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This article is a compiled list of theories surrounding the creation and state of the Backrooms, listed by most plausible first.

Creation Theories

Collision Theory

Scientists in reality theorize that the cold spot in the universe is evidence of a Collision from another universe. The existence of the Backrooms proves this even further, as the Backrooms was the universe that collided with the real universe. The fact that it’s nearly impossible to enter and escape the Backrooms might be signifying that universes don’t obliterate each other, but actually merge in a way, combining, but very hard to interact with each other. This is however, just a theory, and most other interpretations of the Backrooms indirectly disprove this, but it is certainly a possibility.

The Government Theory

The Backrooms are a project by the governments and the ones that are generally controlling the biggest territories on the Earth to test quantum tunneling and teleporting. The Backroom Levels are areas constructed on isolated parks of the world by constructors that can't say to anyone why they built it, and the rooms aren't even that big, it is just the brain of the ones that explored it that thought it was that big. The entities are other experiments of the government that went wrong, so they put them there with food and water to see how they would interact with humans. If someone escapes it, the government is able to erase their memories, basically a lobotomy.

The Trap Theory

This theory states that the Backrooms are a set of rooms meant to trap Wanderers forever, never returning to the Real World. If this is true, it explains why there are areas that trap Wanderers within them like The Void and so few escapes from the Backrooms.

The Kauer Thesis

This theory states that the Backrooms are an illusory tulpa: an idea brought to life as a result of the belief in it. This theorizes that the Backrooms formed into reality due to people's increasing belief in the concept. Additionally, this would ultimately create the idea that the Backrooms already existed, possibly creating a paradox.

The Dream Theory

The Dream Theory is a theory that the Backrooms is all a dream and the people who experience it are actually in a coma and have the same never-ending nightmare as all the other people trapped in the Backrooms. A very small group of explorers believe the Backrooms is a dream; they think that the people who are able to use the internet have woken up for the coma but keep having a recurring nightmare.

Purgatory Theory

This theory says that you come here when you die, as a purgatory, meaning you are on a test, if you escape you will receive entry into Heaven -- the opposite applies as well. Theory disliked by critics due to respawn levels.

Collective Unconscious/Idealism Theory

According to the famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung, humans have a “collective unconscious”, a series of ideas that we all universally share as a species. The Backrooms is one of these concepts. Liminal spaces are wired into our collective minds, as shared places. The Backrooms is simply a shared perception of liminal spaces. Practically, humans are only affected by the world as they perceive it, so when a human who has lost their mind, entered a coma, or fallen asleep gets a vision of this collective perception, they are sucked into it. People in the Backrooms are usually either dreaming, or experiencing delusions.

Shattered Universe Theory

The Shattered Reality Theory is a theory formed by scientists who dropped into the Backrooms. This theory holds that the Backrooms were formed at the Big Bang and is a separate universe from the Real World. It states that it is a correlated universe to our own and was a completely different universe with its own laws but was melded with the Real World by the force of billions of human imaginations 24 hours a day in the real world. The Backrooms became more and more like the Real World until it became what it is now. The believers of this theory state that the fake reality program found in The End was a failed device which was an attempt to create a new reality exactly like the Real World but always fails due to chaos theory.

Virtual Theory

The Virtual Theory is a theory that states that the Backrooms is a virtual simulation we were unknowingly put into. The theory also says that the backrooms was planned to be a virtual peaceful utopia of levels, where humans and anomalous creatures could live in harmony, until Level 404 and Level -0 were accidentally created, corrupting all of the backrooms and generating the negative levels. A few minor colonies believe this theory.

Other Theories

The Window Theory

  • From many investigations, we have found that the Backrooms may have windows. In the color corrected image of the Backrooms, some blueish tints on some walls are visible, along with bright lighting that can't be caused by the fluorescent lights. With this, we introduce you to the window theory. Following are constructed images displaying this theory

"The One"

There is a theory that there will one day be a "Lucid", someone who noclipped into the Backrooms while dreaming, who will have the ability to noclip on command between levels, possibly even outside of the Backrooms. The One is believed to be the answer to truly escaping the Backrooms.

Entity Theory

This theory suggest that the entities of the Backrooms originated from their own planes of realities. This suggests that the human reality is not the only one affected by the Backrooms, but one of many. As an idea, entities may have been carrying viruses or pathogens from other realities, ones that could affect others from separate realities differently.

Him Theory

The Him theory is a theory that states that a divine entity, referred to as Him in modern writings/conversation due to the original language He was written in was unknown.

The text, from approximately 950-1000 years ago, reads:

" These corridors, elaborate lengths. These places of strange creatures and knowledge. These places of horrid nature yet fascinating, comes from んノᄊ who came from There. He who created this world for His purposes and to eat, who is of the greatest respect, frighteningly."

Carpet Fluid Theory

The Carpet Fluid Theory is a theory formed by colonies across the main nine levels. According to them, "Carpet Fluid" is a chemical compound that when touched or smelled, can cause insanity reducing effects, as well as random feelings of disorientation, anger, or fear (The severity of which depends on the quantity of the liquid in the area). The substance was named "Carpet Fluid" due to the fact that it soaks the carpeted floors in Level 0. The substance, as the name suggests, smells strongly of old moist carpet. The substance can be found on many other levels. (Listed below)

  • Level 0 - The substance that dampens the carpet.
  • Level 1 - Can be found in some of the puddles formed by the fog.
  • Level 2 - Can be found rarely in small pipes lining the ceiling.
  • Level 3 - Can be found in small puddles on the walls, floor, and ceilings.
  • Level 4 - Can be found leaking from small cracks in the ceiling or walls.
  • Level 5 - Can be found in some machinery in the boiler room.
  • Level 6 - Can be found heavily soaking most surfaces.
  • Level 7 - Can be found spraying out of small hot springs on small, isolated islands.
  • Level 8 - Can be found in some ores.
  • Level 9 - Can be found falling from the sky in a similar way to rain in specific areas, as well as in the faucets in some houses
  • Level 10 - Can be found mixed with dirt on the pathway, forming a mud like substance, but blended perfectly, and more like a paste then water.
  • Level 11 - Can be found in fountains, vending machines, or any form of water transport or storage.