Backrooms Wiki

This page is meant to help new Wanderers in the Backrooms.



  • It is recommended that Wanderers keep a log. Not only will it help keep track of previous locations, but it can also help to keep sanity.

Exit Signs

  • Be wary of doors with exit signs, as they usually are traps and can lead to worse levels. Exceptions to this can be levels like Level !.


  • Know which level you are on, and refer to this website to know what to expect in each level.


Be knowledgeable of common entities, and those that inhabit the current level. Some entities may help, others may cause harm, or worse. Understanding how to deal with the various entities that inhabit the Backrooms could be the difference between life or death.


Carry a light source wherever you go. Dark spots are all over the Backrooms.

Bring containers that can carry fluids, Almond water is very useful and if you intend to travel far, or for long, you will need it in abundance.

Almond Water is basically required for travel in levels above 4 and below zero. It can be found abundantly on Level 4 in coolers, vending machines, and fountains, and dripping from the ceiling on Level 5.

Although hunger is almost never an issue, you should still bring a snack with you. You never know when it can come in handy.

Pack lightly when you can; you don't want to be weighed down in case you need to run.

In Level 666, you can find Praetor armor somewhere between 2 - 5 miles. You can also find Argent energy somewhere between 10 - 20 miles and sometimes you can find guns like; Heavy Cannon w/ micro missiles, Combat Shotgun w/ full auto, Plasma Rifle w/microwave beam, Super Shotgun w/ meathook and in rare occasions you can find either a Chaingun w/ mobile turret or even the legendary chainsaw. In Level 666, you can become a SLAYER of the Backrooms. The easiest to find is the Heavy Cannon w/ micro missiles, there is a Smiler around the weapon so you will have to make a run for it.


Sleeping is one of the easiest ways to keep your sanity.

Dipping your hand in Almond Water will silence any voices in your head, helping keep you sane.