Backrooms Wiki

Level 6 is the 7th level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 5

A photo of Level 6 taken by an anonymous explorer.



Undetermined Presence of Entities


Level 6 is an expansive complex of indeterminate size, made up of metallic walls and brick floors. The entirety of Level 6 is shrouded in complete darkness, and thus far no sources of light have managed to create any light in the level. Due to the darkness of this level, it is difficult to sufficiently take photographs of it. Level 6 is presumed to be infinite.

Throughout the level, numerous metal pipes can be found that transport an unknown heated liquid, originating from an unknown source. Auditory hallucinations are frequently experienced, ranging from rushing water to indecipherable voices ringing throughout the piping.

It is believed Level 6 may be able to influence one's perception of reality, resulting in symptoms of paranoia and derealization. Despite there being no known tangible threats, Level 6 is regarded as being one of the most dangerous levels in the Backrooms. A significant portion of the Wanderers that enter this level lose sanity quickly or do not return at all.


Due to the nature of the level, entities do exist, but they can't be seen; as mentioned before, Level 6 is in a consistent state of complete darkness.

Colonies and Outposts

The Sane Wanderers

  • A colony of people who have managed to stay sane in Level 6;
  • There are 7 known members in this colony;
  • They are known to travel to Level 4 for supplies.

The Black Ops

  • A group of armed personnel destined to help kill entities;
  • Friendly;
  • Not open for trading;
  • Heavily armed;
  • Founded by user u/Magnetite_Beret.

Backroom Colonists

  • An outpost formed by the group to kill entities and get more members;
  • Armed and not open to trading.

Entrances and Exits


  • Going through a boiler located within Level 5.
  • A rusted door located on 6.1, which leads directly to Level 6.
  • Turning off all nearby lights for 10 Minutes on Level 7.2.
  • "Not staying still" when the lights are all off during the "After hours" event in Level 340.
  • Jumping through a blacked-out window in Level 4112.
  • Wandering around until you feel like passing out in Level 160.


  • Tripping on a wire leads to Level 6.1. It is worth noting that intentionally tripping on a wire will not trigger this transportation.
  • There is a spiral staircase that takes you down to Level 28.
  • Entering a hole will lead you to Level 8.
  • Wandering far enough will bring you to Level 7.
  • Finding a black door made out of alloy will lead you to Level 2133