Backrooms Wiki

Level 8 is the 9th level of the Backrooms.

Survival Difficulty: Class 5



Entity Infestation

A photograph of Level 8 taken during the first exploration.


Level 8 is an expansive cave system with numerous spider-like entities inhabiting it. Like Level 7, it is pitch black without proper light sources. There's many nests that spiders made, most inhabited by small venomous spiders and massive king and queen spiders. The king spiders of these colonies are fortunately not venomous but the queen spiders are highly venomous, most die within minutes of a queen spider bite, though this is just speculation, as human exploration of this level is currently impossible.

Large clear pools can be found in dead ends of the cave, these pools are highly dangerous as anything that enters them gets torn apart and dragged down by humanoid tar black hands. Another type of nest found on Level 8 houses Frankenspiders, a dangerous mutated spider that regenerates through a gland found in its chest cavity. Certain areas of the cave have what is presumed to be almond water dripping from the stalactites on the ceiling.

Some areas in Level 8 are inhabited by small brown spiders, which are unique to the Backrooms. These spiders are found in nests, guarding large egg sacs which contain over a hundred newborn spiders. Male spiders are not particularly poisonous and only around a foot in length. However, females can grow to be up to a meter long, have a potent poison which has the added property of wiping out the memory of humans, and are aggressive when hunting (Which is the only time that they leave the nest) and when they are near young. One bite is enough to paralyze a human, at which point they will eat their prey alive over the period of a day or two. Other than the spiders, other Backrooms entities inhabit the cave systems, however they steer clear of the spiders, who seem to be the apex predators of the level.

Colonies and Outposts

World Eaters

Due to 8 being Khornes sacred number, the rogue World Eaters set up base at Level 8. They maintain total control over the caverns and will shoot on sight. Even the entities that dwell within the caves are afraid of them, so avoid at all costs.

Backroom Colonists

The outpost contains around 37 guards, and is mostly for transportation. It is the final level of The Main Nine colonized by the group, and they will help wanderers leave the level.


Level 8 is inhabited by a lot of different species of spiders. Explorers can find all the way from small brown and venomous spiders to king spiders. While some of them rely on their nest and on their venom to survive, other species don't have venom, and generally are just members of their nest. Although, it is advised to avoid every form of life present on the level.

Entrances and Exits


  • Look for a hole in Level 6 or at the bottom of the water in Level 7. The most common way to enter this level is by finding entrances through Level 7, but there are numerous entrances throughout other levels of the Backrooms.


  • Trip/fall and you will get transported to Level 9, but you also have a 0.004% chance to be transported to Level 153. All of the reported cases who got out of Level 8 this way were by accident, so it's not certain whether falling intentionally will work or not.
  • If you found a black doll, play with it for a while to be transported to Level 7453.