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Level 7 is the 8th level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 2

The first known image of Level 7.



Minimal Entity Count


Level 7 is unique in that it is a vast expanse of water that appears to stretch on endlessly, making it a lifeless ocean. The water is distilled, rather than being saltwater or regular freshwater.

An artist's depiction of Level 7.

Nobody thus far has fully explored Level 7, but what is currently known is that the first and potentially only "room" of Level 7 is not flooded and has the usual fluorescent lighting. The room has a thin layer of water on the bottom, and is strangely skewed from the rest of the floor. Anomalously, the single door opens to show the surface of the water from a top-down perspective. The room is seemingly rotated horizontally, but gravity still works to keep one's feet on the floor in the first room. Upon entry, gravity switches to pulling one towards the water and is significantly stronger than regular gravity. The water has been reported to be very cold and it is generally unadvised to enter it.

The floor of the ocean is made up of carpet hardened by a thick layer of tar above it. There are several skeletons, including several almost-humanoid figures and massive fish. Little else is known about the depths of the waters, aside from the endless expanse of tar and bones.

This level poses a significant barrier to future exploration of Level 8 and onward.


In terms of entities, Level 7 has only one reported one.

  • Alone in the freezing waters, The Thing On Level 7 appears to have killed off any other life in the ocean.

Colonies and Outposts

The Prayers of the Water God (TPWG):

A group that has a sorta floaty base that prays of The Thing On Level 7.

Numbers of people in the group: About 15

Behavior: Calm, quiet, but also tricky and mysterious

Main mission: Is to pray for The Thing On Level 7, and "Free" any people they meet to it. Anyone who encounters them will be greeted with food, water, and sleep to their base and will be asked if they want to join in. If they say yes they will teach and give them the suit and/or costume for the proper way to pray and follow the leader. If you say no, they will kindly take your answer and give you food, water, and sleep for as long as you want. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT DRINK, EAT, OR SLEEP IN THEIR BASE. They will sacrifice or "Free" you to The Thing On Level 7. They will drug you to sleep so they can do their ritual easily..

However this is a rumor. No one knows if this is true and there is no certain proof.

Guide Outpost 05 (Former)

This research base previously owned by both B.A.S and T.T.G is now abandoned.


  • Have 8 B.A.S scientist and 20 T.T.G Guards
  • Main purpose is to study the depth of the 'seafloor', search for exit and/or find The Thing On Level 7.
  • Set up a temporal camp near the only room.
  • After finding the 'seafloor' seemingly 'infinite' deep and eventually finding a more 'practical' exit, the team gets attacked by robe-wearing attackers (likely TPWG, see above) and retreated through the more 'practical' exit, ending up at level 4 with a sealed, water leaking fire-door.
  • Base abandoned.

Backroom Colonists

A research outpost owned by the group in question that is relatively big. It has currently 40 people guarding it and it has similar properties to The Floaters previous outpost. While it is pretty recreational, they have sea related equipment to do experiments on the ocean.

Outpost 207

  • Created by the outpost group
  • Relatively friendly
  • Open to trade
  • Base made of random furniture
  • 65 members

The Floaters

  • Had 23 people
  • Lived in a medium sized outpost with a makeshift swimming pool where they would swim for both fun and for exercise
  • Destroyed.
  • Rumored to have been taken by The Thing

Entrances and Exits


Eight known ways to enter Level 7 are:

  • Wandering far enough in Level 6;
  • Entering through the wall of water in Level 534.
  • going through the crack in the pool in Level 151.
  • Jumping from the plane on Level A.
  • Going into deep sea in Level 1045
  • Attempting to drown yourself in the bathtub in Level 598
  • Accidentally falling into water in Level 430
  • Find a yellow rubber door in Level 1984.


  • An underwater like a hole located somewhere in the carpeted ocean will lead to Level 8. This was discovered by u/Bart0nius and u/avolded.
  • A more practical way of exiting is through a double side door with a "No Exit" sign. It leads back to Level 4.
  • Venturing further out in the ocean of this level has a rare chance of transporting one to Level 7.2.
  • Entering deep into the ocean of this level may lead to the coast of Level 1045.
  • Interacting with a "yellow rubber ducky" may transport one to Level Fun =), although this is strongly unadvised.