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The M.E.G. (the "Major Explorer Group") is a faction created by the people of the Backrooms. It began as an exploration outpost, and over time became a military/government for the Backrooms. Their mission is to keep the Wanderers of the Backrooms safe from entities, traps, and other groups. The M.E.G. has multiple teams for multiple tasks, to ensure the safety of the Wanderers. This faction is hospitable and friendly, and will allow new members into a team known as the "Volunteer Squad", until they are ready to be in a team of their own.

M.E.G. Regiments and Projects

Regiments are occupations which follow a more militaristic organization within the M.E.G. Most Regiments are composed of teams which work together across missions, assignments, expeditions, and other dangerous work.

Project D.R.I.L.L.S. Facility

Project DRILLS (Dragon removal Intergovernmental Level Locking Simulation), mostly known as Project Drill is a MEG governmental program that takes dragons and puts them into simulated environment from any backrooms level to see if they can survive and thrive or if it is too harsh for them to survive in, Click Here.

M.E.G. Divisions

Divisions are occupations which follow a more civil organization within the MEG. They often manage logistical or research based tasks, and are comprised of teams who carry out orders for the Leaders of the Major Explorer Group, hypothesized to be Impresarios. (Not SCP-Foundation, unoriginal Overseers. That fandom is great, but we aren't it!)

M.E.G. Outposts

Vesca Bases

Vesca Bases are usually located in the levels that are harder to explore/document. Most of the members in Vesca Bases are people who have been trapped in the Backrooms for a long time. Vesca Bases are usually located near the middle of levels. On average, there are about 5-10 members in each Vesca Base. The main Vesca Base is located in Level ∞. The other bases are located in the following levels: Level 99, Level 666.2498204038583035885204932950035884039422, and Level Alien World.



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