Backrooms Wiki

Canon Levels

These are the main canon levels in the Backrooms lore. These levels, also called The Main Nine, range from 0 through 8, and are the first levels one may start out in.

Unconfirmed Levels

Unconfirmed levels (also called mythic levels) are levels past Level 8. While rumored to exist, they lack enough substantial evidence from reliable sources to confirm their existence. These levels vary from safe to dangerous.


Negative Levels

Negative Levels are areas discovered below Level 0. These levels tend to be very dangerous.


These areas in the Backrooms are considered to be "in-between" other levels and are very difficult to enter. These levels are numbered as decimals of certain levels. These are very mysterious, and there are more to be discovered.

Special Levels

Special Levels are levels denoted by symbols rather than numbers.

Extent Levels


Secret Levels

The Secret Levels are areas in the Backrooms that don't have a placement, and are very mysterious. It is theorized there are still many more secret levels to be found out there.

Oddball Levels

Oddball levels are unconfirmed Secret Levels. These levels have stranger properties then most levels, which gives them unique names and/or Numbers. A lot of these Levels were actually recently found, and a lot of them are very dangerous.

  • Oddball Levels

Joke Levels

These levels are created to be funny, and are not canon to the Backrooms lore.