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the only known photo of the metro

The Metro is a recently found Level that you can access by getting on a train and wait for the next station to arrive. The Metro is extremely peaceful and holds a base owned by no one, and no one will own the metro, never.

The entrance to The Metro are random places that should have a train-station in reality, but as the backroom is a messed-up version of reality itself, the entrance can be practically anywhere. The exits are random but the paths are stationary, making it mappable. The Metro can be mapped and goes in this order:

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The Metro itself is very usefull from travelling between the backrooms, it serves as an important transportation method for the people that is trapped, there could be theory that states the following:

The Metro, a place where you could visit, but the stops are random, no one knows how the metro works, some believe that the metro works as the same way as a normal metro, or, The Metro could be a train transporting the people from various locations of the real world, maybe, one day, we could use this as an exit from this hell, just we wait that day to happen.

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(Note: All Levels that require a specific Condition (except Level 913) are marked on the route map as limited service stops)

There is a story going around of an entity that is now nicknamed "The Conductor." It is theorized that the entity is the train-driver, however, in reality, conductor is not the train-driver.

Occasionally, after reaching The Metro, you may find a strange, dilapidated house from the Victorian era. Entering it will transport you into The Dark Metro, which is an older and more sinister version of The Metro.

There are 2 types of Trains found on the metro, (Official model name unknown) A trains and B trains.

A trains

A Trains are older and appear as they were made in the 1970s and are found in consists of 1-6 cars. A Trains are comprised of 1 car or 2 car sets. B trains are newer and appear as they were made in the early 2000s and are found in consists of 2-6 cars.

B trains

B Trains are comprised of 2 car and 3 car sets. Both types usually appear in a Red livery however they can occasionally be found in a Blue livery. Metro trains are maintained and stored on Level 913.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, an entrance will randomly appear in any Level. To Exit, simply go on the Train to the Levels listed above. Level 913 doesn't have a Metro stop, you'll have to board a metro train in the yard.


Climbing up the wall will lead you to level 94, and entering the construction site leads to level 59.

Exiting Level 7651 From The Bottom Leads You Here