it has camouflage abilities, and they say its glowing eyes staring at them from the wallpaper occasionally. It is unknown if this Beast is real or a hallucination, as it doesn't resemble any of the other Entities seen on Level 5, and has only been reported by those with questionable sanity, although reports of it all have very similar descriptions.

Colonies and Outposts

There are two known colonies on Level 5.

The Originals

The Originals have set up in the large “lobby” of the hotel section. They are a group of people who have been trapped in the Backrooms from about 1300 and 1940. They are suspicious of anyone from later or earlier periods and keep to themselves. They are willing to trade goods with passersby but are reluctant to trade with other major colonies. The majority of people in this colony were trapped in the Backrooms after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and the 1912 sinking of the Titanic. Notable members include Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Arnold, John Jacob Astor IV, and Capt. Edward Smith.

Backroom Colonists

The Backroom Colonists, with their colonization of The Camp Amber group, have gained the outpost on this level. They are friendly and are willing to trade, and are decently armed on the outpost.

Entrances and Exits


Entry to Level 5 is fairly simple. Just find office-style stairways in Level 4.


  • Travel too far in The Boiler Room to get to Level 6, though it is highly recommended to just go back down the stairs.
  • Leaving through the doors will also take you to Level 161, though unless you already have a good weapon, you shouldn't access this level.
  • Entering a metal door in the boiler room will bring you to Level 954.
  • Noclipping into the corner of a white room in this level has a chance to take you to Level 4112.
  • If "the beast" eats you, you will be teleported to Level 666.
  • Exit out the main door in the lobby to access Level 5.1.

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