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A photo of a skin-stealer


Entity 10, more commonly known as the Skin-Stealers, are large humanoid entities that can wear the skin of their victims as a disguise. They eat human flesh when in a hunger state, and otherwise roam if they do not need to eat. Their blood is translucent, and they can mimic human speech. They are most commonly found on the first 4 levels but have been reported in several levels.


Skin-Stealers are typically docile creatures and will wander if they do not need to feed. In this stage, they will not be hostile unless you aggravate them. In a hunger state, they will seek out humans wandering alone and will then use their strength to tear them apart with their hands.


Skin-Stealers are tall, pale yellow humanoids with sunken white eyes. Their outer layer of flesh is covered with microscopic bumps similar to the suckers of an octopus's tentacle. These stick to skin that is torn off humans, and push and pull on it to make it fit, until the skin-stealer looks identical to a human. These bumps also pump blood and nutrients into the skin, to make it feel warm and alive as well as prevent decomposition. In addition, it heals the skin, hiding any cuts that may identify a real human. After a period of around 24 hours, the skin will be digested through the surface of the skin-stealer, and the skin-stealer will enter a docile state.

A Skin-Stealer also can speak, but it cannot understand language. It will repeat what it hears (often in varying languages) to lure in prey, but it cannot communicate. Although, since a typical skin-stealer rarely uses their voice, this is not a good way to tell them apart from real humans. The blood of a skin stealer is completely translucent, so a good way to identify a skin stealer from a normal person is by their blood.

Blood runs red, they're not dead. Blood runs clear, get out of here.


Sightings of skin-stealers have been reported over 5 years before the creation of the M.E.G. As some of the most populous entities in the backrooms, they are often one of the first entities new wanderers will encounter.

Do's and Dont's


  • Walk away slowly and calmly if you see one
  • Check anyone you are traveling with for clear blood


  • Trust people that barely speak, or say random assortments of words
  • Aggravate the skin-stealer in its docile state