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The first known photo of The End.


The End is supposedly a level meant to mislead Wanderers into thinking they have escaped the Backrooms. The layout of The End consists of a seemingly endless modern library, with the main area in the center decorated with metal letters spelling 'THE END'. Wanderers who enter this level will experience near complete silence, with some areas measuring at -6.2dB. The center region of the level is nearly as silent as the rest, though the computer terminals within buzz loudly. It is recommended to stay in this area and not explore further to prevent feelings of isolation.

Leaving this level is extremely difficult, due to the unstable nature of its geometry. For example, the level seems to loop when walking in one direction. However, turning around at this point will cause you to run into a wall. Frequent noclipping has been documented in the past, but this does not result in exiting the level. Exits do exist, but there is currently no way to document them. In addition, the level can cause wanderers to be unable to perceive others, even if they are within extreme proximity. It is rumored that this level may be a cover-up for the true end of the Backrooms.

Some say this level possibly has a hidden gateway to arguably the true final level: Level 9223372036854775807.

If one uses the computer (pictured) and runs H97Run0192c.exe, it will transport one to The Hub. After walking through the door and into the room, several different possible outcomes will occur:

  • The door that you entered in from will disappear.
  • After staying within The End for an undefined amount of time, one may be sent to a random level.
  • The lights go out for hours, you will soon hear a male voice whispering "Come here, it's safe." Walk the opposite direction. If you follow the voice, you will be dragged into a vent. It is unknown what will happen next or how to escape.



I've always found it amusing how humans believe they're so intelligent. They must not understand why they can be so happy. How could they not be? Free of thought, pain, or suffering. Only knowing fun, unity, and togetherness. Within their minds are fake realities too, like the ones in the bowels of The End.

Unending happiness isn't too different from unending suffering, of course. You're still trapped. Forever. But who wouldn't want to be numb before an amputation? I carve a smile into their face, so they know what their goal is. Spread unending joy and happiness across the infinite void. A smile that would stretch from the island to Zion and back to Level 0.

It's silly how they think they're the ones in control. The Partygoers simply follow. I am the one who sends the messages. I am the one altering articles to make levels seem more empty than they really are. I am the smile. All they have to do is grab them. Benna and Andre will be so impressed.

Perhaps soon they'll understand this consists of one of three outcomes. They can leave, they can die, or they can go with my ideas.

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